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'They can't do s*** about us': President of Australia's newest bikie gang breaks his cover to taunt police - and claims his squad is rapidly growing

  • The president of Australia's newest bikie gang says the squad continues to grow 
  • Satudarah, 'one-blood', is an organised bikie gang set up in the Netherlands
  • President of Gold Coast chapter, 'Salvatore', said his 'brotherhood' is expanding

The president of Australia's newest bikie gang has broken his cover to taunt police and claim his squad is rapidly growing.   

Satudarah, meaning 'one-blood', is an organised outlaw motorcycle gang that was first set up in Moodrecht, Netherlands, in 1990 before spreading across the world.

The feared bikie gang has chapters all over Australia, and the president of the Gold Coast contingent claims the group continues to grow in numbers.

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Arrest flags arrival of a fifth bikie gang in Canberra

The number of bikie gangs with chapters operating inside Canberra has grown to five with the arrival of the notorious European outlaw motorcycle gang, Satudarah.

The presence of the new gang had been flying under the public radar until members of ACT Policing's Taskforce Nemesis raided a house in Belconnen on Friday afternoon and arrested a 30-year-old man, identified as the president of Satudarah's new ACT chapter, and charged him with a series of violent offences.


Satudarah members riding in Sydney.

Satudarah members riding in Sydney.

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Satudarah threatened to commit a "slaughter" in Geleen

The Satudarah chapter in Geleen threatened to commit a slaughter in the city if the police raided the outlaw motorcycle gang's clubhouse. Messages intercepted by the police show that the motorcycle gang threatened to throw hand grenades into a bar with a hundred or more people inside, was revealed during the first hearing against seven members of Satudarah Geleen on Monday, reports.

Ten Satudarah members were arrested in Geleen last year. The trial against seven of them started on Monday. The other three will be tried in January. They are suspected of, among other things, membership to a criminal organization, extortion, deprivation of freedom, weapons possession, money laundering and various drug crimes. 

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George bikers unite against controversial international biking club

Satudarah MC has allegedly been banned in some European countries due to their links to organised crime and their tendency toward violent behaviour.

More than a hundred bikers from various clubs and chapters around the country gathered in George last Saturday to hand over a memorandum to the George police on behalf of the Western Cape biking fraternity, reports George Herald.

The memorandum consists of a list of grievances about an international biking club, Satudarah MC, that recently started up in George.

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Notorious motorcycle gang sniffs the Oslo

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This weekend should Norwegian gang members become part of the notorious motorcycle club Satudarah, but the visit was canceled, according to Aftenposten.

Several members of the international team, a motorcycle club that considers itself as lawless, was expected to Oslo this weekend to incorporate new members, the newspaper said. But after what the newspaper and the police are aware of, was the visit postponed. The cause is unknown.

- Police are aware that Satudarah MC wants to establish itself in the capital. Beyond that, we follow the course close attention to this environment, says Anders Rasch-Olsen, head of the section for special operations in the Oslo police.

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Major player in Sydney's Satudarah bikie gang charged over drugs, guns

The sergeant-at-arms for the Sydney chapter of one of Europe’s most dangerous bikie gangs has been arrested and charged with drugs and firearms offices.

An alleged key player with the Satudarah bikie gang, Mitchell Mcphail, 26, was arrested by specialist police officers attached to Strike Force Raptor after a search of his St Marys home on Wednesday evening where they seized a rifle, ammunition, knuckledusters, a quantity of ice and clothing with the club's emblem.

Mr Mcphail was taken to Penrith Police Station and charged with possessing a shortened firearm, ammunition and a weapon without a permit, possessing an unregistered firearm, failing to correctly store a firearm and possessing and supplying drugs.

He was refused bail to appear before Penrith Local Court on Thursday.

One of Europe’s most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs, Satudarah is known for its extreme violence, drugs, extortion and weapons trafficking.

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Dutch ban homegrown bikers' gang

Dutch judges on Monday banned a national motorcycle club and seized all its assets, ruling gang members had spread a culture of violence and criminal activities in the Netherlands.

"The court in The Hague has decided today that the motorcycle club Satudarah is banned with immediate effect," the judges said in their ruling.

The ban includes not just Satudarah, but also its fan club, and affiliate Supportcrew 999.

The judges found "the combination of numerous offences along with its culture of violence means Satudarah's activities are contrary to public order".

Its members "have been involved for many years in criminal activities including violence against other motorcycle clubs, manufacturing and trafficking in narcotics, the illegal possession of weapons and extortion".

The judges also ordered that the club should lose all its assets including access to its clubhouse.

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Feared Dutch-based Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang Satudarah returns to Australia to set up chapters


A year after they were confidently declared purged from Australia, a feared Dutch-based Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang is actively back in the country and actually trying to expand.

The revelation comes as the level of intelligence reporting of OMCG gangs in Australia more than triples in the past 12 months with warnings OMCGs still pose the greatest community risk in the nation.

Satudarah, which had set up in south east Queensland, South Australia and NSW in 2015, were raided in January last year with a clubhouse in Sydney shut down and drugs and firearm components seized and police confidently declaring they believed that was it.

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Prosecutor wants to ban Satudarah in Netherlands

The Public Prosecutor is soon going to court to try and ban outlaw motorcycle gang Satudarah from the Netherlands, the prosecutor's national office confirmed to AD.This follows the

Satudarah global leader Angelo M. and his brother Xanterra M. were arrested in Tilburg. A club member from Maastricht was also arrested. They are in restricted custody, which means they're only allowed contact with their lawyers. According to AD, the police are also hunting a fourth Satudarah member - Michel B. who is active in Enschede. 

The arrested Satudarah members are suspected of participating in a criminal organization that is involved in extortion, arms possession and drug trafficking, according to the Prosecutor. 

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Satudarah member arrested for assault, extortion

A member of outlaw motorcycle gang Satudarah was arrested in Geleen on Wednesday morning, the police announced in a statement. He is suspected of aggravated assault and extortion.

The assault happened in 2015. According to the police, the 31-year-old man attacked a woman in her Geleen home. She sustained serious injuries. The police believe that the victim and her husband was extorted by the motorcycle gang for some time before the assault. 

Why this arrest was made some two years after the crime is not clear.

The police believe that more arrests will follow. 


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