Twin Peaks biker named in three-count superseding indictment

The biker scheduled to be tried first for his alleged role in the Twin Peaks shootout was named Wednesday in a three-count superseding indictment.

A McLennan County grand jury charged Christopher Jacob Carrizal, 35, with one count of directing activities of a criminal street gang, a count of engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of murder and one count of engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna and his first assistant, Michael Jarrett, have made it clear that they want Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas, to be the first in a long line of 155 bikers indicted after the May 2015 shootout to stand trial, even while passing over other bikers who were clamoring for quicker trial settings.

Carrizal’s trial is set to start Sept. 11 in Waco’s 19th State District Court.


Third biker arrested in slaying of rival gang member

LEESBURG – A third biker wanted in the murder of a rival biker during Leesburg Bikefest weekend was arrested Tuesday.

Miguel Angel Torres III, 37, of Rockledge was the Outlaw Motorcycle Club member who reportedly forced David Russell James Donovan and his fellow Kingsmen MC chapter members out of the Circle K.

Torres allegedly put a knife to Donovan’s throat, directed him to the corner of the building and forced him to his knees before another Outlaws member, Marc Edward Knotts, shot him in the back, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Donovan later died of his injuries at a hospital.

Torres was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The heavily tattooed Torres remained in the Lake County Jail on Wednesday morning without bail. Torres, who had a warrant out for his arrest, was taken into custody at the Lake County courthouse.


Cops smash meth 'misery' bikie syndicate

A botched extortion attempt has resulted in NSW Police in Sydney uncovering a drug syndicate of bikies and Asian crime gangs that was allegedly planning to import and produce more than one tonne of ice.

NSW police said they were approached by a member of the syndicate in December 2016 following an extortion attempt by the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang - one of the groups within the network.

The police probe that followed drew in investigators from the NSW gangs squad, Australian Border Force officers and the Australian Federal Police-led anti-gang squads.

A shipping container was intercepted at Port Botany on Saturday.

Inside were 1.4 tonnes of ephedrine - the precursor chemical to methamphetamine.

It was enough to produce 13 million hits of the drug ice, and the seizure is the biggest of its kind in the nation's history.


Full return of Hells Angels looming in Nova Scotia: police

Police say violence, drug trafficking associated with biker gangs is on the rise in the province

Police in Nova Scotia say they expect a full-fledged chapter of the Hells Angels to be established in the province in a matter of months.

Last year, a support club opened in Musquodoboit Harbour, just east of Dartmouth. Police say that club is already having an impact.

"We have seen, over the course of the last six months, a number of incidents that have gone unreported to police," said RCMP Cpl. Michael Kerr in a briefing with reporters on Tuesday.

Kerr cited cases where victims of crime wouldn't come forward or couldn't be located, or witnesses wouldn't co-operate with investigators.


Suspected motorcycle gang member with lengthy record arrested after high speed chase

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WACH) - A suspected motorcycle gang member with a lengthy record was arrested after a high speed pursuit, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Forty-four-year-old Jody David Fogle was arrested after a high speed chase on Interstate 20, according to Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Matthews had just completed a traffic stop when he said he saw a motorcycle approaching him from behind at a high rate of speed.

The motorcycle was being driven by Fogle and Matthews was able to determine that the motorcycle was traveling at 101 mph. Matthews then attempted to make a stop by activating his blue lights and siren.

Fogle didn’t stop, however, but increased his speed to about 104 mph and continued eastbound on I-20 before exiting at the rest area on I-20 between US 601 and US 521.


Gang member acquitted due to judge's 'grave concern' about witness reliability

A member of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club who was caught up in the massive police investigation called Project Forseti was found not guilty of 17 gun charges.

The charges against Clint James McLaughlin dated back to March 28, 2014, when police were conducting surveillance on two people — Noel Harder and Steve Mychan — who they believed were going to exchange guns. On that day, Harder drove to both McLaughlin’s and Mychan’s homes. As Harder was driving away from Mychan’s house, police stopped him and found nine guns in his truck.

Instead of facing charges, Harder made a deal with police to work as a confidential informant and became a police agent in Project Forseti, a 15-month investigation that spanned seven cities in Saskatchewan and Alberta and resulted in seizures of huge volumes of drugs and firearms and numerous charges against members of the Hells Angels and Fallen Saints biker gangs.


Judge sets trial date for biker arrested at Twin Peaks

Persistence paid off for Cody Ledbetter, a biker arrested after the 2015 Twin Peaks shootout who has tried to battle his way into the courtroom for a trial.

Ledbetter, of Waco, who has been passed over on two previous trial settings, was in court again Friday to seek a trial date as soon as possible. He didn't get the date he wanted, but he got a trial date, nonetheless.

Ledbetter, a former member of the Cossacks group who saw his stepfather, Daniel Boyett, shot and killed at Twin Peaks, has had trial settings in May 2016 and September 2017. Those settings were passed by 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother at the request of the state and to the benefit of other Twin Peaks defendants also clamoring for their days in court.


Lone Wolf and Bandidos bikie turf war breaks out at Tweed Heads

(video)--A VIOLENT bikie brawl outside a Tweed Heads restaurant shattered Origin celebrations as families witnessed a turf war between rival gangs.

Eight minutes after kick-off, more than a dozen patched Lone Wolf and Bandidos bikies clashed outside Seagulls Club in front of patrons trying to enjoy the game.

Tweed police crime manager Brendon Cullen described the men as “thugs and hoodlums” and said the community would not be intimidated.

“They were intimidating families ... it is incredibly cowardly,” he said. “We will find out who these men are and when we do they will be banned from every establishment in our liquor accord area.

“Bikies think they own turf ... but we will not tolerate turf wars in this area.”

It is understood one gang was eating at the restaurant when a rival group turned up.

The confrontation quickly turned violent when one man was pushed against a wall, prompting a larger fight.


Arrest made in Riverside fatal shooting of Orange County Hell’s Angels member

Riverside police arrested a suspect Wednesday, June 21, in the May 21 shooting of an Orange County Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang member in Riverside.

Officer Ryan Railsback on Wednesday afternoon confirmed to The Press-Enterprise that the arrest was made, but would not confirm the suspect’s name to prevent the investigation from being impacted.

More information regarding the arrest will be released at a press conference Thursday, Railsback said.

Earlier this month, police officials said the shooting was believed to be related to a feud between the Hell’s Angels and rival motorcycle gang the Mongols; the feud has been active for decades.


Motorcycle gang melee reported in Taylor

A reported melee in Taylor between more than two dozen motorcycle gang members prompted deluge of police to the Downvalley on Tuesday night, borough police said.

A caller to 911 said a group of “one-percenters” — a term that applies to motorcycle gang members associated with criminal activity — started a “pushing and shoving match” at Oak Street Express, 601 Main St., shortly before 10 p.m., Police Chief Stephen Derenick said.

A Taylor bar had hosted a “bike night” Tuesday and was packed with motorcycle enthusiasts, the chief said. A few reportedly started a fight and fled before police arrived. No charges have been filed. One person was arrested on unrelated drug charges, the chief said.

The fight, which reportedly did not involve weapons, drew a police response from the Downvalley communities, Scranton and the state police.


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