Bikers Sue Cops For $1 Billion Over ‘Witch Hunt’

They brought raffle tickets to a gunfight.

Four members of the Grim Guardians motorcycle club showed up to Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, on May 17, 2015, for a meeting about state politics, they say. Instead, rival motorcycle gangs opened fire on each other before police moved in.

They walked into gunfire, and they left in handcuffs.

When the smoke cleared, nine men were dead, 20 people were injured, and 177 bikers were arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity — including the Grim Guardians.

Now Jim Albert Harris, Bonar Crump Jr., Drew King, and Juan Carlos Garcia are suing the city, law enforcement, and the restaurant for violating their civil rights, slandering their reputations, and more.

They’re not the first bikers to sue over the shootout, but they are the first to demand $1 billion and compare the violence to poison gas attacks in Syria.


FBI and Local Agencies Discover Gang Operating In the Victor Valley

VICTOR VALLEY, Calif. ( A 10-month long investigation conducted by several special enforcement agencies, including the FBI, targeted a criminal street gang operating in the Victor Valley.

“Investigators have determined the Below Underground criminal street gang is responsible for the distribution of illegal narcotics and violent crimes throughout Victorville City and the surrounding High Desert communities,” stated Sheriff’s officials.

Children from local schools and neighborhoods were the primary target for recruitment by the gang.

It was also determined that members and associates of the gang actively sell narcotics and weapons to further their criminal organization and to instill fear in the High Desert community.


Murder trial expert explains ‘one-percenter’ biker gang culture

Colors, monikers, allies, rivalries, one-percenters, cuts.

Those were among the terms jurors in the murder trial of three alleged biker gangsters heard Wednesday as a Georgia gang expert testified for the prosecution.

The witness was A. Charles Lyda, a gang investigator for the Cobb County District Attorney, called to Columbus to analyze evidence in the case against Daginald Wheeler, Demark Ponder and James Daniel Jr., each allegedly associated with the Outcast Motorcycle Club that invaded a rival group’s Oct. 9, 2015, gathering where one man fatally was shot.

Lyda testified the evidence was consistent with biker gang culture: Testimony showed the Strikers Motorcycle Club hosted a meet-and-greet at the 4th Quarter Sports Bar, 6959 Macon Road, where the Outcasts assaulted the Strikers’ president and stole his club vest, the “colors” signifying his position.


RCMP stand by murder charge after accused offered new theory in letter before killing self

Police believe John MacAulay murdered the Outlaws Motorcycle Club member despite letter saying otherwise

RCMP say the investigation into the death of Outlaws Motorcycle Club member Norman Playter in Saskatoon is closed.

Sgt. Earl LeBlanc says investigators stand by the murder charge laid against John MacAulay, another member of the same bike club.

MacAulay killed himself while on remand at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre in March 2016. Hours before he died, MacAulay sent a letter to his lawyer describing what he claimed happened to Playter — and it wasn't that he killed him.

LeBlanc said RCMP considered the allegations.

"We were aware of the contents of the letter," he said.

"The investigation is currently complete, as the accused is now deceased."


Danish biker gang leader convicted in triple murder case

A highly-placed member of biker gang Bandidos has been convicted of a triple murder in Copenhagen in 2015.

A second gang member has been convicted of accessory to murder, while a third was found guilty of possessing firearms, reports Politiken.

Police have described the murders, which were carried out while the victims slept, as “liquidations”, reports the newspaper.

According to police, the men's killers climbed a scaffolding to get into an apartment in the Frederiksberg neigbourhood, where they shot the victims as they slept.

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We're sending a message': Inside the Comancheros bikie gang's terrifying expansion plans

(video)--EXCLUSIVE: Brisbane is in the sights of the notoriously violent Comancheros bikie gang as it tries to expand its presence in Queensland amid growing tensions between local rival clubs already locked in a turf war.

The move by the Comancheros comes as police investigate two drive-by shootings at the homes of the Rebels on Brisbane’s southern outskirts earlier this year.

7 News can reveal the Comancheros are in discussions with members of the Bandidos Brisbane Centro chapter to patch over several members. It follows the gang establishing a chapter on the Gold Coast.

Source: 7 News


Allen sentenced to one year for cocaine-trafficking conviction

A Saskatoon Hells Angels member arrested in the Project Forseti raids and convicted of trafficking cocaine is heading to jail for a year.

Rob Allen was handed the one-year sentence Tuesday afternoon at Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

The 36-year-old was one of 14 people arrested in 2015 as part of an investigation into organized crime that saw police raid nearly 20 properties across Saskatchewan and Alberta. He was convicted in February.

His punishment is less than what Justice Grant Currie, who issued the sentence, says is typical of cocaine-trafficking convictions. The typical sentence is 18 months to four years.


Defense asks for judge to strike rival biker gang member’s testimony in 4th Quarter Sports Bar Murder Trial

COLUMBUS, Ga. — More testimony is revealing clues about what led to a Columbus man’s murder in October 2015. This is the second week of testimony in the 4th Quarter Sports Bar and Grill Murder Trial.

As News 3 has reported, Demark Ponder, Daginald Wheeler, and James Daniel, Jr. are facing murder charges in connection with the death of Dominic Mitchell. News 3 learned that police conducted three search warrants related to Wheeler. Former Columbus Police Detective David Stokes led the murder investigation. He took the stand again, showing surveillance video of Daniel, 36, and Wheeler, 53, at a gas station before the shooting.


Waco Police investigating assault involving 7 biker gang members


The Waco Police Department said they are investigating an aggravated assault from over the weekend involving seven members of a known biker gang affiliated with the Banditos.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Chapter 11 Club around 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

When they got there, officers were able to determine one of the biker gang members had held a knife up to a victim’s neck during an assault.

Police say the victim was able to pull a gun from his waistband, and fire off several shots.

He was bleeding, but was able to escape and flee the scene.

The seven biker gang members also fled the scene, and it’s unclear if anyone was hit by the gunfire.

Police are continuing to investigate the assault and are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Waco Police.


Nomads bikie gang leader Honar Pishdari smirks as he’s jailed for 20 years over ‘paramilitary’ crime wave

(video)--A FORMER bikie president has been jailed for 20 years for ordering a series of violent crimes around Adelaide in an operation condemned by a judge as tantamount to a lawless paramilitary gang.

Kurdistan immigrant Honar Pishdari, 26, was the South Australian head of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang throughout 2014 and up to his arrest in May 2015.

Pishdari, who is now linked to the Comancheros bikie gang within prison, used his role to order a series of violent crimes on former colleagues and associates.

The first crime occurred when gang members — including two of the most senior members — attempted to kidnap a former colleague during daylight at an Elizabeth car park in February 2015.

In the weeks leading up to the incident, phone taps and police bugs caught Pishdari planning the attack on the man who had sought protection in jail — “reprehensible” gang conduct and a sign of weakness.


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