Defense questions payments to Pagan-turned-informant in Kauffman case

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A key witness in the case against Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello has been paid about $2,000 a month by the state, according to information released in court Monday.
Augello is going on trial for murder and racketeering the 2012 killing of radio host April Kauffman and for an opioid ring he allegedly led with her now-dead husband, Dr. James Kauffman.
Dr. Kauffman allegedly partnered with alleged Pagans Motorcycle Club leader Augello in a scheme that had a group selling Oxycontin the doctor wrote scripts for.
What helped finally break the case was cooperation by Andrew Glick, a former Pagan who used what he allegedly knew about the Kauffman-Pagan partnership to get himself out of trouble after he was arrested last November on weapons and drug charges.
Glick had seven or eight guns, including one in his Egg Harbor Township shed, where he also allegedly had methamphetamine and cocaine, according to testimony given by Prosecutor’s Office Detective Sgt. James Scoppa on Monday.
Augello attorney Mary Linehan said she was never given discovery pertaining to Glick’s arrest, which the judge on Monday ruled she was not entitled to even though he will be given consideration in that case based upon his cooperation in this one, Scoppa testified.

Key witness in Kauffman case is Pagan who made a deal - BreakingAC
Snitch. That’s the nicest word Andrew Glick’s former Pagan Motorcycle Club mates have to say about him. The Egg Harbor Township man outed himself as a key witness in the state’s April Kauffman case in an interview with the Toronto Star published Thursday. But it’s not news to the Pagans, or anyone who has seen … Read moreKey witness in Kauffman case is Pagan who made a deal

Documents that the defense was given included a letter showing Glick was getting regular payments, including a $4,000 lump sum from the FBI.
She asked that the state turn over any written agreement it had with the confidential informants in the case
Chief Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy said there were no written agreements and that the money was for “security and relocation.”
Glick has been staying at an undisclosed location to protect him, even though he previously admitted to BreakingAC that he returns to his home often, and others have met with him there.
That home is where Glick recorded conversations with Joseph Drinhouser, who told Glick “a doctor wants to kill his wife and will pay $10,000 in cash.”
Monday’s hearing looked to make some final decisions on what testimony will be allowed at trial, along with deciding how things will proceed.
The defense has not received everything it should, Linehan said, including approved transcripts of several interviews. But she would not ask for a postponement, saying her client is adamant about moving forward with trial.
April Kauffman’s daughter, Kimberly Pack, took the stand Monday, talking about arguments she witnessed between her mother and stepfather. One as early as 2007. Another, in 2011, was via a phone call from a trip to Arizona celebrating April Kauffman’s birthday.
During it, she told her daughter that her doctor husband had prescriptions for anti-psychiotic medications in her name.
“They’re not mine,” her mother insisted.

Pack also said the couple’s 10-year marriage likely always was problematic, but grew worse in its final years.
She said one time when her mother spoke of divorce, James Kauffman said he would kill himself. He also would say that he would kill her before he would have her take half of empire in a divorce, Pack said.
Jury selection is set to begin Tuesday, with as many as 150 potential jurors coming to the Atlantic County Criminal Courthouse in the first round.
They will be interviewed about five at a time in the courtroom, with the goal of having 60 move on to the next part of jury selection. A total of 250 potential jurors are in the pool for the case, due to the wide-ranging media coverage.
Fifteen people will sit on the final jury, after which three would be chosen as alternates.
DeLury said he hopes to have a jury picked by mid-day Thursday, with “wishful thinking” for Wednesdy afternoon.
Opening statements are scheduled for Monday. The trial is expected to last at least two weeks, possibly entering into a third.

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