Questions about arrest affidavits in Waco biker shootout

(video)--Nearly two and half years after a deadly biker shootout in Waco, the first trial of more than 150 people begins this week. 

The shootout involved two rival biker gangs and the Waco Police Department and left nine people dead and more than 20 injured.

Waco police initially arrested 177 people, some of whom just happened to be in the parking lot when the shooting started. During a hearing last year, a lawyer for one of the defendants challenged the arrest warrant affidavit for 177 people arrested.

The arrest affidavit had the exact same narrative for each arrested person. Some skeptically call those "fill in the blank" affidavits, and during that hearing two Waco public officials gave drastically different accounts. A Dallas court ruling could have an impact on the cases against dozens of defendants.


Prosecutor Accused of ‘Revenge Porn’ Attack on Biker Gang Member

A defendant in the Waco biker shootout says prosecutors distributed ‘revenge porn’ of him and his wife after they discovered private videos on his phone.

A defendant in the Waco biker shooting has filed a motion claiming prosecutors distributed “revenge porn” against him and his wife.


Two members of Outlaws Motorcycle Club London chapter charged with drug offences following series of raids

Police have charged two members of an outlaw motorcycle club with 18 drug and weapons offences as part of an investigation into cocaine trafficking in London.

The OPP’s biker enforcement unit, with assistance from London police and the RCMP, executed three search warrants Thursday and arrested two members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club's London chapter after a probe focusing on individuals selling cocaine in the London area.

Investigators seized cocaine, marijuana, pills, $1,200 cash, brass knuckles and a handgun, police said, pegging the street value of the drugs at $19,500.

Marco Dos Reis, 32, from London is facing 17 drug- and weapons-related charges including possession of a prohibited firearm, careless storage of a firearm and drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Jeffrey Acal, 32, from Mount Brydges is charged with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.


Freehold man had chemicals, pipes, fuses and books on how to make bombs: prosecutor

FREEHOLD - A man alleged to belong to the Pagan's Outlaw Motorcycle Gang not only had weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition, chemical compounds, pipes and fuses in his Freehold home when authorities raided it last month, he also had books with instructions on how to make bombs, a prosecutor said Thursday.

A former housemate of Anthony Corraro, worried about the materials in the house and concerned that Corraro was unstable due to drug use, tipped off authorities about the arsenal last month, said Christopher Decker, an assistant Monmouth County prosecutor.

MORE: Contractor pleads guilty to $1.86M theft

'What if these materials were not discovered?'' Decker said at a detention hearing for Corraro. "What if this individual didn't step up to law-enforcement? What if?


Limerick bikers avoid conviction for robbing rival's leather jacket

THREE members of a County Limerick motorcycle club who attacked and robbed a member of a rival club – a day before he murdered another biker – have avoided criminal convictions after they each raised €2,000 for charity.

The defendants previously pleaded guilty to robbing a “sleeveless black leather jacket” from Alan ‘Cookie’ McNamara at Main Street, Doon shortly after 10pm on June 19, 2015 as he and his wife were leaving a pub in the village.

The defendants are Seamus Duggan, aged 52, of Ballyhane, Cappawhite; James McCormack, aged 42, of Reddans Walk, Dundrum Road, Tipperary Town and Raymond Neilon, aged 51 of Commonaline, Cappawhite.


Senior judge appointed to hear Twin Peaks biker case

A senior judge who presided over a hearing two years ago in which nine Twin Peaks defendants sought to remove McLennan County’s two primary felony court judges, was appointed Tuesday to preside over the case of former biker Matthew Clendennen.

A day after 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson agreed to step down from hearing Clendennen’s case, regional administrative Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield appointed Senior Judge Doug Shaver, of Houston, to hear Clendennen’s case.

A panel of 600 potential jurors has been summoned to report to court Oct. 27 in Clendennen’s case. The trial is set to start Nov. 6.


Mongols bikie allegedly stole fitness clients details to create fake phone accounts

A HIGH-ranking Sydney bikie allegedly used his position as a manager of a fitness centre to steal clients details to create false phone accounts and was also in possession of an illegal drug used by body builders.

The man, Daniel Sarkis is a senior member of the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang and a manager at Anytime Fitness in Dee Why when the offences allegedly took place.

Daniel Sarkis has been charged with dishonestly obtaining property by deception.

Sarkis, who is due to appear in court today is also accused of attacking, stalking and intimidating a 24-year-old Warilla man who use to date his current girlfriend.


Hells Angels boss Billy Miller given 15-month sentence for 'leadership role' in criminal gambling organization

In one sentence from a wiretap, Hells Angels boss Billy Miller explained why London is so attractive to outlaw bikers, drug dealers and organized crime.

“It’s not like there’s no money,” in London, he told his girlfriend in 2002. And after all, he said about the Hells Angels, “everything is about money.”

Big money landed Miller, 54, a 15-month sentence for his “leadership role” in a criminal gambling organization, Platinum Sports Book, that brought in millions of dollars and was broken up after a highly publicized bust of a Super Bowl party in 2013.

“Platinum is a large and sophisticated criminal organization that had as its main purpose . . . bookmaking,” said Justice Michael Brown as he passed sentence on Miller.

Platinum ran a website off servers in Costa Rica that took bets from thousands of gamblers across Southern Ontario on a wide range of sports.


Bandidos leaders encourage violence: Public Prosecutor

Outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos is set up to commit and hide crimes - violence and crimes are not only approved of, but even encouraged by the gang leaders, the Public Prosecutor argued in the Utrecht court on Tuesday. The Public Prosecutor is in the Netherlands, NOS report.

The Prosecutor listed a long list of Bandidos related incidents in the Netherlands and abroad. These include shootings, stabbings, arson, and violent clashes with other motorcycle gangs. He referred to an incident on the market in Valkenswaard, where a Bandidos member got into a fight with a group of Hells Angels, and an incident in which a Bandido member was threatened with a knife when he dropped his daughter off at school.


Feared outlaw bikie club moves into East Devonport

An outlaw bikie club has purchased an old plaster warehouse at East Devonport for its new Mersey River chapter headquarters.

Assistant Police Commissioner Tony Cerritelli confirmed the police were aware the Bandidos bought the property at 122 David Street and were busy converting it to a clubhouse to establish more of a presence here. 


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