Nomads charged after weekend of brawls and shooting at Islington clubhouse

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FIRST came the steel bar attack on a man working out at the gym. Second came the glassing at a pub in Honeysuckle. Then came the hail of gunfire.

Three men with links to the Nomads bikie gang have been charged after a trail of terror that began at a gym in Kotara and ended with a spray of bullets on the Nomads' clubhouse at Islington.

In the latest public spat involving the region's bikie community, it is alleged Blake Martin, 26, of Branxton used a steel bar to attack a member of the rival Finks gang at the Bradford Close gym on Friday at 4.30pm. The victim, a 26-year-old man from New Lambton, suffered a suspected broken arm.

In a second incident on Saturday night, a 40-year-old Sydney man was allegedly glassed in the side of the neck by another alleged Nomads bikie at a hotel in Honeysuckle about 7.30pm.

Police said that man suffered deep cut to his neck and fell to the ground, where his head was allegedly stomped on.

At the same time and location, a 42-year-old Sydney man was allegedly head-butted and punched by another man – who police also believe to be a Nomads member.

The two injured men were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital.

UNDER FIRE: Digitally altered image of the Nomads' Islington clubhouse. The clubhouse was sprayed by bullets on Saturday night.

UNDER FIRE: Digitally altered image of the Nomads' Islington clubhouse. The clubhouse was sprayed by bullets on Saturday night.


About three hours later at 10.30pm, police raced to the Nomads clubhouse on Chinchen Street, Islington, after the building was shot at by an unknown person.

Police said they found several spent shells outside the building, as well as bullet holes in the front gates, doors and guttering. 

Police said more than 10 people were inside the building, which was thought to be shut down after a raid in November.

At the clubhouse, police arrested three men who are alleged to have been separately involved in the two assaults.

Martin, who is alleged to have been involved in the gym assault, was charged with affray, malicious damage and use offensive weapon with intent to commit indictable offence. 

The other two men, aged 26 and 32, were charged over the alleged assaults at Honeysuckle. Police were yet to lay charges over the shooting.

Newcastle Local Area Commander Superintendent John Gralton said the Hunter’s bikie community was on notice. 

“Members of OMCG [outlaw motorcycle gang] who break the law; from assaults, gun crime, malicious damage or traffic offences, will face serious ramifications,” Superintendent Gralton said in a statement.

“The three incidents over the weekend show that police from local area commands, as well as specialist commands, will continue to work together to stamp out illegal and dangerous activity.”

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