Police raid Tribesmen MC properties looking for drugs

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Police are searching several properties in Canterbury as part of an investigation into suspected drug dealing by Tribesmen Motorcycle gang members. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Stewart confirmed police, including members of the armed offenders squad, raided properties in central Christchurch and Ohoka and Sefton, both in North Canterbury, about 7am on Tuesday.

"We are doing search warrants . . . in relation to the Tribesmen MC and more specifically in relation to the dealing of methamphetamine," Stewart said.

Stewart said more information would be released on Tuesday afternoon.

The Tribesmen MC is a relatively new gang to Christchurch. It is understood it recently bolstered its numbers by patching over members of another gang.

Police searched several properties linked to the Tribesman Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in North Canterbury on Tuesday, ...


Police searched several properties linked to the Tribesman Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in North Canterbury on Tuesday, including this property in Ohoka.

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