OMCG arrests after being together in public place, SA

Three members of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang have been arrested for being participants in a criminal organisation present in a public place, according to SA Police.

The investigation by police will allege the three men were together on Saturday 13 January at a licensed premises in Glenelg.

Two of the men also breached bail conditions not to communicate with each other.

A 40-year-old man from Seaton and a 34-year-old man from Redwood park were arrested and charged as participants in a criminal organisation being knowingly present in a public place, and breach of bail.

A 35-year-old man from Golden Grove was charged as a participant in a criminal organisation being knowingly present in public place with two or more other participants.

All three have been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 7 March.


Outlaw bikie blitz: Peter Dutton’s visa laws deport 158 bikies

ALMOST 160 foreign-born bikies have been booted out of Australia since tough new laws were introduced three years ago, the Sunday Herald Sun can reveal.

The drive to deport bikies has been led by newly appointed Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

It involves state and federal police working with intelligence agencies.

Being an outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) member or associate of an organisation reasonably suspected of being involved in crime is sufficient for a visa cancellation on character grounds.

Rebels gang member AJ Graham latest bikie to be deported


Gypsy Jokers not laughing after booze seized

A MASSIVE party planned by the Gypsy Joker bikie gang will be a very tame affair after cops seized drugs and $21,000 worth of booze.

Officers took away 246 cases of beer and 146 bottles of spirits as well as dope and methamphetamines which police suspect were to be used for the party at their clubhouse in Horsley Park, Western Sydney.

Police took away 246 cases of beer and 146 bottles of spirits as well as dope and methamphetamines.

It’s believed 47 of the bikers made the trek from Perth to Sydney before police busted them yesterday and arrested and charged four men with possession of cannabis.

They also issued four defect notices for motorbikes and nine traffic infringements.

One man was charged with driving a tow truck without an authorised licence and fined $516.


Finks Instagram account gives insight into the life of members of the outlaw motorcycle gang

THE Finks MC is one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia. An Instagram account gives insight to the life of members of the club.

SINCE being founded in Adelaide in 1969, The Finks motorcycle club has grown to become one of the most violent and notorious gangs with chapters all across the country.

A 2012 affidavit filed by the head of Task Force Hydra revealed the strict guidelines members of the gang are forced to follow, which includes things like owning a motorbike that is 650cc or over, banning all women and ensuring only full patch members may have club tattoos.


Alleged high-ranking Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members arrested at Chisholm and Cameron Park under strike force batterson

Two men alleged to be high-ranking members of the Finks have been arrested following police investigations into criminal outlaw motorcycle gang activity in the Hunter.

Police executed search warrants at homes at Chisholm and Cameron Park about 6.30am Friday.

During the search, officers allegedly seized prohibited drugs, cash and a prohibited weapon.

Two men were arrested in relation to investigations into an affray in Maitland in early December.

Officers also conducted five firearm prohibition order searches as part of the operation on members of the Finks, Rebels and Nomads OMCGs.

The operation came as part of Strike Force Batterson, which was jointly established by State Crime Command’s Criminal Group Squad Strike Force Raptor and Northern Region police to investigate violent activity by those associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the Hunter.


Rebels bikies walk away laughing after trials end in not guilty

THEY were supposed to be the trials that gutted the Rebels bikie gang and put a swag of its members ­behind bars.

Instead, all four accused Rebels were acquitted in one case, the eight accused were found not guilty in the other and a prominent bikie will get a payout, which could be well into the six figures, from taxpayers to cover his legal costs.

Both marathon cases involved ­Rebels bikies on trial for allegedly shooting, beating and torturing ­fellow members — but it seems the jury did not believe the witnesses.

Rishaad Christian told the court he was the sergeant of arms of the Rebels Penrith chapter at the time he was shot.


Feared Dutch-based Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang Satudarah returns to Australia to set up chapters


A year after they were confidently declared purged from Australia, a feared Dutch-based Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang is actively back in the country and actually trying to expand.

The revelation comes as the level of intelligence reporting of OMCG gangs in Australia more than triples in the past 12 months with warnings OMCGs still pose the greatest community risk in the nation.

Satudarah, which had set up in south east Queensland, South Australia and NSW in 2015, were raided in January last year with a clubhouse in Sydney shut down and drugs and firearm components seized and police confidently declaring they believed that was it.


Rebels motorcycle gang constitution called 'juvenile' and 'poorly written' by NT justice

The Rebels bikie gang constitution has been made public by a Northern Territory justice, who slammed it as "juvenile, sexist" and "poorly written".

Justice Jenny Blokland sentenced sergeant-at-arms Shannon Althouse, 31 and president Andrew Summerfield, 24, on Wednesday to a collective 15 years in jail for ordering a brutal reprisal attack with hatchets and machetes on the wrong man, to which they pleaded guilty.

The attack left the unintended victim with serious injuries and psychological damage akin to post traumatic stress disorder, the court heard.

The constitution was tendered to the NT's Supreme Court in Darwin during their sentencing hearing, during which Justice Blokland said the constitution had been submitted to the court as evidence.


Two senior members of Darwin chapter of Rebels outlaw motorcycle club sentenced to seven years’ jail for ordering axe attack

TWO senior members of the Darwin chapter of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang have been sentenced to seven years’ jail for ordering a revenge axe attack on a rival.

President Andy Summerfield, 24, and sergeant-at-arms Shannon Althouse, 31, pleaded guilty to giving the order to attack Tyrone Kerslake on October 5 last year.

But in a case of mistaken identity, their underlings targeted Kerslake’s flatmate Bradley Jewell instead.

In a victim impact statement Justice Jenny Blokland read from during sentencing, Mr Jewell said the beating – which resulted in wounds including a chipped vertebrae and multiple skull fractures – left him experiencing frequent flashbacks and “physically incapable of functioning as he did before the attack”.

“He talks about the excruciating pain, that he just wanted to pass out during the attack, he talks about the blood and that he was so scared he thought he was going to die,” she said.


'Not there for the wine': Warnings of potential bikie gang war on Tasmanian turf

The arrival of a third major outlaw bikie gang in Tasmania has prompted a warning that a turf war in the state is only a matter of time.

The numbers of bikies in Tasmania are increasing — estimates say there are now about 250 fully-fledged gang members.

The latest to establish a presence is The Bandidos, but despite the growing number of bikie clubs and members, police are adamant they have not lost the war.

A national run by the Rebels outlaw gang in October prompted Police Commissioner Darren Hine to warn that "bikie gangs are not welcome in Tasmania".

The following month, rival gang The Bandidos held its national run in Tasmania.