Mongols rent out entire hotel for annual Palm Springs retreat

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A motorcycle gang known for violence and drug trafficking is in town this weekend for their annual retreat.

Hundreds of members of the Mongol motorcycle gang are staying at the Hilton hotel in Downtown Palm Springs. This is the fifth year the Mongols have made a visit to the desert and bring anywhere from 300 to 500 members with them.

And hotel management says they've rented out the entire hotel.

Officials with the Palm Springs Police Department said they will be stepping up patrols with multiple agencies assisting for the weekend. 

KESQ News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2's Alex Cheney spoke to a member of the Vagos motorcycle gang as their crew is also in the Coachella Valley this weekend. You can watch the full report on KESQ at 6 p.m. and on CBS Local 2 at 6:30 p.m.


A fifth of Dutch outlaw bikers suspected of crime

Last year over 400 outlaw motorcycle gang members in the Netherlands were suspects in a total of 680 criminal offenses, according to a report on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs published on Thursday. That amounts to one in five of the outlaw bikers known to the police, ANP reports.

The crimes involved nearly 150 cases of violent crimes like assault and public violence, dozens of threats and over 20 cases of illegal firearm possession. There were also 13 cases of murder or manslaughter, and a large number of drug related crimes and extortion. 

Early this year the police knew about over 1,900 members of well-known motorcycle gangs in the Netherlands, about 200 more than early 2016. The number of Satudarah and No Surrender members increased by over a hundred. 


Police crackdown on Tweed bikie gangs

TWEED POLICE have carried out a series of property raids across the Tweed Shire in a coordinated crackdown on bikie gangs after recent violent acts were believed to be related to tension between rival clubs.

A member of the Tweed Heads chapter of the Lone Wolf Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) was charged in the cross-border operation on Thursday, July 6.

The raids were carried out by officers from Tweed/Byron Local Area Command under Strike Force Walenore with the assistance of the Gangs Squad’s Strike Force Raptor, Public Order Riot Squad, Queensland Police attached to Strike Force Maxima, and the Dog Unit.

The operations were designed to proactively target OMCGs in response to recent violent acts “believed to be related to tension between rival clubs,” police said in a joint media statement.


San Marcos police warn downtown businesses of biker gangs

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) – The San Marcos Police Department says more motorcycle gangs are making their way into downtown San Marcos.

Brandon Winkenwerder, the San Marcos Police assistant chief, says the department has received calls on two occasions involving large groups of Bandidos visiting downtown bars.

“Parking has always been an issue downtown and when you go and start parking 20 or 30 motorcycles on a sidewalk, it becomes an issue with anyone wanting to move around down there,” said Winkenwerder.

The assistant chief says each time police have been called, the group has moved their motorcycles without causing any problems.


Mongols motorcycle club member wins $1,001 in lawsuit against state agency

Justin DeLoretto is both a Mongols motorcycle club member and a recent recipient of a master’s degree in social work from George Fox University in Newberg.

And he’s now claiming victory in a lawsuit that he filed in March against the Oregon Youth Authority, the state agency that he says fired him from an unpaid internship last summer after police complained about his association with the Mongols, which federal officials regard as an outlaw biker gang.


DeLoretto, 35, has agreed to settle his federal suit against the state’s juvenile corrections agency for a $1,001 payment plus attorney fees. Court records list DeLoretto as the prevailing party in the case.

“While the state may take a different position I think it’s fair to interpret it as validation of the claims made in the case,” DeLoretto’s attorney, Michael D. Myers of Seattle, said in an emailed response to questions about the settlement.


Motorcycle association speaks out against police linking bikers to drugs and violence

A motorcycle club association in the province is speaking out against the police for comments linking biker clubs to drug trafficking and a rise in violence.

Last week, Cpl. Mike Kerr — with the biker enforcement unit of the RCMP — said the strengthening of the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia once again has come with an increase in violent activity.

“The law enforcement tactics are no longer relying on facts and evidence, but on assumptions, opinions and stories from the past,” said a release from Stephen Wallace, chair of the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents.


REAL SCOOP: Hells Angel David Giles dies months after record sentence

Just three months after he was sentenced for his role in a major international cocaine conspiracy, a senior member of the Hells Angels has died.

David Giles, 67, passed away Canada Day in Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

He had been an inmate at the Pacific Institution, acting assistant warden Ronnie Gill said.

Giles had been ill throughout his trial in B.C. Supreme Court for conspiracy to import and traffic cocaine.

He was convicted last September, but only sentenced on March 31, 2017 after he fought unsuccessfully to have the case thrown out due to the length of time the case took to get to trial.

Justice Carol Ross handed Giles an 18-year sentence, minus credit for time served for a net term of just over 11 years.  


Rebels bikie sergeant-at-arms saved by police after brutal bashing from fellow gang members

STRAPPED to a chair with cable ties, bleeding profusely and fading in and out of consciousness, Rick Reynolds would likely be dead if not for the police.

Fellow bikie gang members, armed with a pickaxe, shovel, pliers, cricket bat and a gas burner for scorching off club tattoos, had ambushed the Rebels sergeant-at-arms outside a smash repair workshop, dragging him inside to finish the job.

There were three possible ­motives for the assault. One was a rumour that Reynolds (his real name has been suppressed) had been planning to leave the Rebels for a rival gang.

Another was an unsubstantiated claim that he was a police informant, based on the fact he’d repeatedly escaped jail for his crimes.


Bandidos pass initiation test in push for Tassie turf

A FEARED bikie gang is trying to strengthen its presence in Tasmania.

Bandidos gang members from across the globe have been congratulating their bikie comrades in Tasmania for making it to the next phase of their initiation to become a fully-fledged chapter of the outlaw organisation.

This is despite police targeting the group to limit its emergence locally, including evicting members from their clubhouse and conducting operations that led to several people being charged with assault, theft, drug and driving offences.

The development comes a year after the Mersey River chapter established itself in the state’s North-West, sparking fears of potential bikie feuds, ice manufacturing and drug trafficking.

Tasmania Police Serious Organised Crime Division Detective Inspector Glen Ball confirmed that mainland Bandidos members, including the group’s national president, were recently in Tasmania as part of the bikie gang’s initiation process.


Ex-Bandidos member suing SPVM, city of Montreal for $6.5 million: reports

Tony Duguay, a former member of the Bandidos motorcycle club convicted in 2006 for the murder of Hells Angels member Normand “Biff” Hamel and then acquitted in 2016, is suing the city of Montreal, the SPVM and two detectives for $6.5 million, Le Journal de Montréal reports.

Duguay was acquitted in 2016 by the Quebec Court of Appeal when informant Sylvain Beaudry admitted to lying during his testimony. According to court documents, Duguay said he blames former police detective Benoit Roberge and detective Jean-Pierre Pelletier for making “intentional errors” to force Beaudry to “lie in court” to obtain a guilty verdict.


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