Law enforcement preps for Hells Angels to visit Lake of the Ozarks

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. - ABC 17 News has reached out to the Lake Ozark Police Chief, who has confirmed that Hells Angels, a motorcycle club, is expected to be in the lake area starting this weekend through Aug. 4.

300 to 600 people are expected to come into town. The police chief said that the entire staff will be working this weekend and that the Missouri State Highway Patrol is bringing in extra troopers.

Hells Angels members are apparently staying in motels throughout the lake area, but will also congregate near Mack's Creek.

The police chief said that he doesn't remember any significant problems when the club visited in the past.


Hells Angels act like angels in Calgary

Police say it was a relatively quiet weekend on city streets even with hundreds of Hells Angels motorcycle gang members in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Calgary chapter.

Just two members of the motorcycle club were ticketed for minor traffic infractions, police said.

"It went as we had expected. It was fairly quiet. Just a couple summonses written," said Supt. Cliff O'Brien.

Calgary police warned the public last Thursday that around 500 bikers would be rolling into town to gather for a weekend of partying in part to mark 20 years since the patch-over ceremony when the Hells Angels took over from the Alberta Grim Reapers. 

Hells Angels from across Canada are in Calgary this weekend


I-Team: Rising violence between local motorcycle groups

The I-Team found there's been a recent string of violence amongst local motorcycle clubs. Law enforcement classify some of those clubs as "criminal gangs" and "criminal enterprises". Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.
Belinda Donovan's husband for 22 years, David from Homosassa, was murdered execution style in Leesburg.

"It's kind of a nightmare.  Seeing him in the hospital was tough" Belinda tells us.
Police say David, the Vice President of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club Chapter in Lake County, was getting cigarettes at a gas station, when a large group of the Outlaws Motorcycle "gang" demanded he take off his club's leather vest.


Taxpayers will pay the legal bills for two bikies who won a court battle to remain in Australia

TAXPAYERS will foot the legal bills of two hardened bikies who yesterday won a court battle to halt a government move to boot them out of the country.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has expressed his disappointment the full bench of the Federal Court had blocked his attempts to kick convicted criminals out of Australia by stripping their visas.

Carrascalao was in the Bandidos bikie gang. Picture: Facebook

Former Lone Wolf gang boss Tomasi Taulahi and Helder Carrascalao, from rival gang Bandidos, were released from immigration detention immediately and allowed to stay in Australia — with their legal challenge covered by taxpayers.


Warrant for biker gang member ends with arrest in Collier

EAST NAPLES, Fla. A 32-year-old man with a warrant was arrested Saturday at a tattoo parlor on Airport-Pulling Road, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said.

Gregory Alan Umphress, of West Palm Beach, had an outstanding warrant from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping, according to a sheriff’s office arrest report.

Deputies found Umphress laying on a couch in the waiting room of a tattoo parlor at the 6000 block of Airport-Pulling Road, deputies said. He was then taken to the Naples Jail Center. Bond has not been set.

Umphress was a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, WKMG reports. “Miquel Angel Torres, 37 Marc Edward ‘Knott Head’ Knotts, 48, and Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35,” were arrested on similar charges in connection to an incident that left one person dead in April at a bike week in Leesburg.


A farewell ride (w/video)

A motorcyclist pulling a clear vessel that held the casket of Phillip Medellin shut down Rio Grande Street, Main Street and U.S. 87 North on Saturday as it made its way to Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Riding just behind were two rows of motorcycles that extended for several miles.

Medellin, a 39-year-old Victoria man was killed in a motorcycle wreck early Monday morning just north of Woodsboro.

Hundreds of bikers attended the funeral of Medellin, who was a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, an outlaw motorcycle club. Several chapters of the club, as well as chapters of other motorcycle clubs, were present at the funeral to honor Medellin.



Courthouse security, ballistics discussed at Twin Peaks pretrial hearing

An attorney for Twin Peaks biker Christopher Jacob Carrizal said Friday she will “object strenuously” if courthouse security measures during Carrizal’s trial feature a “display of force” similar to one in Fort Worth during the trial of a Bandido leader.

The topic of courthouse security and other miscellaneous pretrial matters came up Friday as officials prepare for Carrizal’s trial. Carrizal, 35, a Bandido from Dallas, is scheduled to be the first of 155 bikers indicted in the May 2015 Twin Peaks incident to stand trial.


Hells Angels tight lipped on weekend plans in Calgary

About 500 Hells Angels motorcycle gang members are expected in Calgary this weekend, but they’re not answering any questions about what they’ll be doing in the city.

A group of about 30 Hells Angels spent much of the morning at the Harley-Davidson store near the Calgary International Airport. Wearing patches identifying them as belonging to chapters from Ontario and Quebec, the gang members spoke with Harley-Davidson employees and wandered around perusing the merchandise.

A group of about a half-dozen stood outside the front entrance, keeping an eye on who was coming and going. Leather-jacket clad members showing up on motorcycles were met with shouted greetings and bear hugs. The occasional non-member walked by them into the store darting nervous glances from side to side, but the Hells Angels were all smiles.


The great bikie club schism that sparked the battle for Canberra's south side

(pics an links)--It began with a fight at a Rebels clubhouse.

And the use of an AK-47-like firearm in a recent attack has authorities concerned about the level of violence and where it will all end.

For decades the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club had laid claim to the ACT and surrounds.

At its peak, it is estimated the club had up to six chapters and more than 60 members.

But the start of the great schism, which transformed Canberra's long-held status as a one-club town to a battlefield between feuding bikie gangs, can be traced back to the fight that night.

Underworld folklore has it that a nominee was thrown out of the club as a result.


Man pleads not guilty to fatally shooting member of rival biker gang in Riverside

A Corona man pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, July 20 to fatally shooting a 31-year-old member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in Riverside.

Joshua Herbert, 27, entered not guilty pleas to one count of murder in the death of James Duty of Orange and one count of attempted murder in the non-injury shooting of another Hells Angels member, court records show. Herbert also denied gang and firearm enhancements tied to the charges.

Officials say Herbert is a member of the Mongols, a motorcycle gang that has been feuding with the Hells Angels for decades. He was arrested after a month-long, multi-agency investigation fronted by the Riverside Police Department.


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