An alleged Bandidos prospect member has had his motorcycle seized for six months

POLICE have seized an alleged bikie’s pride and joy under new powers which came into effect this week.

Police allege a man on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle evaded police in East Devonport following an attempted intercept yesterday.

The rider was tracked down a short time later and had his bike seized for six months.

“The rider, who was wearing a vest associated with the Bandidos OMCG with the word ‘Prospect’ on the back in red and gold, [had ridden] in a dangerous manner on the Bass Highway between Devonport and Latrobe,” Inspector Adrian Shadbolt said.

“The rider and motorcycle were located in Latrobe shortly afterwards and the rider was arrested for the evade and driving offences.”

He will appear in the Devonport Magistrates Court at a later date


Once a Hells Angels stronghold, now-deserted Sherbrooke bunker has been confiscated

Superior Court judge says compound helped facilitate criminal acts, including murder and drug trafficking

The last vestige of the Hells Angels' physical footprint in Sherbrooke — a compound towering over the road between the city's downtown and the borough of Lennoxville — was confiscated from the biker club in a Quebec Superior Court decision released Monday.

The decision, rendered by Justice Carol Cohen, hinges on allegations the buildings, which she likens to a "fortress," helped the group commit acts of organized crime, including drug trafficking and murder. 

"It's clear that those who would go there wanted to be free from any prying eyes, to be in complete privacy," she wrote, adding the property consisted of concealed enclaves.

The compound, worth roughly $425,000, is the last of the club's "bunkers" still standing in Quebec. Its Trois-Rivières location was torn down two years ago.



Twin Peaks defense attorney tries to get second judge tossed from case

One day after a visiting judge yanked 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother off the first Twin Peaks biker trial, the defense attorney for defendant Jake Carrizal -- a member of the Bandidos motorcycle club -- filed a motion to also recuse the new Judge Matt Johnson from presiding over the case.

The move delays Carrizal's jury selection for yet another day. A deputy clerk told the jury to leave and return Wednesday at 9 a.m.

A panel of about 150 showed up for jury duty in the Twin Peaks biker trial. Many of them were angry that the selection process was stopped. 

The motion's filing was no surprise. Defense Attorney Casie Gotro had previously stated she would file such court documents and implied she believed Johnson and Strother would both be biased toward the prosecution.

The state claimed Monday that Gotro was just trying to delay the trial.


Man charged with murder over 'extremely violent' killing of Hells Angels bikie - just months before he was due to face court

  • Adelaide man David John Norris, 39, was 'extremely violently killed' Sunday
  • The Hells Angels bikie's body was discovered at an industrial site in Salisbury
  • A 39-year-old Kadina man was charged over his murder on Monday
  • He remains in custody and is expected to front court Tuesday via video-link

A man has been charged after the body of a Hells Angels bikie was discovered at an Adelaide truck yard.

South Australian Police said David John Norris was 'extremely violently killed,' after they were called to the Fisher Street business around 6.20pm Sunday.


200 Hells Angels protest ban on insignia in Berlin

Over 200 Hells Angels bikers rode through Berlin in protest against the ban of the badges of the association. The bikers, who came from all over Germany, drove from Biesdorf in East Berlin towards Alexanderplatz. The bikers were dressed in black and protested under the slogan ‘Freedom is our religion.’ According to a law which was enforced in the spring, the Hells Angels are no longer allowed to wear their club’s badge, a winged skull, in public.


Leaked Documents Show Waco Police Knew “Potential For Violence” Ahead Of Twin Peaks Shootout Was ‘Very High’

Police had reason to believe violence would occur, but failed to intervene. Twin Peaks management didn’t take proper precautions to protect customers. One state law enforcement agency was kept completely in the dark.

It’s been more than two years since one of the deadliest criminal shootouts in American history. But the bloody clash involving motorcyclists at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco continues to be shrouded by a veil of secrecy. Criminal trials are scheduled to start next week, and thanks to a trove of leaked documents obtained by the Texas Standard, we now gain a fascinating insight into the lethal fray.


Bikers travel from around the world to pay tribute to Sunderland Hells Angel Kenny Greener

Bikers from around the world came out in force to pay tribute to a ‘legendary’ Sunderland dad.

Kenny Greener, 59, of Hylton Castle, passed away suddenly last month.

The dad-of-three had been a member of international biking group Hells Angels for 21 years, earning respect among the biking country across the world.

Hundreds of bikers descended on Sunderland to pay their last respects as he was laid to rest at Southwick Cemetery yesterday.

Members travelled from as far afield as Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands to be there.

Harry Weir, from Southampton, set off from his home at 4.30am to make it to the funeral.

I knew him for a lot of years, and I’d describe him as crazy, but crazy lovely

Patrick Rederer


Australia detains NZ bikie again despite court win

A New Zealand-born motorcycle gang member who won a landmark case in Australia's highest court yesterday has been arrested in Perth.

Lee Tepuia, a 39-year-old carpet layer, spent 22 months in immigration detention after losing his visa on character grounds for being a member of the Rebels motorcycle club.

Mr Tepuia has lived in Australia since 2005 and has no criminal record there.

He won the ruling at 10am yesterday, walked free from a Perth detention centre half an hour later, then an hour after that learned the government had cancelled his visa again.

He was arrested about 10.15am Sydney time today.

Mr Tepuia had packed his bag and gone out on the street about 6am to let police parked outside know that he would go quietly, said someone close to the family who witnessed the arrest.


Immigration minister’s new law will keep accused bikie gang members out of Australia

(video)--A NEW federal immigration law will keep exiled former Rebels bikie boss Alex Vella and the father of rising AFL star Dustin Martin out of ­Australia.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton rushed through an amendment to the ­Migration Act to stop Malta-based Vella, Shane Martin and up to 20 others whose visas have been cancelled, from ­re-entering the country.

They had been kicked out based on secret information from police and intelligence services.

The High Court found yesterday that Mr Dutton had been wrong to kick out two men accused of being Rebels bikies, AJ Graham and ­Mehaka Lee Te Puia.


New Satan’s Choice biker club considering shutting down after harsh Facebook criticism

The new club is taking a Facebook slamming by online friends of GTA Hells Angel Donny Petersen.

A group of Ontario bikers is having second thoughts about calling themselves the new Satan’s Choice Club after a harsh Facebook condemnation of their club by a senior Hells Angel.

The new club is taking a Facebook slamming by online friends of GTA Hells Angel Donny Petersen.

“Those who take a patch from a respected club, one that has history, courage, who has paid their dues, died, done time and all the rest . . . like what are you thinking?” Petersen himself wrote.

“You are pretenders,” Petersen wrote.

Petersen’s comments received resounding approval from his Facebook friends.

The old Satan’s Choice was on the road for four decades before it ceased to exist when it was absorbed by the Hells Angels in December 2000.


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