New owner of former SNPJ tells Cross Creek residents he aims to be asset

A Prosperity man who recently purchased the former SNPJ building in Cross Creek Township told residents Tuesday he bought the property with the intention of being an asset to the community, and did not plan to operate a motorcycle club.

Michael Barringer, who bought the building in March, appeared at the Cross Creek Township supervisors meeting to answer questions about his plans for the property from the approximately 30 residents who attended.

“I bought this place as a commercial-industrial business to generate extra money. I’m not here to cause trouble. I want to try to be an improvement to your community,” said Barringer, a former coal miner who now works seasonally as a concrete pump operator and is a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. He believes his affiliation with the motorcycle club has caused some residents to oppose his ownership of the building.

“I’m just like you guys, The last thing I’d like to do is cause trouble,” he said.


Ex-fiancée of Clint McLaughlin testifies at his gun trial in Saskatoon

The woman Clint James McLaughlin is in prison for kidnapping and beating in 2014 testified Tuesday at his gun trial in Saskatoon. 

From behind a witness shield, Mariana Cracogna said McLaughlin, who lived with her at the time, called Noel Harder to pick up guns from her garage on March 28, 2014. She said she opened the garage for Harder and watched him pull out two black bags that were stored in the attic. 

Cracogna said she didn’t see what was inside, other than a glimpse of what she thought were long guns in a partially-opened bag. 

At the time, McLaughlin and Harder were members of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club — a support club for the Hells Angels, court has heard. Police had surveillance on both men in connection with Project Forseti, a drug and gun investigation targeting biker clubs and their alleged connection to organized crime in Saskatchewan. 


Police injured in Gypsy Jokers melee

Mid West police have put the Gypsy Jokers outlaw motorcycle club on notice after a police car was damaged and two officers injured in a melee at Dongara on Saturday.

District Superintendent Mike Bell said the incident happened at the Priory Hotel around closing time at 10.30pm, where a large crowd of Dongara Cup racegoers had gathered along with about 20 bikies.

Tensions flared between some bikies and two hotel patrons – and a melee broke out between police and bikies as officers were trying to remove one of the two patrons.

Supt Bell said a block was thrown at a police car, damaging the windscreen and denting the bonnet.

Two officers were injured in the melee but did not require hospitalisation.

Extra police were called to the scene, bringing officer numbers to 25, and brought the situation under control.

Supt Bell said he personally delivered a “stern and strong message” to senior club members that bad behaviour would not be tolerated.


2 shot at Louisville motorcycle club

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  The Shawnee neighborhood started Easter morning with gunfire.

LMPD said they were called to the Outcast Motorcycle Club at 43rd and West Market Street around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Officers arrived to find a black man and woman had been shot.

Dwight Mitchell, an LMPD Spokesperson, confirmed that both were taken to University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Nan Palmer lives a couple houses away.

“Not a way you want to be woken up any morning but especially Easter morning when you're thinking about being with family,” Palmer said. “They may not be targeting us or somebody else but you never know when a stray bullet is going to get somebody."

The intersection isn’t a stranger to violence. Records show there were two homicides there in 2009, with another in 2010 and a fourth in 2011.

Palmer’s husband Donovan said the violence has gotten out of control lately.


Police raid two Charlottetown biker clubs and seize liquor and items

The provincial government has said it wants to make laws banning gang colours in bars

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Police seized a large amount of liquor from two Charlottetown motorcycle clubs on Saturday.

Members of the Organized Crime Task Force, which included Charlottetown, Summerside and Kensington police officers as well as the RCMP federal investigation unit, executed search warrants executed the warrants at the Harley Club at 352 University Ave. and a Hells Angels hangaround club at 205 Fitzroy St. throughout the late morning and early afternoon on Saturday.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a good day to do this because there are a lot of Hells Angels in town here and we want to send a message

RCMP Cpl. Andy Cook




How the simmering feud between Nomads and Finks may go to a new level after peace deal flatly refused

THE heat in the Hunter’s simmering bikie turf war has been turned up another notch after one gang refused an olive branch from their feuding opponents to cease hostilities and rid both groups of unwanted police attention.

Fairfax Media has learnt that police have been placed on high alert following intelligence that a peace deal proposed by the Nomads bikie gang to bring an end to the spree of drive-by shootings and bashings was flatly refused by the Finks.

The spurning is believed to have angered sections of the Hunter-based Nomads, who may feel humiliated after attempting to broker the deal despite several members “patching over” and strengthening the Finks bikie gang, still relative newcomers to the region after moving south from the mid-north coast.


Hells Angel recently returned behind bars because informant said he was plotting murder

A Hells Angel was recently returned to a penitentiary for a couple of weeks because an informant alleged he was plotting to kill someone while out on a release from his current 22-year sentence. 

Michel Rose, 61, was one of the more influential drug smugglers in Quebec before he was convinced, in 1999, to join the Hells Angels Nomads chapter based in Montreal. This was while the chapter was at war with several criminal organizations between 1994 and 2002. The Hells Angels recruited Rose because he was known to have connections in the Port of Montreal who could sneak large shipments of drugs out for him. 


Kelowna Hells Angel sentenced to four years for role in cocaine conspiracy

Kelowna Hells Angel Bryan Oldham was sentenced Friday to four years in jail for his “integral part” in brokering a deal for half a tonne of cocaine in 2012.

Oldham was only involved in one meeting with undercover police posing as South American drug brokers in a reverse sting over 18 months in 2011 and 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Carol Ross noted.

But she said Oldham’s role was critical to finalizing the purchase of the first 200-kilo load of cocaine from the purported drug lords.

He was convicted of possession for the purpose of trafficking last September.

Ross said Oldham was brought into the deal by his gang-mate David Giles, who was sentenced on March 31 to 18 years for conspiracy to import and traffic the cocaine.

During the negotiations for the cocaine, undercover officers demanded that Giles get someone from his Hells Angels “family” to back the deal in case anything happened to aging and ailing biker.


Three Arrested For Rock Springs Biker Assault

Three men who police identify as members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle gang have been arrested in connection with an attack on a member of a rival motorcycle gang in a Rock Springs bar.

According to a release from the Rock Springs Police Department, cops were called to the Saddle Lite Saloon around 3 p.m. Monday, where they found Bradley Chrisman bleeding from the head.

Chrisman told officers that he is an enforcer for the Bad 7 motorcycle gang and that he was wearing his gang patch while sitting at the bar. Chrisman told police Cory Rutherford walked up and started hitting him, saying “give me your cuts or I will kill you.” The word “cuts” is slang for the vest that has a gang member’s patch on it. Taking away a biker’s “cuts” is considered the worst possible insult among biker gangs, according to police.


Senior bikie charged over weapons find

(video)--THE pregnant partner of a senior Coffin Cheaters bikie wept in court this morning as he was refused bail on a host of serious guns charges.

Pellegrino Paul Mule, 54, was appearing in Joondalup Magistrate’s Court after a police raid on his heavily-fortified Landsdale home yesterday allegedly uncovered guns, ammunition, bulletproof clothing and other weapons.

Among the items seized were a double barrel 12 gauge sawn-off shotgun, a Bentley 12 gauge shotgun, a 0.22 air rifle, a Colt 0.45 calibre handgun, a Boito 410 shotgun, SKS 762 rifle, 12 gauge “over-under” shotgun, 12 gauge single shot shotgun and an Enfield 303 rifle.

His lawyer Shash Nigam had argued Mr Mule was an “excellent candidate” for bail, given he was not a flight risk, had always previously complied with conditions and needed to work to support his pregnant partner and children while be awaited trial.


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