Police reveal they blocked Hells Angels from entering the country ‘because they posed a risk’

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Officers refused entry to convicted murderers and kidnappers

Officers refused to let certain members of the Hells Angels even step foot in the country for the Euro Run this weekend.

Some of the violent criminals who were barred entry have been convicted of murder, kidnap, torture, drug supply, violent assaults and firearm offences, according to police.

They had anticipated around 3,000 members of the motorcycle club would be visiting from all over the world to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hells Angels in the UK.

These members were staying on the Surrey and Sussex borders for a private event at a hotel in east Surrey.

Relive Hells Angels ride out as hundreds of bikers took to the A23  

Some 700 motorcyclists were then expected to ride down the A23 from Pease Pottage to Brighton seafront.

But this number was much smaller than anticipated, with just over 100 making the ride out.

Stop and search was permitted in designated areas of Sussex and Surrey

Stop and search was permitted in designated areas of Sussex and Surrey (Image: Sussex Police)

On top of the 27 people who were refused entry to the UK, some bikers who did make it onto roads ended up in police custody before the big event even began.

From Wednesday (May 29), an order under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was introduced, allowing individuals within a designated area of Surrey and Sussex to be stopped and searched.

This was put in place following information that some may be carrying offensive weapons, while others were prevented from riding after failing breathalyser tests.

In total, 49 people have been arrested in connection with the event and a number have already been sentenced at court.

Police confiscated a bladed whip

Police confiscated a bladed whip (Image: Sussex Police)

Nev Kemp, Assistant Chief Constable for Surrey Police, said: "We made great efforts to work with the event organiser beforehand to ensure those attending got the message about what was expected here, sadly some didn’t heed the warning.

"However our approach, as well as some self-breath testing by riders ahead of the main ride on Saturday, significantly reduced numbers riding to Brighton. We had initially expected 700, but just over 100 took part.

“This was a unique event that has never happened on anything like this scale in the UK before and required careful planning to ensure the public and those attending were safe and, following information we received as the week went on, I decided to put the Section 60 order in place.

“We benefited from the knowledge shared by our international colleagues about the attendees from their countries, and the risks that they posed. We were also able to prevent 27 people from even entering the UK.

A knife seized from a Hells Angel

A knife seized from a Hells Angel (Image: Sussex Police)

"All of those refused entry were international members of the Hell Angels and deemed to pose a risk to the public with previous convictions for serious violent crimes including; murder, kidnap, torture, drug supply, violent assaults and firearms offences.

"Hells Angels events have not routinely passed without very serious incidents when they have taken place in other countries and a measure of success for us is ensuring that it passed without serious incident here in the UK.

"Europol have been very complimentary about the UK policing operation."

It was a busy weekend in Brighton with the Kemptown Carnival and the England women's football at the Amex.

ACC Kemp said he was "incredibly proud of the efforts" after officers' leave and days off were cancelled to cope with the influx of daytrippers.

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