15 Little-Known Facts About The Diablos Motorcycle Club

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With members frequently engaging in drug trafficking, assault, and even murder, this club's name is indeed indicative of their reputation.

For someone how loves motorcycles, the idea of joining a motorcycle club might not be a too far-fetched one. In fact, it's hard to ignore the love for motorcycles and the desire for freedom and loyalty that these groups of people share. However, some biker clubs have earned quite a negative reputation for themselves over the years, and the Diablos are a great example of how notorious one motorcycle club can become. Some people also know this club by the name of Los Diablos Motorcycle Club. This was the club's original name that later became Diablos MC.

Sure, they're not as famous or as prevalent as the Hells Angels are, but they are still a big name among motorcycle clubs in the United States. And like many other famous motorcycle clubs across the United States, the Diablos MC are a one-percenter, outlaw club with their own set of unique rules and regulations. So in this list, we'll dive into what makes this motorcycle club so notorious by exploring 15 most interesting and lesser-known facts about the Diablos MC.


15 It Was Founded In 1961

Diablos Motorcycle Club was originally founded in 1961 in San Bernadino by Jack Baltas. From there, it started to gain popularity, and now, it is one of the biggest and most notorious motorcycle clubs in the country. They faced many ups and downs since the beginning, but its members remain loyal to their club.

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