Trio indicted in Lorain murder case

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A Lorain County Common Pleas Court grand jury indicted three bikers March 7 on murder charges connected to a Lorain shooting which left one man dead and another injured.

Jarrod Johnson, 40, and Hunter Horne, 23, both of Cleveland, and 52-year-old Theodore McKenzie, of Norwalk, each are facing single counts of murder and attempted murder, and two counts each of aggravated robbery and felonious assault stemming from the Jan. 13 shooting near a bar in the 1600 block of East 28th Street.

Lorain police Lt. Ed Super said the men, who are members of the Lords of Armageddon motorcycle club out of Cleveland, attempted to rob a 35-year-old Lorain man when the gun play started.

When the incident ended, the Lorain man, McKenzie and Roy A. Super, 57, of Cleveland, were wounded, Ed Super said.

All three were transported by helicopter to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Roy Super died of his injuries the next day, said Ed Super, who is not related to the victim.

The Lorain man is a member of the Disturbin Da Streetz motorcycle club and was at the bar for a meeting with other clubs to discuss fundraising when the members of the Lords of Armageddon arrived, Ed Super said.

"Apparently, there's some dispute from someone (at the bar)," he said. "These guys went to confront or teach these coalition groups a lesson. We're still not sure on a motive."

Police believe the defendants were there to steal the Lorain man's "colors," or vest, which is a sign of disrespect in the biker world, Ed Super said.

"In the midst of this confrontation, (the Lorain man) pulled his gun and shot (Roy) Super and McKenzie," he said. "Then (the Lorain man) was shot by other people that we have not identified."

Horne and Johnson were arrested while fleeing the scene.

Ed Super said neither McKenzie, Horne nor Johnson shot Roy Super, but since they were committing a felony when he was shot, they were charged with murder.

This commonly is known as a felony murder charge.

Ed Super said he expects additional charges when police identify others involved in the shootings.


Detectives aren't sure if this incident is a sign of prolonged hostilities between the two groups, he said.

"They're very tight-lipped with us, even the people who were the victims in this case, weren't giving us a lot of information," Ed Super said. "So if threats are being made, they're not sharing that with us."

The Lords of Armageddon are a "one percenter" club, which means they hold the more extreme rules of outlaw motorcycle groups, he said.

"Roy Super was the chapter president of the Lords of Armageddon out of Cleveland, so I don't know," Ed Super said. "I don't believe that most of these guys we've identified aren't hardcore criminals.

"I think they fancy themselves as this outlaw biker group, but you never know if one of these guys is the real deal and willing to do what they're reputed to do." 

Johnson is in the Lorain County Jail on a $500,000 bond, while McKenzie and Horne each are in the lockup on $250,000 bonds.

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