Former Hells Angels member pleads guilty to assault of 2 rivals in Worcester

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WORCESTER - A former member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been placed on probation with a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to charges of assaulting two rival motorcycle gang members in 2016 outside a Chandler Street pub.

Michael J. Blair, 39, of 1039 Main St. pleaded guilty Monday in Worcester Superior Court to charges of assault and battery causing serious bodily injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (blunt object) causing serious bodily injury and unarmed robbery in connection with what police and prosecutors said was an attack upon two men on the night of May 8, 2016, outside Suney’s Pub at 216 Chandler St.

Judge Janet Kenton-Walker sentenced Mr. Blair to two years in the House of Correction, but suspended the sentence for three years with probation. As conditions of probation, Mr. Blair was ordered to possess no weapons,to stay away from the victims and to have no affiliation with the Hells Angels. He was further ordered to remain alcohol-free and to be monitored by a SCRAM alcohol testing device for the first year of his probation.

According to Assistant District Attorney Brett F. Dillon and court records, 25-year-old Luther Clisbee was standing outside Suney’s smoking a cigarette shortly before 7:30 on the night in question when he was attacked by a group of five or six men who beat him, knocking him to the ground. Mr. Clisbee’s 54-year-old father, Gene Rapp, who was inside the pub, witnessed the assault and went outside to assist his son, authorities said.

Mr. Dillon told the court that Mr. Rapp was also beaten and struck on the head with a large flashlight. Both victims suffered severe head and facial injuries and Mr. Rapp’s jacket and cellphone were stolen, according to the prosecutor.

Mr. Rapp underwent surgery after being taken to the hospital and suffered hemorrhaging to his brain, according to court records.

Mr. Dillon said police determined that the victims were members of the Defiant Disciples motorcycle club and that the group had been having “ongoing issues” with the Hells Angels. He said Mr. Blai was identified by investigators as one of the victims’ assailants and as a member of the Hells Angels at the time.

Mr. Blair’s lawyer, Michael C. Wilcox, told Judge Kenton-Walker that his client voluntarily left the Hells Angels shortly after being indicted in 2016 on the charges before the court.

The victims were not on court for the plea hearing and did not submit written impact statements.

Mr. Dillon recommended that Mr. Blair be sentenced to 2 to 4 years in state prison with probation to follow and Mr. Wilcox asked the judge to impose straight probation.

The prosecutor said his sentencing recommendation was based, in part, on the injuries suffered by both victims.

Mr. Wilcox said his client was dedicated to “turning his life around” and hoped to obtain a plumber’s license.

The case of a co-defendant, 34-year-old Jake Doherty, has been continued to March 15. Mr. Doherty is facing charges identical to those to which Mr. Blair pleaded guilty.

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