Limerick man found guilty of murdering member of rival motorcycle club

A man has been found guilty of murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in Limerick.

Alan McNamara from Mountfune in Murroe, Co. Limerick shot Andrew O’Donoghue outside the Road Tramps' clubhouse in July 2015.

He admitted shooting him but denied the murder charge, claiming he was acting in self-defence.

Mr McNamara is a member of the Caballeros Motorcycle Club and Mr O’Donoghue was a member of the Road Tramps.

On July 19, 2015, McNamara was beaten up outside a pub in Doon, Co Limerick by some Road Tramps bikers as part of an apparent turf-war, it was heard during the trial.


His leather sleeveless jacket with club patches was taken off him – the ultimate insult to a biker, the court heard.

He claimed he and his family were later threatened outside his home by three members of the Road Tramps, one of whom had a gun.


Shooting tied to biker gang prompts hospital lockdown

A member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club was shot by a rival motorcycle gang member near Franklin E. Miles Park late Saturday evening, the Santa Fe police on-duty commander said.

Santa Fe police Capt. Robert Vasquez said officers were interviewing members of the local chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club as suspects in the shooting. Both the victim and the suspected shooter or shooters have claimed partnership to the motorcycle gangs, Vasquez said.

The unidentified victim was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Vasquez said. The shooting occurred near Camino del Gusto and Alamosa Drive, he said.

Visitors to the Vagos Motorcycle Club member who was shot came flooding into the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center emergency room Saturday evening.

The hospital imposed a lockdown for more than an hour, not allowing visitors inside.


Double Bandidos shootings sparks fears for Melbourne bikie war

(video)--There are dangerous signs a Melbourne bikie war is escalating after two Bandidos outlaw motorcycle club members were shot in the chest, during a drive-by attack.

It is believed a rival gang carried out last night's shoot-out and there are fears innocent people could soon be caught up in the feud.

The Bandidos convoy was heading south along the Bolte Bridge around 8.30am, when a station wagon sped up alongside them and a gunman fired multiple shots.

Two Bandidos outlaw motorcycle club members were shot in the chest, during a drive-by attack. Picture: 7 News


Chosen Few biker gang members face drug charges in Monroe

A tip submitted to the Metro Narcotics Unit led to the arrest of multiple members of the Chosen Few biker gang near the University of Louisiana Monroe. 

According to a statement released by the MPD, the unit was dispatched to the 1700 block of University Avenue regarding a tip about large amounts of drugs being taken into an apartment. 

The caller said multiple bikers at the location were breaking down the drugs for distribution. He said the drugs were being stored and sold from that apartment and a residence in the 200 block of Filhiol Avenue.

Agents started a surveillance operation and saw multiple men going and coming from the two locations. The men all wore what appeared to be identifiers consistent with an outlaw motorcycle gang that operates in several states, per the department. 


Outlaw bikie shot on Bolte Bridge

AN OUTLAW bikie has been shot in the chest on the Bolte Bridge.

Police media spokeswoman Natalie Savino said emergency services responded to the incident about 8.55pm to find a “rider with non-life threatening injuries consistent to a gunshot wound”

The Herald Sun understands the man — who has been taken to The Alfred hospital — is linked to the Bandidos motorcycle club.

A motorcycle remains at the scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski


Airport mechanic loses security clearance when Transport Canada learns his dad is in a motorcycle gang

A long-time aircraft mechanic at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport has been stripped of his security clearance after Transport Canada learned his father was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.

Mark Del Vecchio, who owns an aviation maintenance company and has for years worked as an aircraft mechanic with security clearance, ran into trouble when police spotted his vehicle parked at the home of a full-patch member of the Vagabonds Motorcycle Club.

The police information was forwarded to the Transport Canada’s Security Screening Program, which reviews security clearance for airport employees who have access to restricted areas of Canada’s major airports.

Last July his security privileges were revoked, a decision Del Vecchio appealed to the Federal Court.


I-Team: Outlaws chapter president and former Hillsborough firefighter was shot

(video)--Several residents heard gun shots about 10:30 PM Tuesday night.
"I heard 2 gunshots and then there was a pause then 3 or 4 more gunshots" one resident tells us.

Residents in the trailer park at hwy 41 and Valroy were stunned when a bleeding man came running through the park pleading for help.

"He was bleeding on the side he said he was shot and to call 911 and that's what I did," a resident tells us.

"He said he thought he'd been targeted," says a resident who wants to remain anonymous.

The I-Team has confirmed the man shot was James Costa a retired Hillsborough Firefighter and President of the Outlaws motorcycle club, an organization law enforcement classify as a "criminal gang".


Police: Biker gang, other group involved in Nampa shootout

NAMPA -- A disturbance that began inside a downtown Nampa business erupted into a shootout Tuesday night.

Nampa Police Lt. Eric Skoglund said Wednesday that investigators are still searching for the people involved in the gun battle.

Police were called out to a business in the 1300 block of 1st Street South just before midnight. By the time they arrived, Skoglund said, all the participants in the shooting had already scattered.

Officers found evidence that multiple people had fired multiple rounds. The shootout appeared to be between people wearing the insignia of the Devils Diciples motorcycle gang and another group.

Skoglund said no one was hurt in the shooting, but bullets struck three cars and a building.

The people involved in the shooting have not yet been identified, and a motive in the fight is unknown.

Anyone with information is asked to bla, bla, bla...


Sixth person arrested in shooting outside Diablos' clubhouse

A sixth person has been arrested in connection with a March 30 shooting outside the Diablos motorcycle clubhouse at 27th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Wesley E. Charlton Jr., 48, of Terre Haute, appeared Tuesday in Vigo Superior Court 5 where he received a trial date of Oct. 24 and another hearing date of Sept. 28.

Charlton had been wanted on a warrant issued July 6 for criminal organization activity, a Level 5 felony; assisting a criminal and obstruction of justice, both Level 6 felonies.

Information filed with the court in the case alleges Charlton picked up shell casings fired outside the motorcycle club so they could not be used as evidence in an investigation of the shooting.

A Terre Haute man was shot as he was driving past the club on March 30, and other people were injured by flying glass from the shots.

Police initially arrested five club members. Charlton is accused of helping one of those men involved in the incident.


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