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Fourth arrest made in online bikie scam

A FOURTH person has been arrested in Queensland in relation to a $1.4 million online investment fraud with links to bikies.

A 30-year-old Gold Coast man handed himself into the Criminal Economy Unit, which forms part of Queensland police's anti-bikie Taskforce Maxima.

Last week, alleged Black Uhlans member Tyrone de Luca was also arrested, and police are yet to speak to another 33-year-old man they suspect is involved and linked to the Bandidos gang.

The men allegedly helped clone the website of a real WA investment company, M6 Treasury, and operate a cold call centre that encouraged people to invest their superannuation savings in their fake company.

Legitimate call centre workers were unaware their employer was fraudulent, police said.

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Former bikie enforcer Toby Mitchell fears enemies behind bars, court told

The County Court has heard a former enforcer with the Bandidos motorcycle gang, Toby Mitchell, fears a prison term over a nightclub brawl because he has rivals in prison.

Mitchell is one of three men to plead guilty over a brawl at a Melbourne nightclub.

In 2010, Mitchell and two friends were involved in a fight at the Centrefold bar on King Street in Melbourne's CBD.

Mitchell was a sergeant-at-arms with the Bandidos bikie gang at the time of the incident.

CCTV footage played in Country Court showed Mitchell throwing bar stools and fighting with a staff member.

His lawyer has argued it was spontaneous and more of a blue than a brawl.

The court heard Mitchell was nearly killed in a shooting a year later and was shot at again last year.

The hearing continues.



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Ex-Hells Angels hit man seeks early parole under ‘faint hope’ clause

A former Hells Angels hit man turned police informant is trying to get out of prison early using the so-called “faint hope” clause in the Criminal Code that allows convicted murderers to apply for parole after serving 15 years of their 25 year sentence.

Stéphane “Godasse” Gagné, 43, is one of the most high-profile informants to testify against the Hells Angels in Quebec.

He became an informer in 1997 after police told him they had evidence that he was involved in the killing of two Quebec prison guards that year.

His testimony was crucial in bringing down former Hells leader Maurice “Mom” Boucher, who was convicted in 2002 of ordering the deaths of two prison guards in an attempt to destabilize Quebec’s justice system.

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Crime figures and bikies running illegal labour rorts on big building sites

Hundreds of Chinese workers are being exploited by some of Australia's largest building firms in a lucrative rort that has seen criminal figures and outlaw motorcycle gangs infiltrate Victoria's plastering industry.

Union officials have also been implicated in the scandal, which includes allegations of stand-over tactics, immigration fraud and sham contracting.

The Chinese labourers, who often enter Australia on student or 457 visas and have no plastering experience, are paid as little as $8 an hour in cash. Other foreign workers are paid the award rate of $35 an hour for a standard 36-hour week, but are forced to work up to 60 hours.

The crews are usually organised and paid by a Chinese-speaking "gang boss", who acts on behalf of the plastering subcontractors. Advertisement

Industry insiders have accused some CFMEU shop stewards of "turning a blind eye" to the practice.


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