Gypsy Jokers gather for run

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Victoria Police has revealed a notorious bikie gang is heading to Wodonga on Monday to start its national run through the North East.

Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach said on Saturday officers were aware at least 100 Gypsy Jokers members were heading to Wodonga, which would act as a meeting point.

It’s believed the outlawed gang’s run will travel through Bright and then head south to Gippsland before returning to Wodonga on Friday.

Acting Sergeant Seach said Wodonga police would work closely with Echo Taskforce detectives, who specialise in policing bikies.

“Police will take swift action to detect and disrupt any bikie members who commit crimes, road safety or public order offences,” she said.

“Victoria Police will continue to work with other agencies as part of a national approach to outlawed motorcycle gang enforcement.”

It comes just weeks after the Black Uhlans applied to relaunch its imposing clubhouse on Townsend Street in Albury.

Albury police have strongly opposed the move.

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