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OMG: Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

(video)---FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Ronnie Schneider knows bikes and bikers. Not only does he manage the motorcycle dealership Wheels, he's also been riding for 30 years. Schneider says most riders just enjoy the companionship and being out in nature.

"I just like getting out there with my friends on the open road, experiencing the different areas, driving through lakes country - just kind of freedom," Schneider says.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case for everyone. Fargo Police say criminal biker gangs are here, and the warmer weather is drawing them out.

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3 reach plea deals in Wyoming bar fight case

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. (AP) — Three men have entered guilty pleas in a case stemming from a bar fight in Wyoming over a rival gang member's vest with patches that identify the gang to which he belonged.

Cory Rutherford, Matthew Wedgewood, and Nicholas Hanson pleaded guilty in Sweetwater County District Court last week in plea agreements with prosecutors.

The Rock Springs Rocket Miner reports ( ) that the three are members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club.

Rutherford pleaded guilty to the robbery and intimidation charges in exchange for a charge of conspiracy to commit robbery being dismissed.

Wedgewood pleaded guilty to accessory to robbery and intimidation charges. A charge of conspiracy to commit robbery was dismissed.

Hanson pleaded guilty to accessory to robbery and intimidation charges. A conspiracy to commit robbery charge was dismissed.

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Three Arrested For Rock Springs Biker Assault

Three men who police identify as members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle gang have been arrested in connection with an attack on a member of a rival motorcycle gang in a Rock Springs bar.

According to a release from the Rock Springs Police Department, cops were called to the Saddle Lite Saloon around 3 p.m. Monday, where they found Bradley Chrisman bleeding from the head.

Chrisman told officers that he is an enforcer for the Bad 7 motorcycle gang and that he was wearing his gang patch while sitting at the bar. Chrisman told police Cory Rutherford walked up and started hitting him, saying “give me your cuts or I will kill you.” The word “cuts” is slang for the vest that has a gang member’s patch on it. Taking away a biker’s “cuts” is considered the worst possible insult among biker gangs, according to police.

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Motorcycle Club Looks to Future After Court Cancels Party (video)


A Muscatine County motorcycle club is looking to make changes and try to host other events in the future after a judge granted a preliminary injunction canceling a fundraising party that was going to be held this coming weekend.

The Eastern Iowa chapter of the motorcycle club Sons of Silence had posted flyers all over town inviting community members, other club members, neighbors and friends to a three-day party with live music, motorcycle rodeo events, primitive camping, and food and drinks available on sight.

They had lined up performers, vendors, and porta-potty rentals, and thought they were ready to go, until they received notice of an injunction, later upheld by the judge, ordering them to cancel the plans.

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Party ain't playing possum: It really is dead after court rules against bike club's local fundraiser

MUSCATINE, Iowa — To party or not to party?

That was the question before the Muscatine County District Court Thursday morning, and the final decision ended up being ... not to party.

Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren petitioned the court for an injunction on a party that members of a local motorcycle club want to hold from May 30 to June 1 at the club's headquarters, located at 2097 Old U.S. Highway 61 South, located just south of the Muscatine Municipal Airport.

The ruling in the case, Muscatine County vs. Edward Zeman and the Sons of Silence, puts a preliminary injunction against the event, known as the Eastern Iowa: We Ain't Playing Possum Party. Zeman is the owner of the property and a member of the club, which Zeman identified in court testimony as the Eastern Iowa chapter of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club.