Police: FLETC instructors posed as agents start fight, go to jail

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Two Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Instructors allegedly picked a fight with a group of bikers June 14 at Toucan’s Ale House, resulting in a busted lip for one of the FLETC employees and a trip to jail for both, according to a Glynn County police report.

According to the report, Thomas Wilson Crabill, 52, and Jacqueline Ealtheni Wilson, 40, allegedly repeated loudly and often that they were “federal agents” while antagonizing members of a motorcycle club who were seated at a neraby table at Toucan’s, located on Perry Lane Road off of Golden Isles Parkway near Interstate 95. Crabill allegedly carried a concealed handgun at the time. Police physically restrained him to confiscate the Glock 42 from his waistband, the report said.

Police determined that both were FLETC instructors, but that neither were sworn law enforcement officers. Crabill’s permit to carry a concealed weapon allegedly had expired in 2011, the report said. The report identifies Wilson as Crabill’s fiancé.

“They were both apparently intoxicated,” county police officer Parker Marcy stated in the report.

Both were taken to the Glynn County Detention Center, each charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, jail records show. Crabill also was charged with possession of a concealed weapon. Both were released from jail the next day: Crabill on a total bond of $12,766 for both of his charges; Wilson was released on $12,058 bond, jail records show.

Police were called to Toucan’s at 9:27 p.m. on June 14 to a “very intoxicated male” who had been assaulted and was bleeding from the face, the report said. Crabill had a laceration on his cheek and lip, police said. the were just outside the pub when police arrived, according to the report.

Employees just wanted the couple to pay their bill and leave, the report said. The employees told police the two were harassing members of a motorcycle club and claiming to be “federal agents,” the report said. A Toucan’s employee told police that Crabill allegedly shoved his assailant before being punched by him. When police asked what happened, an employee said, “He (Crabill) was talking some s- — to some bikers and he got popped in the mouth,” the report said.

Crabill and Wilson told police they were members of a motorcycle club that consists mostly of law enforcement officers, the report said. Crabill allegedly told police the other bikers were members of motorcycle gang notorious for criminal ties.

Crabill allegedly strongly encouraged the officer to immediately “dismantle” the opposing motorcycle club and “appeared to become upset” when the officer did not do so, the report said. Those motorcycle club members were otherwise well-behaved and left irritated after the altercation, an employee told police.

Crabill allegedly had a Glock 42 handgun concealed in his waistband, the report said. When police asked him about it, he allegedly “reached toward the weapon,” the report said. He allegedly “reached towards it two more times” when officers asked him not to, the report said. Then, two officers each grabbed one of Crabill’s arms “as I quickly retrieved the weapon from his waistband,” officer Marcy stated in the report.

According to the report, Crabill and Wilson both stated several times to police, pub patrons and others that they were federal agents or police officers, the report said. Police concluded “there was sufficient probable cause to arrest them ... for charges of impersonating a police officer,” the report said.

Police took Crabill to the hospital emergency room in Brunswick to get his lip stitched up before taking him to jail, the report said.

The News first requested this report from the Glynn County Police Department on Friday, June 15, and again on Monday, and was informed both times it was not ready. The News obtained the report and arrest warrants for Crabill and Wilson late Wednesday from the County Courthouse. The police department released the report Thursday, a week after the incident.

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