Hells Angels banned from buses and beer

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Hells Angels banned from buses and beer

Hells Angels unwinding in Hannover. Photo: DPA


 Members of the Hells Angels gang are seen as violent and secretive, but according to one former member their lives are governed by strict rules - including no buses or alcohol.

  According to a former Hells Angel of the Berlin branch, it has strict laws forbidding its members from alcohol and travelling by bus or train.

The only exception to the alcohol rule is the gang’s annual party.

Since leaving the clan, 26-year-old Kassra has helped uncover several crimes within the organization and revealed some of their more unusual rules – and what happens to a member if he breaks them.

Becoming a member of the notorious organization is no mean feat. Firstly, they have to undergo a rigorous induction period before he can be accepted as a fully-fledged member.

Kassara told Bild newspaper on Monday that for €110 a month, an aspiring member joins as a “Hangaround” where for three months his tasks include cleaning the clubhouse, running errands, picking up food and re-fueling motorcycles.

After successfully completing the entry level, he becomes a “Prospect”, the duration of which is at least a year at a payment of €720 a month.

On completion he becomes a “Full Member” once he has made a one-off payment of €1,500. His promotion into the clan will be emailed to every Hells Angel member worldwide.

As well as the alcohol ban, smartphones should not be used for important conversations. Mentioning members' names and giving information about the club is strictly forbidden at all times.

Members breaking the rules are subjected to a €500 fine and are made to hand over their jacket and t-shirt, Kassra told Bild. In addition, every member of the organization is notified of the punishment, and if the offender is suspended longer than a year, he loses his membership entirely.

But the most serious offence, and most dangerous for the oath breaker, is betrayal. If a member steals or switches to another club, he automatically becomes an outlaw. His photo is sent via email to each and every member of the organization, who can then do to him as they wish.

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