Man accused of shooting at family in road rage incident

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AUBURNDALE, Fla. -- A Louisiana man was arrested after police say he fired shots at a vehicle carrying a family of four.

  • Louisiana man accused of firing shots at family of four
  • Family was traveling down U.S. Highway 92 on Saturday
  • Man charged with four counts of attempted murder

Aaron Delaune, 25, of Slidell, Lousiana, is accused of shooting twice into a Dodge Durango as the family inside headed down U.S. Highway 92 in Auburndale.

“See one hole there, the other one here,” said Angel Tirado, as he showed us the bullet holes in his Durango.  “I couldn’t believe this.”

Tirado said he heard the shots, but thought they were shot into the air as a warning. 

“I was surprised at the mentality of the person, you know," Tirado said. "We didn’t do anything incorrectly. My signal was always on."

Tirado said he was trying to get into the right lane but a caravan of motorcycles was blocking him.

“I waited for the right opportunity to move and I moved,” he said.   

After Tirado got in the middle of the motorcycle convoy, he said they surrounded the front and the right side of his vehicle. 

While one motorcyclist cursed at his wife, Tirado believes that’s when Delaune shot into the back of his Durango.

“I didn’t know the gravity of the situation until I went to the park. The kids were showing the two holes in the back of the car. I said what’s going on. They said those people were shooting at us,” Tirado said. 

As the family was reporting the crime to the Auburndale Police Department, a witness was simultaneously on the phone with dispatchers and following the suspect.

Less than 20 minutes later, Polk County deputies located Delaune seven miles down the road, near US Highway 92’s intersection with Combee Road.

“The witness did an outstanding job," said Sgt. Mike Peterson. "(They) gave a good description and kept him in sight. And still let law enforcement know what was going on and immediately called. There’s a lot of times where people just won’t get involved.”

The devout Baptist family said their nine-year-old children were in the backseat.

They believe it was nothing but the grace of God that saved them.

Delaune was charged with four counts of attempted murder.

Inside his vehicle, investigators said they found a loaded Bersa .380 pistol, a loaded shotgun, ammunition and a spent shell casing under the driver’s seat.

Investigators said they also found a card in Delaune’s charger indicating he’s a rookie/probate member of the kinfolk Motorcycle Club.  Investigators said the kinfolk Motorcycle Club is a nationally recognized 1% Club, and considered a crime gang.

Auburndale Police detectives said there is currently an active chapter of the kinfolk motorcycle club operating within Polk County, and believe these incidents elevate the status of members, particularly probationary members within the organization.

According the arrest affidavit, Delaune is an Armor Guard ATM service tech. Investigators said he doesn’t have a prior criminal record.

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