Lone Wolf and Bandidos bikie turf war breaks out at Tweed Heads

(video)--A VIOLENT bikie brawl outside a Tweed Heads restaurant shattered Origin celebrations as families witnessed a turf war between rival gangs.

Eight minutes after kick-off, more than a dozen patched Lone Wolf and Bandidos bikies clashed outside Seagulls Club in front of patrons trying to enjoy the game.

Tweed police crime manager Brendon Cullen described the men as “thugs and hoodlums” and said the community would not be intimidated.

“They were intimidating families ... it is incredibly cowardly,” he said. “We will find out who these men are and when we do they will be banned from every establishment in our liquor accord area.

“Bikies think they own turf ... but we will not tolerate turf wars in this area.”

It is understood one gang was eating at the restaurant when a rival group turned up.

The confrontation quickly turned violent when one man was pushed against a wall, prompting a larger fight.


Arrest made in Riverside fatal shooting of Orange County Hell’s Angels member

Riverside police arrested a suspect Wednesday, June 21, in the May 21 shooting of an Orange County Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang member in Riverside.

Officer Ryan Railsback on Wednesday afternoon confirmed to The Press-Enterprise that the arrest was made, but would not confirm the suspect’s name to prevent the investigation from being impacted.

More information regarding the arrest will be released at a press conference Thursday, Railsback said.

Earlier this month, police officials said the shooting was believed to be related to a feud between the Hell’s Angels and rival motorcycle gang the Mongols; the feud has been active for decades.


Motorcycle gang melee reported in Taylor

A reported melee in Taylor between more than two dozen motorcycle gang members prompted deluge of police to the Downvalley on Tuesday night, borough police said.

A caller to 911 said a group of “one-percenters” — a term that applies to motorcycle gang members associated with criminal activity — started a “pushing and shoving match” at Oak Street Express, 601 Main St., shortly before 10 p.m., Police Chief Stephen Derenick said.

A Taylor bar had hosted a “bike night” Tuesday and was packed with motorcycle enthusiasts, the chief said. A few reportedly started a fight and fled before police arrived. No charges have been filed. One person was arrested on unrelated drug charges, the chief said.

The fight, which reportedly did not involve weapons, drew a police response from the Downvalley communities, Scranton and the state police.


Finks bikie Adam Luke Gould found not guilty of Wallsend service station attack

A HIGH-RANKING Finks bikie has been found not guilty of attacking rival outlaw motorcycle gang members with a baseball bat during a wild brawl at a Wallsend service station.

Adam Luke Gould, 32, was acquitted of affray, using an offensive weapon with intent to commit an indictable offence and having custody of an implement in a public place in Newcastle Local Court on Tuesday after Magistrate Les Brennan found he could not be certain the person he saw on CCTV footage wielding a baseball bat was the heavily tattooed Mr Gould.

The brawl between the Finks and Nomads erupted about 8.10pm on December 9 last year when the gangs coincidentally arrived at service stations across the road from one another.

CCTV footage played during the hearing showed one of the Finks leading a group across the road towards the Nomads, while another member of the Finks removes a baseball bat from the backseat of his car and puts it down his pants. 


Bar owner stands up to dozens of bikers


One man versus 3 dozen bikers.

A Bossier City bar owner stands his ground against dozens of bikers, telling them they're not welcomed at his establishment. And his encounter with the bikers, who were allegedly threatening to kill other bikers from another motorcycle club, was captured on surveillance video,  

"They act like 6-year-olds," says Ed Jackson, a retired Shreveport police officer of 20 years, talking about the biker gang mentality in general.

"If they ain't got a gang backing them up, they have no backbone."

Jackson bought this bar, now named Rack2Rack, located off I-20 near Diamond Jacks Boulevard about a year and a half ago.

"It was a Bandidos hangout. They don't like it now because they're not welcomed," explains Jackson.


Suspected Hell's Angels charged with attempted murder of a police officer

A suspected Hell's Angels member from Eaton is facing two attempted murder charges after investigators say he shot at a police officer during a car chase. 

The string of events leading to 36-year-old John Lockhart's arrest began just after midnight June 11 when someone on a black motorcycle shot through the back window of a passing SUV. 

About an hour later, a Milliken police officer spotted a motorcycle that matched the description from the earlier shooting and attempted to pull it over in Milliken, but the driver sped away. The officer heard what she thought was the sound of the motorcycle backfiring, but later found a bullet in the front grill of her patrol car. 


Lawsuit will explore Fresno’s bygone era of outlaw bikers

In the old days, Robert Williams used to drink and fight, talk back to cops, race around the Valley on a Harley chopper and cause all sorts of trouble.

It was a badge of honor to be known as a tough guy in the 5 Diamonds outlaw biker gang, he says.

Williams’ renegade image took a blow in 2014. He contends in a Fresno County Superior Court lawsuit that he was falsely accused of exposing himself to a 5-year-old girl at the Riverbend Mobile Home Park in Sanger so a manager could illegally evict him and his wife.

Now he is fighting for his life — literally.

“In his world, being labeled a child molester is a death sentence,” said Fresno attorney Justin Vecchiarelli, who has filed a defamation lawsuit to clear Williams’ name.


Violence fears rise as bikies join rival gang EXCLUSIVE, Grant Taylor

WA Police are on alert for a possible outbreak of bikie violence after the shock defection of a group of senior Rebels members to the gang’s arch rivals the Comancheros.

At least seven Rebels from the gang’s Rockingham chapter are believed to have jumped ship in recent months — a move considered to be a serious breach of the bikie “code” that insiders believe will not go unpunished.

Adding to the insult likely to be felt by the Rebels is the fact that the gang’s Eastern States chapters have been at war with the Comancheros for more than two years.

The feud, sparked by the bashing of a Comancheros leader by Rebels members, has led to a spate of tit-for-tat attacks including fire bombings and shootings.


Judge doesn't buy Warlocks motorcycle gang member's 'self-defence' claim on weapon's charges

A former member of the Drayton Valley chapter of the Warlocks motorcycle gang was convicted of several weapons charges on Friday after a judge called his claims of self-defence "nothing less than an act of vigilante justice". 

Dean McKnight, identified as the once-president of the Drayton Valley Warlocks in RCMP documents filed with the court, was arrested and charged in 2014 amid a police investigation into escalating tensions between rival gangs in the community southwest of Edmonton. 

Court heard that police found a handgun in McKnight's jacket when they arrested him, and then executed a search warrant at his home, recovering a number of other firearms, including a handgun in an unlocked case and a bag full of rifles. In addition to the weapons charges, McKnight was charged with breaching the 10-year weapons prohibition he was subject to at the time of his arrest.


Vagos Motorcycle Club targeted in raids; 22 arrested, including in Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Fontana

(32 pics)--Federal agents served arrest and search warrants in the Inland Empire and around Southern California on Friday, June 16, arresting 22 people they described as members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

Federal authorities consider the Vagos to be an outlaw motorcycle gang.

The arrests were made in Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Fontana, Pasadena, Granada Hills, Alhambra, Canyon Country, Hollister, San Jose, Oahu, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.

Among those arrested were John Chrispin Juarez, 69, of Moreno Valley; Pastor Fausto Palafox, 53, of Beaumont; Andrew Eloy Lozano, 42, of Fontana; Paul Jeffrey Voll, 52, of Pasadena; James Patrick Gillespie, 68, of Granada Hills; and Bradley Michael Campos, 50, of Alhambra.

In Moreno Valley, about two dozen agents, along with dogs, searched a two-story home with a Spanish-style roof and American flag out front in the 10700 block of Mendoza Road.


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