Hells Angels starts a new chapter in one of Palmerston North's richest streets

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An infamous bike gang is keeping its neighbours awake with late-night parties, as the newly-formed chapter makes its presence felt on one of Palmerston North's most affluent streets.

Hells Angels members have converged on the city from Auckland and Whanganui. 

The new chapter, on Albert St, between College and Ferguson streets, promised to be good neighbours and planned to host a BBQ for those who live nearby.

Late night parties have been keeping the neighbours awake at night.


But the open night hasn't happened yet and one woman, whose son lives in the area, says the Hells Angels are partying hard.

Hells Angels sets up a gang pad in Palmerston North suburb
Motorcycle gang members descend on Nelson for Hells Angels Poker Run

Police Detective Inspector Ross McKay confirmed on Monday that the Hells Angels' Albert St base houses a newly established chapter of the gang.

McKay said police had received complaints about the gang's arrival. 

"Local residents and members of the public have expressed concern about the presence of a motorcycle gang within their community and the associated behaviour."

He said the complaints were mostly about anti-social behaviour, both in the Albert St area and throughout the city.

To create a new chapter, the gang needed to be sanctioned internationally, McKay said.

"The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has strict rules to ensure the image and reputation of the club is maintained and that it is not infiltrated by rivals or the police."

The Auckland chapter is the oldest one outside the United States and the fourth oldest chapter worldwide.

Before setting up the new chapter in Palmerston North, McKay said the closest one was in Whanganui. 

When the gang arrived in Palmerston North, members letter dropped neighbours, telling them they planned to hold a BBQ in the future to introduce themselves.

In the letter, they also provided a contact number, saying if neighbours have any problems they should get in touch, or come over and talk to them. 

The woman, whose son lives in the area, said the gang had

not held a BBQ and the house was still creating a lot of noise. 

"Parties go on till the early hours of the morning. 

"It's normally at the weekend. They have no qualms going into the early hours of the morning," said the woman, who didn't want to be named because she feared retribution.

"I live in Cloverlea and there's a few of them living over here as well. They are in our area, these people are everywhere." 

McKay confirmed one member of the gang had been trespassed from a licensed property in Palmerston North, a decision made by the business' owner.

"Some towns have centres, such as shopping malls, [that] impose a no-patch rule for their complex."

However, McKay did not believe any Palmerston North shopping complexes had such regulations.

Members of the new gang chapter appeared to have come from Whanganui and Auckland, with some locals hanging around. 

"Not all are permanently based here, with numbers visiting the address varying, but there appears to be approximately nine regulars."

Nelson also has a new Hells Angels chapter, when, last year, the MC Nelson gang went from being a prospect chapter to a fully fledged one.

The gang has about 4000 to 5000 members in more than 450 chapters worldwide

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