Trial begins for Fort Worth Bandido gang leader accused in rival’s death


Under heavy security, the trial started Monday for a Fort Worth motorcycle gang leader who authorities say in 2014 ordered the killing of a member of another gang.

Howard Wayne Baker, 62, is suspected of engaging in organized crime and directing the activities of a street gang. Prosecutors say Baker, president of the Fort Worth Bandidos, gave the order to shoot Geoffrey Brady, 41, on Dec. 12, 2014, during an ambush at a bar at 2813 Race St.

Baker, who is also accused of shooting Brady, was booked into jail two days later and released the same day after posting $100,000 bail, according to court records. Brady died from multiple gunshot wounds.


Outlaws indicted in murder of rival biker

LEESBURG — Two jailed Outlaws Motorcycle Club members were indicted Friday in the shooting death of a rival biker during Leesburg Bikefest weekend.

Marc Edward Knotts, 48, and Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, also were charged in the indictment with principle to capital murder and kidnapping for the slaying of David Russell James Donovan, vice-president of the Kingsmen MC chapter in Leesburg.

Hugh Bass, assistant state attorney in Leesburg who is prosecuting the case, said Monday “through intimidation and fear” Marrero forced Donovan and other Kingsmen out of the store and into the parking lot after the Kingsmen refused to hand over their vests with their club insignias.

“The Kingsmen had tried to diffuse the situation and were hoping they could talk their way out of it once outside,” Bass said.


More than 150 bikers rally in front of Province House

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - A group of bikers from across the Atlantic Provinces took a unified stand against what they described as “unconstitutional treatment” by the P.E.I. government this weekend.

The Atlantic Confederation of Clubs’ (ACC) Unity Ride, which began in Amherst, N.S., ended with a rally of more than 150 bikers in front of Charlottetown’s province on Saturday.

We’re here to show everyone we’re not monsters and criminals, as some may try and convince you otherwise

Stephen Wallace, ACC chairman

ACC chairman Stephen Wallace said the rally aimed to address issues and raise awareness around biker discrimination and profiling, legislation and traffic laws while also promoting motorcycle safety.


Motorcycle gang opens new London clubhouse, in move that could herald trouble with rival Hells Angels

After years of lying low in London, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club appears to be flexing its muscle by opening a new clubhouse in the city, a move one expert warns could spark a violent clash with the Hells Angels.

The Outlaws, a biker gang with chapters across the globe, have set up a clubhouse in a single-storey commercial building at 1103 Brydges St., located on the same block as the London police reporting centre.

One source said the move is likely an attempt by the Outlaws to push back at the Hells Angels’ hold on the city’s lucrative drug trade.


Biker Sentenced For Savage Hells Angels Beating

An associate of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was sentenced to 30 months in prison Thursday for setting up a gang beating that an extortion victim somehow survived after being stabbed, stomped, blinded in one eye and beaten so severely with a hammer that most bones in his face were shattered.

Federal prosecutors said Howard Hammer, 45, of New Milford, drove a group of outlaw bikers to a motel in New Milford where the bikers nearly killed the unidentified victim in January 2016. Hammer pleaded guilty to extortion, admitting that he threatened the victim over an unpaid $1,500 loan and set up the assault. But he was not accused of direct involvement in the beating and has refused to identify those who were directly involved.


Biker associate pleads guilty to steroids charge

ALBANY -- A Stillwater man with ties to a Dutch outlaw motorcycle gang pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court on Thursday to selling steroids and international money laundering for the performance-enhancing drugs he acquired in the mail from Thailand.

Sean Dubanowich, 43, who was convicted of a federal drug felony in 2000 unrelated to steroids.

He is an associate of the Satudarah motorcycle club and onetime member of the Rock Machine biker gang, according to court papers and his attorney.

The stocky defendant, a weight lifter, obtained the performance-enhancing drugs from Thailand and sold them in the United States and Canada.


Police storm Hells Angels clubhouse with armoured vehicle

Police in Cologne performed a raid on the clubhouse of the Hells Angels biker gang, using a specially modified armoured vehicle, and uncovered a stash of weapons and money.

At around 9pm on Wednesday evening, police carried out a raid on the clubhouse of the Hells Angels, as part of an investigation into gang violence in Cologne, according to the Rheinische Post.

In the operation, which took place in the Ostheim district of the city, police brought out a specially modified vehicle, called the Patriot 3.


Gypsy Jokers Disaster

A 50-year-old woman named Lisa Ann Niehaus who drove head on into a pack of  “more than 40 motorcyclists” last Saturday night was arraigned yesterday on 16 felony and misdemeanor counts including multiple counts of criminally negligent homicide, third degree assault, unlawfully and recklessly causing serious physical injury and  reckless endangerment and a single count of reckless driving.

According to a press release issued by the Wheeler County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office, Niehaus “crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic…on Highway 19 at about Milepost 60, a location just east of Fossil. This vehicle struck a large number of motorcycle riders that were riding as a group to attend a locally held event at nearby Bear Hollow Park. Many of those in the group were self-identified as being members of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club.


Hells Angels targeted by major police raid in Trois-Rivières region

The Trois-Rivières chapter of the Hells Angels and one of its affiliate clubs was the target Wednesday morning of a major police raid involving 200 police officers from the Sûreté du Québec and other local police departments.

Thus far, 20 raids have been carried out and 30 arrests are expected to be executed.

Paul Magnan, a 54-year-old member of the Hells Angels Trois-Rivières chapter and whom police allege was the head of a major drug distribution ring, has been arrested.

Police allege that members of the Deimos Crew, a Hells Angels affiliate, had, under Magnan, been in control of the illegal drug market in several municipalities including Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan and Portneuf.

Magnan, a resident of Saint-Alban, is expected to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon and face multiple charges.


Hundreds of bikers come to Godstone to pay tribute to Hell's Angel Delton

The A22 and the A25 were shaking to their foundations when hundreds of bikers- many of them Hells Angels chapters - descended on St Nicholas Church in Godstone to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of one of their friends, Delton Anderson.

He died from cancer in 2012 and after a funeral service in St Johns Church, Caterham, he was buried in the Godstone churchyard.

Delton Anderson, was known as “Fritz” to the Hells’s Angels, and he was a former Para, a black cab driver, an American Football player (for a London team in the 1980s) and as an actor had a non-speaking part in Full Metal Jacket.

Photos by kevin black/supplied show some of the hundreds of bikers who came to Godstone and Delton’s motorbike parked by his grave.


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