We're sending a message': Inside the Comancheros bikie gang's terrifying expansion plans

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(video)--EXCLUSIVE: Brisbane is in the sights of the notoriously violent Comancheros bikie gang as it tries to expand its presence in Queensland amid growing tensions between local rival clubs already locked in a turf war.

The move by the Comancheros comes as police investigate two drive-by shootings at the homes of the Rebels on Brisbane’s southern outskirts earlier this year.

7 News can reveal the Comancheros are in discussions with members of the Bandidos Brisbane Centro chapter to patch over several members. It follows the gang establishing a chapter on the Gold Coast.

Source: 7 News

Bikies sources told Seven News the talks prompted the Bandido’s national executive to direct its senior members Australia wide to sever ties last month with its Centro chapter.

The Comancheros gang have a bloody history with the 1984 Milperra Massacre - a violent shootout with long-time rivals Bandidos which left seven people dead and 28 injured.

Former Comancheros President Mick Hawi was jailed manslaughter after he stabbed and bludgeoned rival Hells Angel bikie Anthony Zervas in the domestic departure hall of Sydney Airport in 2009.

Meanwhile tensions are building in a turf war over Beenleigh where rival clubs the Bandidos and Rebels have both established chapters.

Police investigating the two drive-by shootings at homes of members of Rebels have raided several premises belonging to Bandido members and associates. Taskforce Maxima and

Brisbane southside detectives seized firearms but it is unknown whether they were the guns used in the shootings.

Source: 7 News

On February 26, the Bethania home of a Rebels bikie was allegedly shot up by Bandido members and /or their associates.

Following the shooting, a stolen white Mitsubishi Lancer was set on fire in a nearby Church Street.

Two men armed with a firearm, and in the same Mitsubishi Lancer, were seen the day before at a Beenleigh complex.

Bikies have told Seven News the Bandidos have established chapters in Beenleigh and Brisbane’s northside for the first time– areas traditionally the strongholds of the Rebels.

“We are sending them a clear message,” a Bandido said.

Members of the Bandidos chapter at Beenleigh are involved in running a local towing company and have recruited a street gang called the Ruthless 13.

The Ruthless 13 has up to 12 members and is a “supporter” group which is run like a bikie gang.

However, its members do not have to own motorcycles and are treated like “prospects” or low ranked members that bikies will use as street level “muscle”.

In March, Bandido members hired a large property through Air BnB at Mount Tambourine to host a fundraiser, featuring a band and strippers, for the Beenleigh chapter. However, the event was cancelled in the week before Cyclone Debbie hit.

Queensland's anti-bikie task force will become a permanent fixture of the State Crime Command. Source: 7 News

The second shooting was at Calamvale in Brisbane’s south on March 10 at the home of the parents of a Rebel bikie. He was not home at the time and no one was injured.

Bikies from the Bandidos and Rebels told 7 News the shooting was sparked after an altercation between both gangs’ members at a kickboxing match.

It is also understood the shooting may be related to the turf war at Beenleigh.

Police found a burnt out stolen car believed used in the shooting at Karrawatha Forest in the nearby suburb of Stretton.

A former bikie who spoke to Seven News on the condition of anonymity said the violence between gangs has never subsided.

“If anything, it’s escalating now because the gangs have become more anonymous – they are not wearing colours and there is no established clubhouses. It’s much harder to identify us. It will be harder to catch us under the new consorting laws here, they didn’t work in NSW...members are already getting around the laws by using businesses to keep associating with other members they have been warned not to contact," the former bikie said.

Source: 7 News

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Bikies arrested in Queensland drug busts

VIDEO Police raid properties across Logan and Gold Coast, making 28 arrests. Source: 7 News

Since the repealing of the anti-bikie laws implemented under the previous Newman Government, several gangs are marking their territories as they re-establish strongholds in Queensland.

The Palaszczuk recently overhauled Queensland’s organised crime laws including a new summary offence which extended the banning of outlaw bikie gangs wearing their colours to all public places, not just licensed premises.

Anti-association laws brought in under the Newman Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws were replaced with a new consorting offence which
makes it illegal for a person to consort with two or more convicted offenders after being warned by police not do so.

7 News obtained a police “Official Warning for Consorting” issued to a bikie, banning him from contacting 13 fellow Bandidos members including several chapter presidents.

If caught breaking Queensland consorting laws, bikies can be jailed for up to three years.

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