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Bikie boss furious after family home peppered with bullets

A bikie boss has been left furious after his family home was targeted in an early morning shooting in Melbourne.

Police are investigating after shots were fired Finks boss BJ Reker's home, on Warrain Street at Frankston, shortly before 5am today.

He was at home with two other adults and his 11-day-old baby when the property was peppered with bullets.

No one was injured in the attack and the shooter fled the scene.

A car was set on fire on Carramar Drive, just five kilometres away, and police are now investigating if it is connected to the shooting.

Shortly after the shooting, Finks Motorcycle gang members were spotted arriving at the property.

They were wearing clothes bearing their insignia and could be seen speaking with detectives.

One of the men was seen wearing a jumper with offensive words written across the back.

The Finks Motorcycle club is known to be one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia.

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Rival bikie gangs refuse a senior police officer's pleas to meet and form a truce because the 'only way they can trust each other is if the other is behind bars'

  • Hopes of an end to a turf war terrorising residents in New South Wales is dashed
  • Court papers reveal police attempted to broker a truce with Nomads and Finks
  • But ongoing battle between the bikie gangs in the Hunter Valley set to continue

Hopes of an end to a turf war terrorising residents between rival bikie gangs have been dashed after a police plea was shot down.

Attempts by senior officers from New South Wales Police to call a truce were ended just weeks after securing a guarantee from leading Nomads members.

The peace deal was supposed to end violence between the Nomads and their rival gang, the Finks, in the Hunter Valley.

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Senior Finks bikie Martin Francis Klein charged after police uncover guns, $4m worth of drugs

A high-ranking Finks bikie has been refused bail after police raids discovered guns, ammunition and drugs with an estimated street value of $4 million.

Martin Francis Klein, 35, was arrested while visiting a storage case in a residential carpark in Sydney's north-west on Wednesday.


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Battle of the bikies: Paramedics helping man injured in crash locked themselves inside an ambulance and called the police after senior Finks outlaw 'arrived and bashed his friend' because he crashed his motorcycle

  • Senior Finks bikie allegedly attacked another gang member for crashing his bike
  • Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle on the NSW south coast in August
  • As he was being treated Troy Fornaciari allegedly punched him in the head

A senior Finks bikie allegedly attacked another gang member in retaliation for crashing his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

In August, bikie associate Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle at Princes Highway on the NSW south coast before the bike's owner, heavily tattooed senior Finks member Troy Fornaciari, allegedly arrived and attacked him.

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Finks member charged, loaded pistol found after gang’s Illawarra clubhouse raided

Two Finks members have been charged and a loaded pistol seized after police raided what was to become the Illawarra Chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang’s clubhouse early Thursday.

Police detectives, assisted by the Tactical Operations Unit, Dog Unit, and Strike Force Raptor searched the property at an industrial unit at North Wollongong just after 6am.

The unit was fortified and undergoing renovations apparently to be established as the gang’s clubhouse, police said.

Two men – aged 20 and 34 – were arrested at the location and taken to Wollongong Police Station.

During the search warrant, investigators seized a loaded .22 calibre pistol with a silencer, ammunition, a stolen Toyota Hilux, and Finks OMCG paraphernalia.

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Finks Instagram account gives insight into the life of members of the outlaw motorcycle gang

THE Finks MC is one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia. An Instagram account gives insight to the life of members of the club.

SINCE being founded in Adelaide in 1969, The Finks motorcycle club has grown to become one of the most violent and notorious gangs with chapters all across the country.

A 2012 affidavit filed by the head of Task Force Hydra revealed the strict guidelines members of the gang are forced to follow, which includes things like owning a motorbike that is 650cc or over, banning all women and ensuring only full patch members may have club tattoos.

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Alleged high-ranking Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members arrested at Chisholm and Cameron Park under strike force batterson

Two men alleged to be high-ranking members of the Finks have been arrested following police investigations into criminal outlaw motorcycle gang activity in the Hunter.

Police executed search warrants at homes at Chisholm and Cameron Park about 6.30am Friday.

During the search, officers allegedly seized prohibited drugs, cash and a prohibited weapon.

Two men were arrested in relation to investigations into an affray in Maitland in early December.

Officers also conducted five firearm prohibition order searches as part of the operation on members of the Finks, Rebels and Nomads OMCGs.

The operation came as part of Strike Force Batterson, which was jointly established by State Crime Command’s Criminal Group Squad Strike Force Raptor and Northern Region police to investigate violent activity by those associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the Hunter.

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Bikie enforcer kicked out of two countries in one day

Possibly with his Fink tail already firmly between his legs after being refused entry to a gang holiday in Bali, bikie enforcer Jesse Johnston got off a plane at Sydney Airport only to be met by more authorities.

This time the 22-year-old, who likes to go by the social media moniker Alphonse Fink, denied he was a member of one of the most feared bikie gangs in Australia and just wanted to head home to the Central Coast.

But, after Australian Border Force officials found clothing sporting the gang's distinct "rat Fink" emblem, Johnston was told his entry was being denied and he was deported to his native New Zealand.

Because, despite his denials, Johnston had been quickly moving through the national ranks of the Finks and, despite his age, was already the sergeant-at-arms of the gang's Newcastle chapter.

However, Johnston's double knock-back on Monday is not isolated.

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Finks bikie boss 'set his dogs on police officers and punched a cop in the face' just days after he was refused entry to Bali

  • Kosh Radford was arrested on Monday night after allegedly attacking police
  • Radford, president of Finks outlaw bikie gang, allegedly set his dogs on officers
  • The 39-year-old was released on strict conditional bail on Tuesday afternoon
  • Radford's lawyer asked why no footage from the event was submitted to court 
  • Sydney man was denied entry into Bali with his family on Friday by Immigration

The president of one of Australia's most feared bikie gangs was arrested on Monday night after allegedly punching a policeman in the face and setting his dogs on officers. 

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We're not as bad as you Fink: Inside the infamous outlaw bikie gang.........

We're not as bad as you Fink: Inside the infamous outlaw bikie gang whose leaders insist they're just 'ordinary blokes' not criminals - so why the face masks then, guys?

  • Fink Motorcycle Club opened their doors to Daily Mail Australia 'to prove they are just normal guys'
  • Club has more than 2000 members and claim strict laws don't detour them from 'being mates'
  • Finks have been active in Sydney for 50 years - but are no longer based out of clubhouses
  • The club's 'gang' status means most of the members are banned from talking to each other, or 'consorting' 
  • Some bikie gangs are involved in drugs, murder, extortion and other organised criminal activity in Australia