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AKSJON: Politiet utenfor Hells Angels' klubbhus på Alnabru i Oslo i februar tidligere i år. Foto: ROGER NEUMANN

ACTION: Police outside the Hells Angels' clubhouse at Alnabru in Oslo in February earlier this year. Photo: ROGER NEUMANN


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Oslo District Court has ruled that the headquarters of the Hells Angels should not be revoked , reports TV2 club must pay a fine of 750,000 dollars.

The verdict from the Oslo District Court Hells Angels convicted of violating the Firearms Act , reports TV2. A variety of weapons are confiscated by the police.

On four occasions in recent years, police found weapons inside or just outside the walled building on Alnabru.

Found firearms

In two cases , a total of 15 firearms found hidden in various places in the house , but not a single weapon was found fingerprints or DNA.

Prosecutors took therefore an indictment against the company Capitol Property and Association Hamcon ( Hells Angels MC Oslo, Norway) .

- The community has no ability to enforce the arms Act just by walking on individuals. Therefore, it becomes important to consider the seizure to the Capitol Property and Hamcon , as owners of the building, said District Attorney Carl Graff Hartmann when he held his procedure in court.

The police took action including the motorcycle organization in February earlier this year. When a person was arrested .

The court is concerned

Although the court decided not to revoke the property, it is apparent from the judgment that the " look with some concern that there is about to be established lodging on the property for a so-called crew of about five young people. "

District Court Judge Finn Haugen writes that " they do not have history with them and will not have the same objections as the elderly, ordinary members and can therefore perceive the status of bringing illegal weapons onto the property . "

The Court points out that it is now responsible for the management of the Capitol property to ensure that weapons are not left stored on the property .

- Whether, and if so, when and under what conditions - future confiscation of the house can be appropriate, take this right is not a decision, it says.

Claimed fine of 1 million

In their procedure on 4 April said the district attorney that society has no way to enforce the arms Act just by walking on individuals.

- Therefore, it becomes important to consider the seizure to the Capitol Property and Hamcon , as owners of the building, he said in court.

Confiscation is not regarded as punishment , but to improve the enforcement of the law , in this case the Firearms Act .
Prosecutors letting down alleging a fine of 1 million and conviction of Captiol property , but it is very likely the confiscation question that will be subject to an assessment appeal .

John Christian Elden , who has been defense counsel in the case, is most concerned that the court seems to deal with the way NCIS manufactures motorcycle environment .

- The court uses a whole chapter on this and states that NCIS doing manipulations to municipalities that will combat motorcycle clubs. According to the Court uses outdated police and foreign material to create abhorrent that there is no coverage in Norway , he said.

More convicted

An NCIS report from 2012 showed that 120 Hells Angels members convicted over 400 times . Police said then that the figures helped to prove that the motorcycle club is a criminal organization .

The organization created a big debate last year when it became known that cultural history museum wanted to exhibit the Hells Angels imagery to illustrate liberty limits, the constitution anniversary .

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