Bikie in court: Bandidos national president Jason Addison gets reference from former mayor

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(VIDEO)--AN OUTLAW motorcycle gang boss has received glowing references from a former mayor during a court case in Queensland.

Bandidos national president Jason Murray Addison, 51, pleaded guilty today to ripping off Queensland Transport over registration fees for two expensive Harley-Davidsons.

The minor charges were freshly laid today when earlier theft and fraud charges were dropped because of a lack of police evidence.

Mr Addison, who runs a masonry business making headstones and tombstones, received written support from an ousted Victorian mayor who described the gang boss as a “good man” who devoted his time to mentoring young people.

Murray Shire former mayor Tom Weyrich’s reference tendered to the Maroochydore Magistrates Court said the outlaw criminal motorcycle gang leader volunteered with junior motor cross riders in Victoria.

“I can attest to the time and effort he puts into these youngsters and the encouragement he gives, passing on his vast knowledge and experience in this sporting field,” wrote Mr Weyrich, who was mayor from 2012 to 2016.

“I value his friendship and he can rely on my support now and into the future.”

The Bandidos top dog, a father of three, resides in Victoria but has businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

He had been under police investigation in Queensland where he also faces a separate extortion charge in which its alleged he demanded a former gang member sign over a marble gravestone business, motorcycle and home or face personal harm.

The court heard Mr Addison, who was charged with two counts of providing false or misleading documents to Queensland Transport, took possession of the $22,000 Harleys from two gang members who quit the organisation.

The first valuable motorcycle was transferred to Mr Addison when gang member Richard Burton surrendered his vehicle after leaving the chapter in August 2013.

A search warrant at Mr Addison’s Victorian address uncovered the gleaming Harley in his possession.

The second bike’s former owner Stephen John Chambers claims Bandidos members stole his 2006 model black Harley, and the motorcycle was later registered to Mr Addison, the court heard.

The prized Harley was transferred using forged signatures to Mr Addison’s address at Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast but the actual bike has not been recovered.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant David Bradley said in both cases, Mr Addison “short-changed” the state by declaring much lower values for the $22,000 vehicles on his registration paperwork.

The first bike was claimed to have a dutiable worth of only $5000 and the second was listed as worth only $3,000.

Sen Sgt Bradley said the state missed out on $1080 in transport registration fees because of the false values and sought restitution.

“In my general submission it shows a general level of contempt for the processes and the bills us normal citizens have to pay,” said Sen Sgt Bradley.

He said Mr Addison had no criminal history in Queensland and only a minor criminal history in Victoria for drugs possession.

Mr Addison was fined $800 with no conviction recorded. He is due to face court at a later date on one count of extortion with intent to cause detriment.

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