RCMP warns increased presence of outlaw motorcycle gang members expected in central this weekend

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The RCMP is alerting the public of an expected increase in the presence of outlaw motorcycle gang members in central Newfoundland this weekend.

Staff Sgt. Steve Conohan of RCMP Criminal Intelligence said the public may see groups of riders on the roads and highways, and within communities. 

“Outlaw motorcycle gangs are known to be involved in illegal activities, despite their attempts to present themselves as good community citizens,” Conohan said. “We urge the public not to engage with them. Instead, we ask that any sightings or suspected illegal activity be reported to the police.”

The RCMP says that law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts should not be confused with outlaw motorcycle gangs, which use a 1 per cent patch to identify the wearer as a person who does not follow the law or society’s rules. The term “one percenter” originated following a riot at a motorcycle rally in California in 1947. At the time, the American Motorcycle Association defended the reputation of the majority of their membership, stating that 99 per cent of motorcycle riders are law-abiding citizens and the other 1 per cent are “nothing more than outlaws.”

Outlaw motorcycle gangs often have a logo and “colours”, a uniform that identifies members. Most often, “colours” include a leather vest with the club logo on the back along with other patches and pins on the front. 

Criminal activity associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs includes drug trafficking, fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, human trafficking, contraband smuggling, prostitution, extortion, violence and illegal gaming.  

The RCMP and the RNC work collaboratively on outlaw motorcycle gangs to ensure an overt law enforcement presence to combat serious and organized crime.

Anyone with information on sightings or illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs in this province are asked to contact the nearest police detachment. If an urgent response is required, call bla, bla, bla...

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