Nomads charged after weekend of brawls and shooting at Islington clubhouse

FIRST came the steel bar attack on a man working out at the gym. Second came the glassing at a pub in Honeysuckle. Then came the hail of gunfire.

Three men with links to the Nomads bikie gang have been charged after a trail of terror that began at a gym in Kotara and ended with a spray of bullets on the Nomads' clubhouse at Islington.

In the latest public spat involving the region's bikie community, it is alleged Blake Martin, 26, of Branxton used a steel bar to attack a member of the rival Finks gang at the Bradford Close gym on Friday at 4.30pm. The victim, a 26-year-old man from New Lambton, suffered a suspected broken arm.

In a second incident on Saturday night, a 40-year-old Sydney man was allegedly glassed in the side of the neck by another alleged Nomads bikie at a hotel in Honeysuckle about 7.30pm.

Police said that man suffered deep cut to his neck and fell to the ground, where his head was allegedly stomped on.


Port Phillip Prison locked down after bikies stabbed in brawl

Port Phillip Prison is in lockdown after a fight erupted between members of rival outlaw motorcycle gangs armed with knives.

The vicious brawl between men linked to the Bandidos and Comanchero gangs broke out at 9.15am on Tuesday in the prison's gymnasium.

A prison source said the fight lasted more than two minutes, and left two men with non-life-threatening stab wounds.

Two guards are understood to have been overcome by capsicum spray, which was used to bring the skirmish under control.

A Victoria Police spokesman confirmed that two men had been taken to hospital with minor injuries during an altercation that involved up to seven inmates.

The incident is the subject of an investigation by police and Corrections Victoria. The probe is expected to focus on why rival gang members had not been segregated to avoid an outbreak of violence.


Burly mourners carry coffin of slain Hells Angels bikie 'Blackie' through heavy Sydney rain - after he was shot dead as he slept in bed with a woman while his wife was in Thailand

  • Kemel Barakat, 29, was found shot dead in his Mortlake apartment on Friday 
  • There was a heavy police presence as mourners attended his funeral service 
  • He was reportedly buried at Rookwood Cemetery on Thursday afternoon 
  • Police are investigating if Mr Barakat was killed over his rumoured role in the death of hitman Hamad Assaad 

Hundreds of mourners gathered to farewell a Hells Angel bikie associate known as ‘Blackie’ who was shot dead as he slept.


Victoria Police to get tough new search powers, criminals to face long prison terms

POLICE would get unprecedented search powers and criminals would face long prison terms under a radical State Government plan to smash the scourge of gun crime.

There has long been alarm at the availability of guns in Melbourne, and their use: there were more than 30 shootings during the gangland wars.

Gangs have also carried out regular drive-by shootings hits in the northern suburbs.

And organised crime figures linked to tattoo parlours have been involved in a spate of non-fatal shootings in recent months.

Now, the Victorian Government is working on powers allowing police to put people of concern on Firearms Prohibition Orders, banning them from possessing guns.

Police could search anyone on an order without a warrant, and prison terms of up to 14 years could be imposed for breaches of an FPO.


Hells Angels bikie walking on Gold Coast Highway with $40k stashed in pillowcase

(video)--A HELLS Angels bikie has walked free from Southport Watchhouse after police allegedly found him walking along Gold Coast Highway at Miami with more than $40,000 cash in a pillowcase.

Police say just before 10am on Saturday, officers located the man carrying the cash and a key to a rental car.

A HELLS Angel bikie has been charged after police found him walking along the Gold Coast Highway at Miami with more than $40,000 is cash in a pillowcase. Picture: Queensland Police.

Officers from Palm Beach station later found the car outside an address in Miami and officers from Taskforce Maxima searched the vehicle to discover about 500 grams of ice and a further $75,000 in cash hidden in the padding of the back seat of the car.


Finks outlaw motorcycle gang members arrested in drug, gun raids

POLICE have charged 13 people, including members and associates of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang as part of an investigation into drug supply in the state’s southwest.

Strike Force Hun was implemented last year by the State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad to target the Finks OMCG and their associates.

A high-ranking Finks boss was arrested in December last year during a vehicle stop at Forest Hill, near Wagga Wagga in the state’s southwest, where police seized half a kilogram of methylamphetamine, an ounce of cocaine and cash.

Guns seized at Coolamon. Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad set up Strike Force Hun to target the Finks outlaw bikies and associates in the Riverina. Picture: Police Media.


Slain NSW bikie's father fought killer

The father of a Comancheros motorcycle gang member who was gunned down in Wollongong has described the moment he confronted his son's killer with a garden stake.

Slobodan Janceski's 32-year-old son Darko was shot three times and killed by a motorcyclist in the front yard of the Janceski family's Berkeley home in April 2012.

Matthew Paul Wiggins, 28, is on trial in the NSW Supreme Court charged with murder, alongside Robert Nikolovski, 43, who accused of being an accessory.

Mr Janceski was at home when his son was shot and raced outside.

On Wednesday he told the NSW Supreme Court how he risked his life to confront the gunman while armed only with the metal garden pole.

'I hit him on the helmet and the helmet flew away and the glasses as well,' Mr Janceski said, adding that the assailant was wearing a balaclava.

'Then he jumped from the bike and the bike fell down ... we wrestled and somehow the bar was dropped or he took it off (me).'


Canberra's lack of anti-gang laws attracting bikies, Chief Police Officer warns

Canberra has become attractive to bikies because it does not have the same anti-gang laws the rest of the eastern seaboard does, the ACT's top cop has warned.

What are anti-consorting laws?

Anti-consorting laws are designed to make it more difficult for gang members to associate with other bikies.

New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory all have their own versions of the legislation. 

In NSW, for example, you can be jailed for three years if you repeatedly speak to two or more convicted offenders after being warned not to by police.

In Queensland it recently became illegal to wear bikie club colours in public.


Chief Police Officer Justine Saunders told ABC News outlaw motorcycle gangs were a growing threat in one of Australia's "safest cities".


Police monitored outlaw bikie gangs during a ride in the North-West last weekend

Tasmania Police undertook activities to monitor members of an outlaw motorcycle club from Melbourne who took part in a ride in the North-West at the weekend. 

Bikie headquarters: The Outlaws Motorcycle Club at East Devonport.

Bikie headquarters: The Outlaws Motorcycle Club at East Devonport.

Deputy Commissioner Scott Tilyard said about 20 “Foolish Few” members arrived in Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

Deputy Commissioner Tilyard said no arrests were made. 


Adelaide man Paul Burgess faces deportation after two months with Comancheros bikie gang

A man who spent two months as a member of the Comancheros bikie gang four years ago is facing deportation back to the UK, where he has not been since he was two.

Key points:

  • Paul Burgess moved to Australia with his family in 1986 when he was two
  • He was a member of the Comancheros for two months in 2013
  • He's now facing deportation and is being held in an immigration detention centre


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stripped Adelaide man Paul Burgess, 33, of his permanent residency in June last year as part of a nationwide purge to deport serious criminals without citizenship.

But in September last year when Mr Burgess appealed against the visa cancellation and won, Mr Dutton instantly re-issued the cancellation, this time with no reference to his bikie links.