Senior bikie charged over weapons find

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(video)--THE pregnant partner of a senior Coffin Cheaters bikie wept in court this morning as he was refused bail on a host of serious guns charges.

Pellegrino Paul Mule, 54, was appearing in Joondalup Magistrate’s Court after a police raid on his heavily-fortified Landsdale home yesterday allegedly uncovered guns, ammunition, bulletproof clothing and other weapons.

Among the items seized were a double barrel 12 gauge sawn-off shotgun, a Bentley 12 gauge shotgun, a 0.22 air rifle, a Colt 0.45 calibre handgun, a Boito 410 shotgun, SKS 762 rifle, 12 gauge “over-under” shotgun, 12 gauge single shot shotgun and an Enfield 303 rifle.

His lawyer Shash Nigam had argued Mr Mule was an “excellent candidate” for bail, given he was not a flight risk, had always previously complied with conditions and needed to work to support his pregnant partner and children while be awaited trial.

A shotgum allegedly found concealed inside the property. Picture: WA Police.

Mr Nigam told the court his client would enter pleas of not guilty and should be granted bail because it could be up to 18 months before the case went to trial.

But Magistrate Deen Potter agreed with the police prosecutor that Mr Mule’s home which her shares with his partner and six-year-old child could be described as an “armoury”.

Mr Mule’s partner, who is believed to be seven months pregnant, is now likely to give birth to their child before he faces court again on July 6.

Earlier, the court was told Mr Mule’s two-storey home was “almost like a compound” with security gates and CCTV cameras guarding it from the outside.

Inside, the police prosecutor said the guns were found concealed behind false wall and in hidden compartments throughout the home.

A pistol seized by police.

The court was told guns were hidden in a wall in a bar area that was accessed through a removable wooden panel held in place with Velcro tabs.

In another room used as a gym, two large mirrors covered access to a digital safe and metal box concealed between the brickwork which also contained guns.

A taser that looked like a mobile phone and knifes concealed as a credit card and belt bucket were also seized in the master bedroom while shotgun ammunition was found in the kitchen.

Gang Crime Squad Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Annesley said police were now investigating if the gun, some of which allegedly had serial numbers filed off, were linked to recent shootings in Perth’s suburbs.

One of the guns allegedly found inside the house. Picture: WA Police.

“One would have to query why someone would possess that many unlicensed firearms if you had a legal purpose for them,” he said.

“The firearms will all be forensically examined for DNA and prints and from that point on we will make those established links.”

Mr Mule’s partner was supported in court by Lance Finnerty, the father of 23-year-old Mitch Finnerty who was gunned down and killed outside a Banksia Grove home last April alongside Mr Mule and his 24-year-old son Mark, who were both also shot in the attack.

Charges against Rebels nominee Brock Kevin Johnston were dropped during his first appearance in the Supreme Court in November after prosecutor Amanda Forrester said there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction.

At the time Mr Finnerty said he believed “justice will be done” after the man charged over his son’s murder walked free from jail.

Outside of court yesterday, Mr Finnerty described himself as a long-time friend of Mr Mule and that he was confident the charges would be sorted out and Mr Mule would be present at the birth of his child.

Mr Mule is charged with five counts of aggravated possession of an unlicensed firearm, four counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm, possessing more than three unlicensed firearms, possessing a silencer, three counts of possessing unlicensed ammunition, two counts of possessing bulletproof clothing and three counts of possessing prohibited weapons.

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