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What life's REALLY like inside a bikie gang: A code of silence, a secret underworld language and women considered 'property' worth less than a motorcycle

  • 400-page document was prepared by police for court proceedings over turf war 
  • It reveals how gang members claim 'ownership' over their wives and girlfriends 
  • Some are 'branded like dogs' with tattoos or jackets marking them as property
  • Report reveals bikies have a secret underworld language and a 'code of silence'

Bikie gangs enforce a strict code of silence, treat women as property and use a secret underworld language, a court dossier reveals.

A 400-page document prepared by police for court proceedings over an explosive Hunter Valley turf war between the Nomads and Finks provides a rare and detailed insight into gang life.

It reveals how bikies claim 'ownership' over their wives and girlfriends who can never become gang members themselves. 

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Rival bikie gangs refuse a senior police officer's pleas to meet and form a truce because the 'only way they can trust each other is if the other is behind bars'

  • Hopes of an end to a turf war terrorising residents in New South Wales is dashed
  • Court papers reveal police attempted to broker a truce with Nomads and Finks
  • But ongoing battle between the bikie gangs in the Hunter Valley set to continue

Hopes of an end to a turf war terrorising residents between rival bikie gangs have been dashed after a police plea was shot down.

Attempts by senior officers from New South Wales Police to call a truce were ended just weeks after securing a guarantee from leading Nomads members.

The peace deal was supposed to end violence between the Nomads and their rival gang, the Finks, in the Hunter Valley.

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Raptor police tackle NSW bikie conflict

Thirteen alleged outlaw motorcycle gang members have been charged after raids in the NSW Hunter region with a specialist police squad staying in town to stop what's being called the biggest bikie conflict in NSW.

Thirty-one properties, from Muswellbrook to Newcastle, were targeted in Thursday's large-scale sting involving more than 280 police officers cracking down on the escalating conflict between rival gangs - the Finks and the Nomads.

Weapons, explosive detonators, guns, drugs and reptiles were seized, while 11 of those arrested were charged with participating in a criminal group and two were charged with drug offences.

Strikeforce Raptor, the squad of officers most reviled by the OMCG underworld, will remain in the region to support local police until the conflict ends.

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'Military-grade bullets' used in Newcastle bikie shootings: police

At least two women have been targeted in shootings as part of a bitter and escalating turf war between rival groups of bikies in Newcastle, with police fearing it is "only a matter of time" before an innocent member of the public is injured by the "unpredictable violence".The women – one the former partner of a Nomads bikie, the other the de facto partner of a Finks member – were inside their homes in February and March this year when the houses were shot at by unknown assailants who fled into the night.

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Former bikie boss covered in tattoos 'barricaded himself in a Gold Coast home armed with swords........

Former bikie boss covered in tattoos 'barricaded himself in a Gold Coast home armed with swords and threatened to stab police if one of the 26 officers outside didn't shoot him'

  • Brett Pechey allegedly threatened police with swords in a dramatic standoff
  • Police allege that Pechey said 'he would stab them if they didn't shoot him'
  • Brett 'Kaos' Pechey is former president of the West End chapter of the Bandidos
  • His lawyer claims the confrontation was the result of 'a number of factors'
  • He is reportedly under the care of doctors and plans to contest the allegations

Ex Bandidos bikie president Brett 'Kaos' Pechey allegedly threatened to stab police with a sword if they didn't shoot him during a recent stand off.

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BREAKING NEWS: Man is found dead inside a Bandidos clubhouse in Melbourne after a 'gunshot' was heard ringing out early this morning

  • Man's body has reportedly been found inside Melbourne's Bandidos clubhouse 
  • Police and paramedics taped off Weston Street, Brunswick, early on Monday 
  • The street has been home to a number of bloody shootings in recent years 

A man has been found dead at a Bandidos clubhouse in Melbourne's north following reports of a gunshot.  

Police were called to Weston Street, Brunswick, after someone heard a blast about 7.20am on Easter Monday. 

The man has not been formally identified but Radio 3AW reported patched members of the motorcycle club could be seen consoling each other outside. 

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Law firm Stanton Grant Legal taken over by authorities after bikie 'money laundering' raids

A Melbourne law firm raided by the Victoria Police anti-bikie taskforce last week has been seized from its partners and placed in the hands of a manager chosen by the legal regulator.

South Melbourne firm Stanton Grant Legal was one of dozens of homes and businesses raided as part of an investigation into alleged money laundering by the Comacheros outlaw motorcycle gang.

The Legal Services Board has now appointed Howard Rapke, a managing partner at the law firm Holding Redlich, as manager of Stanton Grant Legal, giving him control of the day-to-day running of the firm.

Mr Rapke confirmed the appointment, but told the ABC he could not comment on why the board had installed him and how long he would have control of the practice.

The board can install a manager if it feels the interests of a firm's clients need safeguarding.

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Bikie boss Mick Murray jailed for refusing to aid authorities

(video)---COMANCHEROS outlaw bikie boss Michael Murray has been jailed for contempt, after refusing to co-operate with Victorian authorities, saying “I’m not a dog”.

The 40-year-old was hauled before Victoria’s chief examiner to be quizzed about four serious alleged offences in March last year.


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Hells Angel founding member Chris Coelho dies in road smash

CHRIS “Ball Bearing’’ Coelho — a founding member of the Hells Angels in Australia — has died.

Coelho, who was an integral part of the Hells Angels legendary rock n’ roll festivals in Broadford, was killed in a car accident near Kew on Friday.

His wife, Dee, said it was a shock and that her husband had also been battling health issues for some time.



But Dee said he would be remembered for the mark he left, especially on the Australian music scene.

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Bandidos bikie gang making bid for Border turf

THE Bandidos are attempting to establish a new chapter in Albury-Wodonga, according to police.

The news came to light during a case in Albury Local Court following the formation of a strike force last August.

If successful, the outlaw gang would join the Black Uhlans and Gypsy Jokers, which both have local clubhouses.

The Albury Drug Squad and members of Strike Force Raptor, which targets bikies, conducted multiple raids against Bandidos members and associates in Albury in November and December.