Gut Terk – the legendary outlaw biker, Merry Prankster, Blue Cheer manager, poster and album cover artist and Acid Test graduate now rides in paradise

Allan “Gut” Terk, a legendary outlaw biker, Merry Prankster, graphic artist, and an original mainstay of the California 1960s counterculture, died of organ failure caused by metastasized cancer on January 18 in Reno, Nev. He was 78. He was, in the words of his fellow biker *Mouldy Marvin, “so fucking cool it almost breaks your heart.”

Soon after leaving high school, Terk joined the U.S. Navy, becoming a submarine sonar specialist. While serving in the Navy, he joined Hell Bent for Glory Motorcycle Club, which included several soon to be infamous Hells Angels, such as James “Mother” Miles and John Terrance Tracy (better known as “Terry the Tramp”).


Former bikie boss Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi dies after being shot outside Sydney gym

Former Comancheros chief Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi, who rose to prominence for his role in a fatal 2009 brawl at Sydney Airport, dies after being shot at least six times outside a gym in Rockdale.

Former Comanchero bikie chief Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi was on parole. (Credit: AAP) 

Former Comanchero bikie chief Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi has died after being shot outside a gym in Rockdale, in Sydney's south.

Officers were called to the incident at the Fitness First gym on West Botany Street shortly after midday.

Mr Hawi was in his black luxury four-wheel drive when he was shot at least half a dozen times.


Motorcycle gang No Surrender's top leader arrested

The police arrested one of the top leaders of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender in his home in Hulst on Wednesday. The 41-year-old man is suspected of leading a criminal organization, the police said in a statement.

In addition to the arrest, the police also searched three addresses - the suspect's home, his company, and a bar where No Surrender club nights are held. Investigators hope to find supporting evidence and to gather information about criminal activities "in an organized context".

The man in question is Rico R., according to He is one of No Surrender's three so-called 'world captains'. 


Former Hells Angels hitman becomes target as Quebec bikers push into GTA

Paris Christoforou is nowhere to be seen after narrowly escaping hitmen in Toronto and Montreal.

He was once a feared enforcer for the Hells Angels, called upon to collect debts from gamblers — and even to kill — as part of the world’s largest outlaw motorcycle gang.

But today, Paris Christoforou is nowhere to be seen after narrowly escaping hitmen in Toronto and Montreal.

His enemies have grown to include members of the powerful Hells Angels chapters from Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières, Que., which kicked him out of the international club in the fall, police and underworld sources say.

Christoforou, 41, has stopped appearing at regular GTA haunts and police say they no longer know where to find him. The Star was also not able to locate him.

The latest attempt on his life came in Montreal in late January. Montreal police refuse to provide information on this attack, saying only that it’s an ongoing investigation.


Armed offenders squad cut through gang pad fence to rescue victim of alleged kidnap

The loud whine of an angle-grinder cutting through a corrugated iron fence is how residents were alerted to a police raid on a gang pad in their Napier neighbourhood.

The Hawke's Bay armed offenders squad cut its way into the Ahuriri property, home to the local Outlaws Motorcycle Gang, on Saturday morning.

A Bluff Hill resident alerted by the noise went to his window and saw about 11 police cars in the vicinity of the Kenny Ave property, as the squad smashed through the fence.

Police raid the Outlaws Motorcycle gang property on Kenny Ave., Napier, to rescue the victim of an alleged kidnapping.

Police raid the Outlaws Motorcycle gang property on Kenny Ave., Napier, to rescue the victim of an alleged kidnapping.


Why members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club gathered in Northampton

(9 photos)--More than 100 members of the notorious Pagans Motorcycle Club gathered Saturday morning in Northampton to say goodbye to one of their own.

Ronald S. "Rocky" Bedics Jr. was a long-time member of the club, according to his obituary. He died Monday at St. Luke's University Health Network. No cause was given in his obituary. He was 54.

Bedics was also a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Injured Workers, whose activities include raising money to help those who get hurt on the job.

A graduate of Whitehall High School, Bedics had worked in construction.


Texas Prosecutor Dismisses 13 Cases Tied to Biker Shooting

A Texas prosecutor on Thursday dismissed 13 cases stemming from a 2015 shootout in Waco involving bikers and police and recused himself from two others, placing into doubt the criminal prosecution of the more than 130 bikers still awaiting trial.

The actions came hours before a scheduled hearing for Jorge Salinas, whose case was among those dismissed.

Current and former staff had been due to speak at the hearing about corruption allegations against District Attorney Abel Reyna, who faces a Republican primary election in March.

The hearing was canceled.

According to a motion filed Thursday, the prosecutor dismissed Salinas' case "in order to focus its efforts and resources on co-defendants with a higher level of culpability."


Police arrest gang members after "violent confrontation"

Police have arrested a number of gang members after a brawl between rival groups at a South Taranaki pub.

On Sunday January 28, members of the Black Power clashed with members of the Rebels motorcycle gang at Manaia's Waimate Hotel.

It's alleged three patched members of the Rebels stopped at the hotel and were attacked by a group of Black Power members soon after they arrived.

Acting Detective Sergeant Heath Karlson described the incident as a "violent confrontation".

Trio found guilty in Black Power assault trial

Black Power members jailed for brutal bashing


16 Hells Angels members arrested in Spain on suspicion of drug trafficking

(pics & video)--Regional police in Spain have arrested 16 members of a local Hells Angels motorcycle gang near Barcelona on suspicion of drug trafficking, while a few of the detainees could also be wanted in connection to a murder committed last year, authorities said Wednesday.

The Mossos d'Esquadra local police in the Catalonia region launched morning raids on 11 properties in the Barcelona metropolitan area, including one on the Hells Angels motorcycle club's regional headquarters in Sabadell, an industrial city located 22 kilometers (14 miles) to the north of Barcelona.


Hells Angel offers to help people get medical pot-growing licences

A longtime Vancouver Hells Angel is offering to help people get licences to grow their own medical marijuana “everywhere in Canada except Quebec!!!!”

Hal Bruce Porteous, 45, made the offer in an Instagram post, asking followers who want the licence to send him a direct message.

“If anyone is in serious pain and doesn’t want to take prescription medication and would like a medical marijuana license to grow there (sic) own medication, please DM me. This is legal!!” said Porteous, a member of the biker gang’s Vancouver chapter. “Permitted 4 licences at each address!!!!”

Retired police biker expert Andy Richards obtained a copy of the post and provided it to Postmedia. He said it is of concern when a member of a criminal organization appears to be brokering licences in the medical marijuana industry.


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