Stolen Souls biker gang in Cambridge now at 30 members, says OPP

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Stolen Souls now twice the normal size of Hells Angels support clubs

The Waterloo Regional Police Service and Ontario Provincial Police are keeping a close eye on a Hells Angels-affiliated motorcycle gang that has moved into Cambridge and is recruiting locally.

The Stolen Souls motorcycle club originated in Halton, but left that community about two years ago and made the move to Cambridge.

Since then it's grown to about 30 members said Staff Sgt. Len Isnor, who oversees the OPP's biker enforcement unit.

"Usually, the average support club is somewhere in the area of a dozen, so 30 is a lot," said Isnor.

The more members in a club, said Isnor, the more that club has to divvy up territory and responsibilities, which can lead to increased tensions among members.  

"If you have more members, there's more likelihood of having violence," he said. 

Stolen Souls a 'farm team' for the Hells Angels

The Stolen Souls are considered a support club, or "puppet club," said Staff Sgt. Eugene Fenton, with Waterloo Regional Police Service.

"Part of the culture in the biker world, certainly the outlaw portion of the biker world, the Hells Angels have – for lack of a better word – 'turf' in Waterloo Region," said Fenton.

"They had two choices, they could have either pledged their allegiance to the Hells Angels or they could have started a turf war."

That allegiance means the Hells Angels use the Stolen Souls to do their front-line criminal work, and minimize their exposure.

hells angels

As a "puppet club" for the Hells Angels, the Stolen Souls insulate the Hells Angels from exposure by carrying out frontline criminal duties, said Staff Sgt. Len Isnor. (Radio Canada)

They can also serve as a recruitment pool when the larger club is looking for potential new members, said Isnor.

"A lot of them want, some day, to be Hells Angels and they will show their loyalty to the Hells Angels throughout their existence," explained Isnor.

"If you want to look at the sports angle, it would be like a farm team for the larger team."

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