Police talk to Comancheros lawyer for bikie to hand himself in after Surfers Paradise bus driver bashing

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UPDATE: POLICE say a patched member of the Comancheros bikie gang wanted for an alleged assault of a tourist bus driver on the Gold Coast has gone interstate.

Senior police told the Bulletin this afternoon they were speaking with the man’s lawyers in a bid to get him to hand himself in and he was believed to be in Melbourne.

The senior cop said they had been expecting the man to hand himself in earlier today but that had not happened and negotiations with his lawyer were ongoing.

The news comes after a separate Comancheros associate, Liam Scorsese, was arrested today and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after the bus driver bashing on August 21.

It occurred about 5pm in the centre of tourist hotspot Surfers Paradise, on Cavill Avenue, and the bus driver suffered bruising to his ribs and face after the attack.

Scorsese has also been identified as the “missing victim” of an alleged serious assault at the Aria Holiday Apartments three hours after the bus driver bashing, the senior office revealed.

Scorsese had not wished to lay an official complaint after he was assaulted, which resulted in him suffering a broken jaw, the police officer said.

EARLIER: TASKFORCE Maxima detectives on the Gold Coast have arrested a 29-year-old who they are describing as an associate of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang following a serious assault in Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise on August 21.

It is alleged the Comanchero associate, Liam Scorsese, and another man, believed to be a patched member of the Comanchero OMCG were involved in the assault.

Comanchero associate, Liam Scorsese.

It is alleged the assault occurred after a bus driver approached two men who had parked their car illegally in a bus zone, preventing about 20 international bus passengers from disembarking.

It is alleged the two men became aggressive and confrontational towards the bus driver, who was then punched in the face and fell backwards.

CCTV vision of the alleged assault on a bus driver in Surfers Paradise. Photo: Supplied

The bus driver has then attempted to use his mobile phone to contact police. It is further alleged the men have then entered the bus and dragged the driver on to the street and kicked and punched him.

CCTV vision of the alleged assault on a bus driver in Surfers Paradise. Photo: Supplied

As a result of these investigations detectives have today arrested a 29-year-old Commanchero associate on a number of charges including assault occasioning bodily harm while in company and attempted robbery.

CCTV vision of the alleged assault on a bus driver in Surfers Paradise. Photo: Supplied

The man will appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on September 12.

“This is another example of the violent nature of members and associates of members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Taskforce Maxima is committed to investigating these criminal gangs to improve the safety of the community,” Detective Inspector Phillip Stevens of Taskforce Maxima stated

Investigations are ongoing.

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