Finks associate Shane Conci allegedly bashed student’s parents after schoolyard argument

A DAD was punched out after throwing a dinner plate at a Finks bikie who confronted his family over a school yard spat between their children.

Bikie associate Shane Conci allegedly threatened to use his Finks mates as pay back after his son and daughter had a falling out with another student at their north eastern suburbs school.

Conci is facing eight charges including recklessly causing serious injury after victims Costas Valogiannis and his wife Evdoxia were assaulted at their home.

Today Mr Valogiannis gave evidence via video link saying he was terrified after the thick-set Conci came to his door and demanded to see his daughter.

“You couldn’t reason with this bloke,” Mr Valogiannis told the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Mr Valogiannis said he threw a plate at Conci before losing consciousness after being struck in the head.


Labor to repeal Qld's anti-bikie laws

Queensland's opposition Labor party says it will repeal the Newman government's contentious anti-bikie laws if it wins the next election

That's despite Labor voting with the Liberal National Party to pass the laws in October last year, albeit while criticising the government's rushed approach.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has told parliament the laws must change to safeguard the rights and freedoms of innocent Queenslanders.

"They have gone too far, affecting innocent Queenslanders whose only crime is to ride a motorcycle," she told parliament.

She said the government had publicly acknowledged innocent riders were being affected by the gang crackdown.

"We will repeal and we will replace them," she said, adding Labor would soon start work on its own suite of anti-crime gang laws.


'You see this tattoo?': Kelowna man describes assault, warning from Hells Angels before fatal attack on his father

The son of a Kelowna man who was viciously beaten to death described an assault and a warning from the Hells Angels that preceded his father’s slaying.

Kaylin Phillips, 27, testified Tuesday that he was punched in the face by a man at a recycling depot just hours before his dad, Dain Phillips, was attacked on June 12, 2011.

The Crown witness said that he and his then-girlfriend had gone to the depot in his truck to pick up some boxes for moving when a truck occupied by two men pulled up.

He said one of the men was Daniel McRae, one of four alleged Hells Angels associates on trial for manslaughter in his father’s death.

The other man came up to him and repeatedly called him by his brother Kody’s name, Phillips told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mark McEwan.

When he denied that he was Kody Phillips, the man with McCrae pointed to a tattoo on his forearm, he said.


Police raid Melbourne properties linked to Mongols bikie gang

Police have raided a clubhouse and a number of businesses and homes related to the Mongols outlaw motorcycle club at Port Melbourne.

Uniformed police stood guard at the Victims of Ink tattoo parlour, which is linked to bikie gang, while detectives searched inside.

Echo Taskforce detectives started issuing search warrants around 7:00am (AEDT).

The raids are related to alleged drug offences.

No-one has been arrested.


Former Bandido bikie Toby Mitchell has avoided jail over a brawl at Centrefolds nightclub

FORMER Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell has walked from court on a suspended sentence after pleading guilty over a strip club melee.

Mitchell, a former sergeant-at-arms, has been given four months’ jail suspended for a year.

His co-accused Savvacis Tsivicios received the same sentence while Robert Algie received a two month jail term suspended for nine months.

Mitchell, 39, survived two shooting attempts on his life that have left him a physical and emotional wreck, the County Court heard.

The first attack on Mitchell, outside Doherty’s Gym in Brunswick in 2011, resulted in the loss of a kidney and gall bladder, renal lacerations, a ruptured diaphragm and a lacerated liver.

He now has only 30 per cent renal function and three quarters of a kidney.

The court heard Mitchell suffers recurring nightmares of the shooting and suffered post traumatic stress disorder.


Hells Angels assassin will stay behind bars

MONTREAL — A Hells Angels assassin who murdered a prison guard in broad daylight in 1997 will stay behind bars, Quebec's highest court has ruled.

The Quebec Court of Appeal rejected a bid by Hells Angels hitman Paul "Fonfon" Fontaine to have his 2009 conviction overturned.

Fontaine was found guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Pierre Rondeau, a prison guard who was ambushed as he was driving his bus in east-end Montreal on Sept. 8, 1997. Rondeau's colleague, Robert Corriveau, narrowly escaped.

Fontaine then went into hiding, including a stint in Mexico, during which time he lived under a name he had stolen from a child who died in 1956.

Meanwhile, in 2002, Hells kingpin Maurice "Mom" Boucher was convicted for ordering the deaths of Rondeau and another prison guard, Diane Lavigne, who was shot in her car while driving home north of Montreal.


Investigation into links between Australian cops and outlaw motorcycle gangs

Authorities in Australia are investigating links between public service and police employees over links to criminal motorcycle gangs.

Biker gangs are a major issue Down Under and are heavily involved in organised crime. 

There has been a significant escalation in biker-gang violence in recent years forcing a major crackdown by authorities. 

In recent weeks there have been major raids on gang members in different states across the country. 

Almost 600 police officers were involved in raids on more than 60 properties linked to the Comancheros gang in Victoria last month. 

A number of people were charged following the raids which were sparked by fears of increased tensions between the Comancheros and the Hells Angels motorcycle gangs.


Bike-show boss acquitted of police assault

Gray represented himself at trial and successfully challenged several facets of the Crown's case.

Judge Wanda Garreck found police breached Gray's rights against unlawful search and seizure and arbitrary detention.

As well, she ruled, Const. Jeff Norman breached his duty to properly investigate who should have been served with a search warrant police obtained to seize a Harley-Davidson Destroyer from a display at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle show at the convention centre on March 16, 2012.

Police and the Crown believe the motorbike belongs to full-patch Hells Angels member Dale Sweeney, who had been collared that day in a major drug crackdown against the gang.

Norman and his partner turned up, notified a convention centre security guard why they were there and moved in to seize the bike.


Fourth arrest made in online bikie scam

A FOURTH person has been arrested in Queensland in relation to a $1.4 million online investment fraud with links to bikies.

A 30-year-old Gold Coast man handed himself into the Criminal Economy Unit, which forms part of Queensland police's anti-bikie Taskforce Maxima.

Last week, alleged Black Uhlans member Tyrone de Luca was also arrested, and police are yet to speak to another 33-year-old man they suspect is involved and linked to the Bandidos gang.

The men allegedly helped clone the website of a real WA investment company, M6 Treasury, and operate a cold call centre that encouraged people to invest their superannuation savings in their fake company.

Legitimate call centre workers were unaware their employer was fraudulent, police said.


Former bikie enforcer Toby Mitchell fears enemies behind bars, court told

The County Court has heard a former enforcer with the Bandidos motorcycle gang, Toby Mitchell, fears a prison term over a nightclub brawl because he has rivals in prison.

Mitchell is one of three men to plead guilty over a brawl at a Melbourne nightclub.

In 2010, Mitchell and two friends were involved in a fight at the Centrefold bar on King Street in Melbourne's CBD.

Mitchell was a sergeant-at-arms with the Bandidos bikie gang at the time of the incident.

CCTV footage played in Country Court showed Mitchell throwing bar stools and fighting with a staff member.

His lawyer has argued it was spontaneous and more of a blue than a brawl.

The court heard Mitchell was nearly killed in a shooting a year later and was shot at again last year.

The hearing continues.




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