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Motorcycle gang member loses appeal of conviction for rival biker's murder

A motorcycle gang member convicted of fatally shooting a rival biker during a melee outside a Philadelphia convention hall is fated to keep serving his 18 1/2- to 37-year prison sentence for the crime.

A state Superior Court panel guaranteed that by rejecting what Judge Alice Beck Dubow called Stanley "Stizz" Newell's "significantly underdeveloped" appeal of his third-degree murder conviction.

It didn't help Newell's case that the September 2014 shooting of Michael "Country" Baker was filmed by surveillance cameras at the Nifiji Event Hall on Chew Avenue in North Philly.

Investigators said the gunfire erupted during an anniversary ceremony for the Twisters Motorcycle Club. Newell, now 48, was a member of the rival Byrd Riders club.

Dubow cited an opinion by Philadelphia Judge Barbara A. McDermott in the state court ruling tossing Newell's appeal.

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Putin's Pals, The Night Wolves, Troll Bosnia And The Region

The motorcycle club whose members were at the vanguard of Russia's occupation of Crimea, nicknamed "Putin's Angels" by the media, is on the road again.

Members of the Night Wolves were due in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina's Serb-majority entity Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, on March 21 and were expected to hold a press conference in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, around a week later.

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Defense using diversion tactics, finger-pointing in Kingsmen trial

In the hours after the murders of two of his fellow Kingsmen, Roger Albright found himself inside the Olean clubhouse with Andre "Lil Bear" Jenkins.

Albright said he was in the midst of calling other Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members, warning them about the killings and the possibility a rival biker club might be involved, when Jenkins interrupted and said, "I'm here."

When asked what Jenkins meant, Albright told a federal court jury last week that Jenkins was confessing to the murders.

"He said he had shot them," Albright said. "Basically he was saying there was no threat."

Later, Jenkins would claim that the two slain Kingsmen – Paul Maue and Daniel "DJ" Szymanski – had informed on him to another club he was trying to infiltrate, and that the "hit" was ordered by national club president David Pirk, Albright said.

"He said, 'Pirk said to take care of it,' " he told the jury.

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Callihan bound over to grand jury

Officer testifies that shooter claimed self defense

Albert Callihan, the suspected shooter in a recent incident at Grayson’s Taco Bell, was in court last Wednesday for a hearing where Judge Rupert Wilhoit found probable cause to have his case bound over to the grand jury.

Officer Roy Ison, with the Grayson Police Department, testified at the hearing that when he arrived on the scene at Taco Bell he saw the victim, Scotty Eldridge, lying on the floor, “in pretty crippled shape.”

Ison testified that his first course of action was to inform dispatch, so they could send medical aid, and then to start separating witnesses. He said others were already administering first aid to Eldridge when he arrived.

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'I can't count that high,' Kingsman says of members' cocaine use

To hear David Masse talk, cocaine was the Kingsmen drug of choice.

He used it and, within the confines of Kingsmen clubhouses in Buffalo, North Tonawanda and elsewhere, so did dozens of other motorcycle club members, he told a federal court jury last week.

Drug use was so prevalent that everyone knew it was part of the biker culture, said the former club member, who's been in the public eye before.

"A hundred percent," he said when asked how many Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members knew about the widespread use of cocaine, methaphetamine and other drugs.

Over the course of three days last week, Masse – also known as "Weirdo" – sat on the witness stand and looked at photos of his former "brothers" and, one by one, identified them as drug dealers or users, sometimes both.

Often, his testimony was filled with accounts of how many times he and other Kingsmen shared cocaine at a clubhouse in New York, Pennsylvania or Florida.

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Closing arguments Friday at motorcycle shop standoff trial

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - The state and defense will present closing arguments Friday at the Brian Flatoff standoff trial in Winnebago County.

Flatoff is standing trial for 16 counts related to a Dec. 5, 2015 hostage situation and standoff at Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah.

Flatoff represented himself for much of the trial, which started Monday. The trial was scheduled for three weeks, but both sides are wrapping their case after a week.

On Thursday, Flatoff asked the judge if he could have an attorney represent him for the remainder of the trial. Judge John Jorgensen agreed and appointed standby counsel Ben Szilagyi to take over the case. Szilagyi asked for a mistrial but the judge denied that motion.

On Friday, the judge gave the jury instructions before breaking for lunch. Both sides will deliver closing arguments before handing the case over to the jury.

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PV woman first female to compete for fastest motorcycle racer in the world

(3TV/CBS 5) - (video)--

“My nickname is America’s Queen of Speed!”

Valerie Thompson isn’t just any motorcycle rider.

“I am the first woman to compete for the world record, yes,” said Thompson.

The Paradise Valley local, currently the fastest female motorcycle racer in the world, is now getting ready to fly to Australia for the Lake Gairdner World Speed Trials, to break the all-time race record of 376.36 miles per hour.

Thompson started racing 12 years ago after life gave her an unexpected detour.

“I had been laid off and I got to working at the Harley Davidson dealership,” said Thompson.

In 2016, she hit 304 miles per hour, which made her the first woman to ever race over 300.  

“It’s just pure concentration. You’re focused,” said Thompson.

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Kinley Kelm charged with Scorpions Motorcycle Club HQ break in

A man charged with breaking into the Scorpions Motorcycle Club headquarters in Lyon Township is undergoing a competency exam as club members are still waiting to rebuild after a fire that heavily damaged their building.

Kinley Rae-John Kelm, 39, has been arraigned in 52-1 District Court in Novi on charges of breaking and entering with intent; two counts of larceny of firearms; one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm; and felony firearm.

At this time, no one has been charged with setting the fire that heavily damaged the Scorpions' headquarters, located on Milford Road north of 10 Mile, at the same time as the break-in during the early hours of Sept. 22.  The fire was ruled arson after the police investigation.

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Kingsmen Motorcycle Club trial gets under way

BUFFALO: Federal racketeering case triggered by double murder in North Tonawanda.

BUFFALO — First there were 16. Then there were 20

Now just three remain.

And in a courtroom in U.S. District Court in Buffalo on Tuesday, federal prosecutors began laying out their case that two top officers and a hardened enforcer of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, ran an organized crime enterprise out of clubhouses from stretched from Lockport, the Falls and North Tonawanda all the way to Florida.

The federal racketeering case was triggered by the slaying of two North Tonawanda Kingsmen Chapter members in September 2014.

Andre Jenkins, who is currently serving a sentence of life without parole for the murders of Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski, is one of the five remaining federal defendants. He's joined by the Kingsmen’s National President David Pirk and Kingsmen Florida/Tennessee Regional President Timothy Enix.

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Last of Great Falls' Amigos gang convicted for 2016 shooting incident

A jury on Friday found a Great Falls man guilty of his role in a 2016 shooting in which members of the Amigos biker gang unloaded 23 rounds into a Jeep outside an apartment building where eight residents slept.

Gaylord Croft, 56, was charged with tampering with physical evidence, or accountability to tampering as an alternative charge, after law enforcement identified him as an associate of the Amigos. 

After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found Croft guilty of accountability for helping members mask identifying features of the car used in the shooting. 

He was the last of the members to be tried for their involvement in the incident.

More: Additional suspects charged in vehicle shooting, gang ties reported


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