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Judge orders release of man charged with witness tampering in Kauffman trial

MAYS LANDING — An Egg Harbor Township man accused of witness tampering in the April Kauffman murder trial was released from jail Friday for what a judge said was a change in circumstances.

Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Bernard E. DeLury said he granted the release of retired Pagans motorcycle club member John “Egyptian” Kachbalian due to the conviction in the murder case and the relocation of the alleged victim. He said he was also aware that Kachbalian’s health was deteriorating rapidly in jail, beyond the care that could be provided in the Atlantic County Jail.

Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Donna Weaver declined to comment regarding his release. 

Kachbalian, 56, was revealed to have a serious heart condition at a previous court appearance.

Kachbalian’s attorneys, Kenneth Young and Stephen Patrizio of Philadelphia, declined to comment after the hearing.

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Hells Angels ambushed Pagans in Augusta County shooting

STAUNTON - During the early morning hours of Sept. 10 at the Hometown Inn near Greenville, five men — four of them reportedly members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and the other a prospect — were lying in wait after two members of the rival Pagans Motorcycle Club were spotted across the street at the Pilot Travel Center.

Roughly 90 minutes later, as the two Pagans pulled into the motel parking lot on their motorcycles, an ambush was unleashed, based on video evidence shown Thursday in Augusta County Circuit Court.

One of the Pagans was shot, the other knocked off his motorcycle and beaten with a hammer.

Prior to the shooting, which took place shortly before 3 a.m., after the two Pagans were seen at the travel center, one of the motorcycle gang members rousted four others from their rooms at the motel.

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Hitman revealed in 2012 he killed April Kauffman, nephew says

MAYS LANDING —  During a fishing trip in the summer of 2012, Francis Mulholland pointed to a picture of April Kauffman and told his nephew that he'd killed the radio host and veterans advocate for money, jurors in the murder trial of Ferdinand Augello were told Wednesday.

But Timothy Sarzynski never told authorities until this year after charges were announced.

“We stopped at a Wawa, he brought out a magazine cover and pointed to a picture on it and said he did that,” Sarzynski told the jury during the eighth day of the trial.

Sarzynski identified the person on the cover as April Kauffman. He said he didn't report it because he didn’t believe his uncle, who he said often made up stories.

“He told me he walked into her bedroom, shot her twice in the back of the head and was paid $50,000 to do so,” Sarzynski said. 

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Motorcycle Cannonball roars into town

(Video) --- About 100 motorcyclists rumbled into Great Falls on Wednesday afternoon all on antique motorcycles for the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball.

The coast-to-coast run began in Portland, Maine on September 8 and plans to finish in Portland, Oregon on September 23. The group arrived in Great Falls around 3 p.m. at Big Sky Harley Davidson where the public was allowed to view the bikes and visit with participants about the journey.

Owner and promoter Jason Sims said the run is a challenge of man versus machine.

“The real objective is to get from point A to point B,” he said.

The Motorcycle Cannonball calls itself the most difficult antique endurance run in the world. The riders are expected to reach a destination within a set time limit and face penalties for missed miles or late arrivals.

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Defense questions payments to Pagan-turned-informant in Kauffman case

A key witness in the case against Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello has been paid about $2,000 a month by the state, according to information released in court Monday.
Augello is going on trial for murder and racketeering the 2012 killing of radio host April Kauffman and for an opioid ring he allegedly led with her now-dead husband, Dr. James Kauffman.
Dr. Kauffman allegedly partnered with alleged Pagans Motorcycle Club leader Augello in a scheme that had a group selling Oxycontin the doctor wrote scripts for.
What helped finally break the case was cooperation by Andrew Glick, a former Pagan who used what he allegedly knew about the Kauffman-Pagan partnership to get himself out of trouble after he was arrested last November on weapons and drug charges.

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Century-old motorcycles start grueling cross-country run in Portland

(video) --- PORTLAND, Maine — On Saturday, a pack of motorcyclists is going for a ride. They’ll all be astride antique machines manufactured before the Great Depression got started.

They don’t plan on stopping until they get to the West Coast.

For some, it’s a chance to test their mechanical skills, keeping century-old bikes alive over all those miles. Others relish the spiritual opportunity to time-travel in the vintage gasoline fumes of history.

The bikers will all be riding in the Motorcycle Cannonball, a biennial, 3,600-mile endurance run designed to test both humans and their old-timey, two-wheeled contraptions. Past runs have gone from New York to San Francisco and from Florida to Washington. This year, the bikes will rumble from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon.



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Vodka-powered motorcycle sets speed record

A spirit maker has successfully run a motorbike at 113 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, having fuelled it with his vodka waste products.

Ryan Montgomery completed a speed trial at the famous land-speed record site, and even temporarily held the fastest-ever time in class.

Nicknamed Sudden Wisdom, ironically after the distiller's rye whiskey brand, the bike was built up from a non-running 1980 Yamaha XS650 that was first found abandoned in a field.

As for the fuel, distilling vodka creates a 'head' that is too impure to drink and so is separated and discarded.


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Awaiting trial, ex-Outlaws boss rails on snitches, invokes Drew Peterson case

There’s a patch worn by supporters of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club that sums up the sentiment of biker gangs toward informants. “Snitches are a dying breed,” it says.

These days, former Chicago Outlaws boss Orville “Orvie” Cochran, once one of Chicago’s most-wanted fugitives, is worried about informants turning on him. In a letter to a judge, he has expressed concern that someone might try to frame him as he sits in jail in Wisconsin awaiting trial in a racketeering case that accuses him and five of his onetime biker brothers of murder and mayhem.

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Tazewell County businessman indicted in two states

Troubles continue to mount for a Tazewell County businessman.

Larry Wayne Price Jr., (aka “LJ’) 38, of Bluefield, is facing multiple federal felony indictments in two states. He was indicted on three counts of making false statements to the FBI by a grand jury in Abingdon May 22 and on six counts of wire fraud by a Billings Montana federal grand jury June 21.

The indictments in Montana were sealed until July 2 after an arrest warrant was executed for him.

The Montana indictments also contain forfeiture allegations against any real estate or personal property held by Price that it can be proven was purchased with proceeds from the crimes. The order would also allow the government to seize other property if assets derived from the alleged fraud could not be located, have been diminished in value, sold, or comingled with other property that cannot be divided.

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RCL Exclusive: Hells Angels at 70: Rebels With a Cause

The infamous motorcycle gang now does brisk business selling branded merchandise and politicking

In the early hours of December 11, 2016, while cruising New York City’s East Village neighborhood, 25-year-old David Martinez and his friends encountered a problem. Driving down E. 3rd Street, the group suddenly found themselves stuck behind a livery cab. Noticing an orange parking cone obstructing their way around the cab, Martinez hopped out of the passenger side door of his black Mercedes-Benz in order to move the cone and squeeze by the livery cab.