Hells Angels and other ‘outlaw motorcycle gangs’ expected in Calgary this weekend: police

Calgary police are warning the public to expect an influx of “outlaw motorcycle gang members” in the city this weekend, including the Hells Angels, as they attend a local event.

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) said they will be partnering with the RCMP to monitor the motorcycle clubs and make sure they abide by the law.

We do not anticipate an increased risk to public safety, however, there is always a potential for violence associated with organized crime and motorcycle gangs,” police said in a news release.

Motorcycle clubs host several events across Canada every year and police say the gatherings have historically been held without incident.

Anyone who spots suspicious activity in Calgary this weekend potentially related to motorcycle gangs is asked to call bla bla bla...


David Martinez Day 996

David Martinez, a Mongol, was arrested after a middle of the night Swat raid on his home on October 28, 2014. The next day he was charged with shooting a Swat officer named Shaun Diamond in the back of the head. It was a very widely publicized incident. The aftermath has been mostly ignored.

Martinez was in his living room, standing behind his father, when Diamond was shot. Diamond had just battered the home’s front door in and was standing on the front porch. The raid on the Martinez home was one of seven simultaneous search warrant services. The warrants were served by Swat, presumably, because breaking into the home of a Mongol at four in the morning was considered more dangerous than having a couple of detective’s knock on a front door at breakfast time.

The raid epitomized the nutty, “guerilla street theater” nature of the continuing war on outlaw motorcycle clubs and their members. The raid was unnecessarily dramatic.


Notorious New Zealand gangs plan 'fight club' to relieve tensions

A spate of gang killings in Northland on the North Island in 2016 had brought tensions to new highs

Hundreds of gang members in New Zealand are preparing for the inaugural “fight club” – an organised boxing match between rival gangs that leaders hope will present a safe way to vent simmering tensions.

Some 60 rival gang members from some of New Zealand’s most notorious chapters – including Black Power, Head Hunters and Nomads – will face off at a Whangarei community centre on Saturday night. It is the fourth choice of venue after three other options pulled out of the controversial event.

Former gang member and event organiser Tokomauri Hoterene said a spate of gang killings in Northland on the North Island in 2016 had brought gang tensions in his region to new highs.


Numerous weapons found at bikers’ club where man was shot dead

Shotgun, iron bars, knuckle dusters found in inquiry into death of Andrew O’Donoghue

Gardaí found two shotguns, pepper spray, iron bars, axe handles, knuckle dusters and knives when they searched a bikers’ clubhouse and cars where a man was shot dead.

The weapons were found by gardaí investigating the death of Andrew O’Donoghue (51) who died after being shot in Murroe, Co Limerick, on June 20th, 2015.

Alan McNamara (51), of Mountfune, Murroe, Co Limerick has pleaded not guilty to murder. Mr McNamara’s stepson Robert Cusack (28), of Abington, Murroe, has pleaded not guilty to impeding Mr McNamara’s apprehension knowing or believing him to have committed a serious offence. They are being tried together at the Central Criminal Court.


Female cop screams at Hell’s Angels gang as they surround officers trying to arrest biker

(video and pic gallery)--Female cop screams at Hell’s Angels gang as they surround officers trying to arrest biker for stopping traffic so they could cross junction

Dramatic footage shows two officers frogmarching the biker to the side of the road

THIS is the tense moment cops are confronted by a gang of Hells Angels members as officers tried to arrest a biker.

Video from the scene shows two officers taking the biker to the side of the road.

But as they appear to grapple with the suspect, several bikers wearing the gang’s trademark leather approach and one shouts: “Back off, back away.”

A female officer then screams at the biker gang to get back.

The bikers, wearing helmets and jackets with the name Hells Angels England and Northern Ireland emblazoned on the back, refuse to budge.

One biker is pushed away as the female officer shouts: “Get back.”


Mongols Case To Continue

A three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reversed the dismissal of the Justice Department’s racketeering case against the Mongols Motorcycle Club today. The case will now return to the Orange County, California courtroom of District Judge David O. Carter for trial.

The case is the most recent iteration of the federal government’s $100 million dollar, decade long argument that federal policemen may ban motorcycle clubs and their insignia without violating the United States Constitution. There is significant case law that recognizes motorcycle club insignia to be constitutionally protected expression.

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Court hears man was shot due to Limerick biker dispute

A jury at the Central Criminal Court has heard a territorial dispute between rival motorcycle clubs in Limerick led to a man being shot at point blank range with a shotgun.

Alan McNamara, 50, from Mountfune, Murroe, Co Limerick, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 51-year-old Andrew O’Donoghue on 20 June 2015.

His stepson Robert Cusack, 28, from Abbington, Murroe, has pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender.

In his opening statement to the jury, prosecuting counsel Michael Delaney told the jury the killing of Mr O’Donoghue was linked to some form of territorial dispute between rival motorcycle clubs.

The victim of the shooting was a member and treasurer of the Road Tramps club which drew membership from the Limerick area.

Mr McNamara was a former member of the same club but had left and joined a rival club, the Caballeros, which was originally based in Tipperary but had moved to Limerick city.


Revealed: The last movements of a bikie boss executed in his BMW

(video)--Police have released the last-known moments of senior bikie Ricky Ciano's movements, some five months after his dead body was discovered in the back seat of a car in NSW.

The body of 35-year-old Ciano was found in the back seat of a BMW on the side of a road on Valentines Day this year, near Oberon in the Central Tablelands, a day after he was reported missing by family.

On Thursday police said they had traced Mr Ciano's movements on the weekend before his death, and believe his car was parked from Sunday afternoon before the discovery of his body on the back seat the following Tuesday night.

Mr Ciano had been stopped on the Saturday for a traffic matter, and his BMW had been driven by him and others around Oberon prior to his death.


Four Men Arrested At Fight In Sebastian Bar

SEBASTIAN, Florida – Three men from the Outlaws motorcycle club and another man were arrested Sunday at Earl’s Hideaway after the Sebastian Police Department was called about a fight with injuries.

The fight involved several males who were separated just before law enforcement arrived.

Officers made contact with two of the parties involved, they stated that they were in a physical disturbance with all of the members of the Outlaws.

Two men had facial injuries from the incident that occurred near the west side of the sand bar area of Earl’s.

Police made contact with the gang and requested they leave the bar. Officers escorted Jason Bowman out of the bar, according to the report.

Customers informed police that Bowman had a firearm inside the bar establishment, the report stated.


Deputies surround Salida business park after large fight breaks out at motorcycle club hangout


Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies surrounded a business park along Pirrone Road on Sunday after a fight among a few dozen people broke out at a motorcycle club hangout spot. But authorities did not find anyone who was injured.

Sheriff’s officials received 911 calls reporting two people injured in the large fight, said Sgt. Anthony Bejaran, a sheriff’s spokesman.

He said three San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies and two California Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene, because of the reported 30 to 40 people involved in the fight. Authorities conducted an extensive search of the area, but did not find anyone with injuries.

Deputies on Sunday afternoon remained at the business park investigating the incident. Several people were detained for their own safety and questioned. Bejaran said no arrests had been made.


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