Biggie a no-show in court on lesser charges as Pagans-Hell's Angels trial looms

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FAIRMONT — The morning of June 5 will be a busy one for James Cody Biggie.

At 10 a.m. that day, Biggie will appear before Circuit COurt Judge David Janes to learn the date for his trial on two counts of attempted murder in the first degree, two counts of malicious assault, and one count of conspiracy to commit a felony for his role in the Pagan’s vs. Hell’s Angels motorcycle club melee that took place Aug. 3, 2019 in White Hall.

At 11 a.m., Biggie will walk a few steps to the courtroom of Judge Patrick Wilson to learn the dates of his two additional trials, one involving a weapons charge and the other a controlled substance violation.

Both the gun and drug indictments occurred before Biggie’s alleged involvement in the gang melee. Biggie was out on bond for both those charges when the Pagan’s-Hell’s Angels incident occurred.

Biggie was expected to enter a guilty plea this week on the drug charges, but did not show up in court.

“He elected not to enter his plea, so nothing happened,” said Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Freeman. “He was supposed to enter a guilty plea on a preexisting drug charge for which he’s been indicted. But he did nothing. It will now go to trial.”

That means Biggie could face as many as three separate trials this summer. He’ll know the dates of each trial by lunchtime June 5.

All three trials would occur in either July or August.

“These are serious cases. We’re taking them seriously. We’re certainly going to try to get quality convictions and lengthy sentences of incarceration,” said Freeman.

Biggie, 37, of Rivesville, and Bruce Evan Davis, 53, of Fairmont were arrested on August 4, 2019 for what White Hall police say was a “pre-planned physical confrontation with several male individuals in the parking lot of the BFS Foods.”

Also charged in the Pagans-Hell’s Angels incident were Bruce Evan Davis, 54, of Fairmont, Jason Edward Harris, 49, of Fairmont, and Daniel Lester Ryan, 25, of Star City.

One of the injured individuals was Kenneth Murphy of Hilton, New York, who witnesses said was struck with a baseball bat, cut and stabbed during the altercation. The fight was also captured on convenience store surveillance video.

Biggie is accused of striking Hell’s Angels member Anthony Chafel with a Jeep, knocking him over and “causing injury to his arms and legs which were treated at the scene,” according to the complaint.

According to a Monongalia Emergency Centralized Communication Agency 911 report filed August 3, 2019, at 1:50 p.m., there was “a fight/stabbing in Fairmont between Hells Angels club and Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, and that one of the Hells Angels members was being transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital.”

Police have used surveillance video, eye-witness reports, and physical evidence in order to pursue the charges.

White Hall Police were aided by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Fairmont Police Department and the West Virginia State Police in the investigation.


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