On tape: AG's lawyer calls McLennan County DA ‘delusional’

WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Twin Peaks defense lawyer says a recording of a conversation with lawyer at the Texas Attorney General’s Office proves local prosecutors are being underhanded in dealing with defendants, and suggests the DA is "delusional".

Dallas lawyer Clinton F. Broden, who represents Burton George Bergman, one of the 154 bikers indicted in the Twin Peaks shooting cases, filed a motion in district court in Waco Friday entitled Motion to Determine Scope of Withheld Discovery that seeks to prove that District Attorney Abel Reyna has intentionally not provided information to defense that they, by law, are entitled to regarding their cases.

Reyna spoke with KWTX by telephone Friday and bluntly refuted the document's claims saying the attorney general's office "does not believe we are withholding evidence."


Convicted N.S. hitman granted new murder trial, 14 years after conviction

HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia man convicted of committing a Hells Angels-ordered killing in October 2000 has been granted a new trial by the province's Court of Appeal.

Dean Kelsie was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder by a judge and jury in 2003 and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

Sean Simmons was shot twice -- once in the arm and once in the head -- in the lobby of a Halifax-area apartment building, because he'd had an affair with a girlfriend of a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.


Tribesmen migrate south and motor straight into trouble

The Tribesmen Motorcycle Club has made their way to Canterbury. But police are already on their tail, raiding gang-connected properties across the region last week. So who are the Tribesmen and where do they come from? Andrew King reports

In the 80s, a Maori motorcycle gang emerged in Otara, South Auckland, called the Tribesmen.

They were formed by ex-members of the Stormtroopers, a Northland-based gang known for a brutal riot in Moerewa near the Bay of Islands, in which numerous officers, firefighters and gang members were severely injured in 1979.

The Stormtroopers attempted to throw Senior Sergeant Charles O’Hara on to a van which had been set alight. He could be heard yelling “mercy, mercy” before being rescued by fellow officers and firefighters.

Once the violence had subsided, 28 gang members were arrested.


Despite recent arrests, clubhouse closing, resurgent London chapter defying Hells Angels’ dominance

London’s Outlaws motorcycle club hasn’t disappeared, it’s moved.

And it’s backed now by a new puppet club called the Filthy 15, police confirm.

With the recent arrests of four members and the closing of a clubhouse only months after opening, it appeared the Outlaws’ resurgence — in a city supposedly dominated by the Hells Angels —was short-lived.

But what sources say is a new and bigger clubhouse has opened up, with about 15 full patch members, and half as many Filthy 15 puppet club members.

Meanwhile, what may be early tensions between the Outlaws and Hells Angels have spilled into the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre, the provincial jail in London, sources say.

Outlaws leader Ryan Mark Daigneault, 41, was charged with counselling to commit murder in October and was being held at EMDC. One source at EMDC says there’s a price on Daigneault’s head, and there was an attempted assault on him in the jail.


12 members of Rebels motorcycle gang charged for allegedly wearing club colours on licenced premises

A DOZEN members of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang have been arrested over alleged breaches of liquor licencing laws.

Police say the gang members were seen in a licenced venue in the Murray Malle on October 18 wearing their club “colours”, which is not allowed under the Liquor Licencing Act.

The men were headed to Tasmania where up to 30 SA members of the gang met between October 18-23.

The Serious and Organised Crime Branch carried out a series of co-ordinated raids across Adelaide on Wednesday, arresting 12 men and seizing 10 sets of colours and a Rebels T-Shirt, which police will allege were worn on the licenced premises.

All 12 men were charged with entering and remaining in a licenced premises while wearing a prohibited item.

All have been bailed to appear in the Murray Bridge Magistrates Court at a later date.


"Clipping the Wings of the Angels" - eight Hells Angels arrested in Pattaya as "threat to Thai society"

A huge police operation swooped on five locations in the Pattaya area and arrested eight Hells Angels members.


They all face at least expulsion from Thailand and possibly a lot more after police claimed they were a threat to Thai society and discovered a cache of guns, knives and ammunition. 


Two cars were also seized in the raids at housing estates across Bang Lamung and Nong Prue.


The operation was mounted by the tourist police headed by chief Surachet Hakpan who has been tasked by the Thai government to clear up the foreign trash masquerading as tourists.


Surachet's men were assisted by 191 special branch, drugs suppression officers and cops from the Pattaya and Nong Prue stations who all appeared at tourist police HQ yesterday to announce the news.



Even a stay of proceedings for the Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta

The former leader of the Hells Angels, Salvatore Cazzetta, has received a Christmas gift in advance, on Wednesday morning at the palais de justice of Montreal, enjoying his third stop of the procedures in six years.

The biker 61-year-old was awaiting trial, expected in the winter of 2018, faces a charge of concealment of a sum of money from the crime since his arrest in the operation Mastiff, in November 2015.

This charge was eventually dropped by the Crown, Wednesday, and judge Daniel Bédard has immediately released the Hells nicknamed “The Beard” in the criminal underworld.

21 months in jail

The prosecution has not justified its decision. However, on the 11th of last August, prosecutors had agreed with the defence, before the tribunal, that if Cazzetta was to be found guilty of handling stolen goods after a trial, he would have already served his sentence.


Bandidos bikies arrested over alleged drug supply

TWO members of the notorious Bandidos bikie gang have been charged with drug supply offences in Albury as part of Strike Force Stoutland.

Police from the southern NSW city will allege the strike force unveiled a significant drug network run by bikie gangs.

Local police today arrested a 34-year-old Bandidos member and charged him with a range of drug-related offences including five counts of supplying a prohibited drug, two counts of offering to supply a prohibited drug, two counts of fraud and participating in a criminal group.

Detectives also arrested a 66-year-old man, who is now facing charges of participating in a criminal group and multiple drug-supply charges.

A 26-year-old woman was also arrested and charged with offences relating to drug supply, proceeds of crime, using false documents and participating in a criminal group.

Across the Victorian border, a 26-year-old member of the Bandidos was also arrested.


UPDATE: Verdict reached for three Hells Angels

UPDATE: ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Three members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club are found not guilty of battery and robbery charges.

Christopher Lawson, John Savalick and Richard Todd were in court Monday morning for their bench trial for the beating and stabbing of then-president Josh Johnson.

"The defendants and attorneys are very grateful to Judge McGraw for being such a thoughtful jurist that he paid close attention to all the evidence, that he considered all of the evidence," says Attorney for John Savalik and Richard Todd John Palmer.

All three men were found not guilty of four counts of aggravated battery and four counts of armed robbery.

"Josh Johnson clearly was the aggressor in this situation," says Attorney for Christopher Lawson David J. Brown.


Dramatic Kingsmen clubhouse showdown described in federal bail hearing

Andre Jenkins was eager to distance himself from his murder of two fellow Kingsmen in North Tonawanda on a late summer day in 2014, when he hopped on his motorcycle and returned to the gang's clubhouse in Tennessee, according to prosecutors.

But what greeted Jenkins was far from a welcome home party.

Inside, the Kingsmen also known as Little Bear discovered a scene right out of "Sons of Anarchy": a room covered in plastic and several Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members pointing guns at his head, prosecutors say.

Jenkins pleaded for his life.

"He kept saying, 'Call Pirk, call Pirk, call Pirk," Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph M. Tripi said during a court appearance last week.

The call was made, Tripi said, and Kingsmen President David Pirk, the man accused of orchestrating the double murder in North Tonawanda, ordered the Tennessee chapter members to back off.


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