Rival gangs check out bike week on different days

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PENDLETON, Ore. – The Hell’s Angels and the Mongols don’t play well with each other. Both checked out Pendleton Bike Week, but Police Chief Stuart Roberts said fortunately those visits came on different days.

Early in the week, Oregon State Police in The Dalles alerted PPD that Hell’s Angels were coming toward Pendleton. The bikers took three exits into the city and found that the Round-Up City was ready for the visit.

“We were prepared for that and when they came off at our exits, we had cars on them and just monitored their movement and their activities,” he said. “They pulled back on the interstate and continued on east.”

The Mongols came to Pendleton for the Three Dog Night concert Saturday. Roberts said that officers were a little on edge when they saw a few members of the motorcycle club accompanied by a group of club prospects.

“Typically, the prospects are looking to get patched in to the organization, and generally that means some significant crime,” he said. “We met them right at the front door and told them what the rules were going to be. They were good. They didn’t cause any significant problems for us.”

Federal law enforcement officials consider both the Hell’s Angels and the Mongols to be involved in criminal operations.

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