Hells Angels stopover prompts North Bay businesses to post 'no gangs' signs

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Once the sign is posted, bar owners can legally ask outlaw bikers to leave the premises

Several North Bay groups are aiming to create an unwelcome environment for organized crime — including some biker gangs.   

Signs are popping up in some restaurants and bars in North Bay that state, "No Gang Colours, No Gang Clothing."

The warnings come after a recent visit by the Hells Angels, who stopped en route to Ottawa, said North Bay's Chief of Police Shawn Devine.

"We had approximately 75 Hells Angels from across Canada, from different provinces in the city on one evening," Devine said. "We have heard concerns from local citizens, from local businesses in which these members from Hells Angels were in [establishments]."

The presence of Hells Angels — or members of any other outlaw gang or organized crime group — can be intimidating to bar owners and patrons, Devine said.

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The presence of bikers wearing "colours" or patches like this one can be intimidating to bar owners and patrons, police say. (Radio Canada)

And the reference to "colours" refers to the traditional — and recognizable — leather patch that bikers wear to identify their club membership.

"This is not an attempt by any means to target people that are interested in motorcycles, whether it be clubs or organizations, whether it be veterans clubs or Harley Davidson clubs," Devine said. 

The goal of the signs, which has the support Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, is to show the clubs that organized crime is not tolerated in the community.

Some North Bay bars and restaurants will be posting these signs to show outlaw biker gangs or any other organized crime groups that wearing their patches or club insignia inside will not be tolerated. (North Bay Police Services)

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