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Ex-firefighter linked to Bandidos fights to get job back

A Waco firefighter who lost his job in part over his ties to the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club is fighting to be reinstated, saying he was unjustly terminated four years ago.

Dudley, a 13-year veteran with the Waco Fire Department, testified in an all-day hearing Tuesday in a third-party arbitration review of his termination in October 2015.

Dudley was arrested during a traffic stop in Tarrant County on May 12, 2015 and charged with unlawfully carrying an unconcealed weapon in his truck. Crowley police ran a safety check on Dudley and found that the Texas Department of Public Safety flagged him as a member of the Bandidos, which DPS classifies as a "criminal street gang."

The arrest occurred five days before a deadly shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco between the Bandidos and rival Cossacks motorcycle club.

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Road rage incident on the M1 Motorway as fight allegedly breaks out over amber light

A bikie has been charged after allegedly assaulting a driver who stopped at a yellow light in Sydney.

The incident took place at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and the M1 Motorway about 6.40pm on Monday.

 video : Shocking road rage incident in WA

The victim, a 29-year-old driver of a Volkswagon Golf, and his passenger told police they were punched to the ground and kicked by two men.

He claims the driver of a Mazda 3 became irritated when he stopped at an amber light.

A 32-year-old member of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang was arrested and charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company.

He was refused bail and appeared in court on Tuesday.

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Motorcycle group donates hundreds of coats for kids

KENNEWICK, WA- Close to 100 motorcyclists with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club stopped by Saturday and dropped off hundreds of coats for the Coats For Kids Coat Drive. 

This is not the first time the group has donated. Brad "Boom Boom" Barrett said they have given coats to the drive for the past seven years. 

Barrett said they make it their priority to come back and donate more coats every year.

"We're part of the community... we live here. Our neighbors might need a coat, their kids might not be able to stay warm this winter, and if we can help do that what a wonderful thing to be able to do," Barrett said.

If you'd like to help out and donate you can drop off a new or gently used coat at our station or at one of the donation barrels located throughout the Tri-cities and Yakima.

For more information on how you can donate or pickup a coat this year, just click on the Coats for Kids banner on the NBC Right Now homepage. 

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Gang members in alleged home invasion over cellphone

The sale of a second-hand cellphone resulted in a home invasion involving a gun and baseball bat.

Police allege two patched Bandidos gang members bashed down the door of a house on Curletts Rd, Sockburn, on Sunday night and assaulted a man.

Two brothers, Rawiri Takuira Kiri, 26, of Waltham, and Lee Teomaori Kiri, 30, of Aranui, have been charged over the alleged incident, which The Star understands was a dispute over a cellphone which was sold but did not work properly.

They appeared in the district court on Monday, facing joint charges of possessing a firearm and armed robbery with a baseball bat.

Police allege they stole $15 from the male victim, who was assaulted during the incident.

More charges are likely.

They were remanded in custody until December, when they are next due to appear in court.

The Star understands the male victim’s parents and two children were at home at the time of the attack.

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Bandido member from San Antonio gets 30 months in prison for threatening witness

(pics) --- A member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was sentenced Thursday to 2½ years in prison followed by three years of federal supervision for retaliating against an informant who helped send the biker club’s top national leaders to prison.

Albert DeLeon, 45, pleaded guilty in May, admitting he threatened to kill a former member of the outlaw biker club, who was one of several government witnesses that helped the feds in their investigation of several high-ranking members, including Bandidos’ then-national president, Jeffrey Fay Pike of Conroe, and ex-national vice president John Xavier Portillo of San Antonio.

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Alleged "Bandidos" gang member arrested in connection to 3 shootings

Shell casings were connected to three separate shootings in 2018 and 2019.

SAN ANTONIO — An alleged member of the motorcycle gang, the "Bandidos" has been arrested in connection to three separate shootings in 2018 and 2019. 

The multiple-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of Omar Mata, 32. 

Mata is believed to be the Vice President of a local chapter of the Bandidos.

He has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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Several Bandidos cited in a traffic stop involving 16 motorcycles

Several members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club were cited when they entered Rapid City Thursday afternoon.

Community Relations Specialist Brendyn Medina with the Rapid City Police Department said the police were aware of a Bandido run through Rapid City this week.

"We have a plan in place to keep them and the residents of Rapid City safe during the run," Medina said. 


He said 16 motorcycles were pulled over for traffic violations as the group exited I-90 near Omaha. There were multiple traffic and concealed carry weapons violations issued during the mass traffic stop.

There were no further incidents after the citations were issued.

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Bandidos member from San Antonio admits threatening informant at HEB

A member of the Bandidos pleaded guilty Thursday to retaliating against an informant after he threatened to kill a witness who helped the feds convict the motorcycle club’s top two leaders.

Albert DeLeon, 45, made the threat on Feb. 22 against the witness, whose name hasn’t been released, at a local HEB store.

“He was a personal friend of the witness and felt horribly betrayed, and let off some steam when he confronted him at the grocery store,” DeLeon’s lawyer, Jesse Rivera, said in an interview.

Several informants — most of them former members of the club from San Antonio who got reduced sentences for their crimes — testified last year at the three-month trial of then-national president Jeffrey Fay Pike of Conroe and ex-national vice president John Xavier Portillo of San Antonio.

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Former Bandidos bikie John Paul Pennie to be deported to Ireland

An Irish ex-bikie who has lived in Australia since he was six years old, but has spent time behind bars, will be deported after his visa was cancelled and his appeal rejected in the Federal Court.

John Paul Pennie, who moved to Australia with his parents in 1980, was sentenced in July 2015 to four-and-a-half years in a WA prison for charges including possessing methylamphetamine with intent to sell or supply and wilful destruction of evidence.

In January 2016, a delegate of the Home Affairs Minister cancelled Pennie’s visa, ruling he did not pass the character test due to his criminal record which included being a former vice president of the Bandidos bikies.

After the minister refused to revoke the cancellation, Pennie took his case to the Federal Court but on Thursday his application was rejected.

Pennie had claimed he feared a lack of medical care for his health issues in Ireland and that he would be homeless.

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Bandidos Motorcycle Club member arrested for allegedly threatening to harm informant

SAN ANTONIO — A Bandidos Motorcycle Club member was arrested for his alleged role in threatening to harm a government informant.

The United States Attorney's Office Western District of Texas said federal authorities arrested San Antonio resident Albert DeLeon, 45, with one count of retaliating against an informant. DeLeon is a member of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization, and allegedly threatened to harm an individual for the individual providing information relating to the criminal activities of the club.

In 2006, two members of the Bandidos had ordered other members in the club to murder Anthony Benesh who was attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hell's Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Club in Austin at the time. Several Bandidos members murdered Benesh on March 16, 2006 to "protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandido enterprise."

In September 2018, the two Bandidos members were sentenced to life in federal prison.