Nomads make return to Ottawa

Hells Angels Ontario chapter disbanded in 2016 after turf war with Quebec gang

The Hells Angels Nomads are making their comeback in the Ottawa area for the first time since violent in-fighting in the summer of 2016 forced them to lie low, according to information obtained by Radio-Canada.

According to anonymous police sources, the Ottawa-based Ontario Nomads chapter recently obtained a new charter from the Hells Angels, but will need to be careful not to encroach on territory ruled by Quebec Hells Angels.

'The Hells Angels do not hesitate to take out their weapons to protect their territories.' - André Cédilot, author

For two decades the Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels based in Sherbrooke enjoyed massive profits from drug sales in Ottawa and Sudbury.


Deadly dilemma: Gangster who shot Hells Angel told kill yourself, be killed or we kill your family

(video-audio)--Hours after shooting Hells Angel Bob Green, Jason Wallace found himself alone with an unimaginable choice.

Devastated, drunk and high on drugs, the 856 gangster had driven to a spot near Harrison Lake where he had previously camped.

He called his friend Justin to talk. But someone else took over the phone.

The mystery man gave Wallace two options: He could kill himself. Or he could turn himself in to the Hells Angels and they would do it for him.

If he didn’t, his family would be executed.

It took Wallace until the next day — Oct. 17, 2016 — to make a different choice.

Just after 9:30 a.m., he placed a distraught 911 call during which he confessed to killing Green at a drug-fuelled 19-hour party in a makeshift gang clubhouse.

And he told police his family was in danger.


Black Pistons biker clubhouse seized

For the second time in three months, a Niagara biker gang has lost its clubhouse.

On Tuesday, Superior Court of Justice Judge Joesph Henderson ruled the Black Pistons clubhouse on Page Street in St. Catharines is to be forfeited to the Ontario government because it was used as a base for a drug-trafficking operation.

Noting that at least one member of the gang, Isaac Lucas, used the clubhouse “as a base for illegal drug transactions and that illegal drugs that were intended to be used in drug trafficking were stored on the premises,” Henderson ordered the building be seized from its owner Dan Carley, a one-time lottery winner and former Black Pistons probationary member.

Carley had asked the courts not to allow the seizure — it was requested by the Crown after a 2013 Niagara Regional Police investigation — because he was not complicit in illegal activity at the clubhouse.


Former Manitoba Hells Angels president denied parole

A former president of the Hells Angels in Manitoba has been denied both day and full parole.

The decision came down on Wednesday.

Dale Sweeney, 47, was deemed to be a “risk to society” by the Parole Board of Canada.

According to parole board documents, Sweeney is serving a second federal sentence of 10 years for “Instruct Commission of Offence for a Criminal Organization and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.”

Hells Angels

The documents state Sweeney had a previous criminal record of “crimes of violence, theft, fraud, attempting to obstruct justice and most recently in 2002 discharge firearm with intent.” (Source: flickr)



Hells Angels hold 40th anniversary bash in St-Marc-Sur-Richeliu sugar shack

One of the world’s most notorious biker gangs is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in Quebec with some of the province’s traditional food and local officials said they’re confident security will be sufficient.

The Hells Angels gathered at the Handfield Sugar Shack in St-Marc-Sur-Richelieu on Saturday. Local city councillor Pascal Smith said the city was only made aware of the event on Friday.

“We don’t usually have to be aware of everything going on in St-Marc,” he said. “As far as we’re concerned, it’s just a group of people having a gathering.”

Smith said responsibility for monitoring the situation is the jurisdiction of the Surete du Quebec and no extra local resources will be used.

“We trust the SQ will do its work,” he said. “We don’t see a problem with the security with the event.”

He added that it’s not the first time the Hells Angels have descended on the town but no problems were reported in those prior instances.


Even a stay of proceedings for the Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta

The former leader of the Hells Angels, Salvatore Cazzetta, has received a Christmas gift in advance, on Wednesday morning at the palais de justice of Montreal, enjoying his third stop of the procedures in six years.

The biker 61-year-old was awaiting trial, expected in the winter of 2018, faces a charge of concealment of a sum of money from the crime since his arrest in the operation Mastiff, in November 2015.

This charge was eventually dropped by the Crown, Wednesday, and judge Daniel Bédard has immediately released the Hells nicknamed “The Beard” in the criminal underworld.

21 months in jail

The prosecution has not justified its decision. However, on the 11th of last August, prosecutors had agreed with the defence, before the tribunal, that if Cazzetta was to be found guilty of handling stolen goods after a trial, he would have already served his sentence.


Ontario Hells Angel gets bail on N.S. conspiracy charges

A member of the Hells Angels from Ontario has been granted bail on drug-related charges he faces in Nova Scotia.

Mark David Heickert, 48, of Orillia was arrested in Ontario a month ago during a series of police raids against the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Heickert and an Eastern Shore man — Paul Francis Monahan, 61, of Ostrea Lake — are jointly charged with four counts of conspiracy to traffic cocaine and one of conspiracy to possess proceeds of crime.

The Crown consented to Heickert’s release this past week in Dartmouth provincial court on a $15,000 recognizance that included a cash deposit of $10,000.

Judge Alanna Murphy ordered Heickert to remain in Ontario except when attending court and to report to a police officer in Nova Scotia by telephone every Monday and Friday.


Marc Bordage, one of Quebec's most wanted, nabbed in downtown Montreal

Marc Bordage was one of nine people were never found during Operation SharQc, a roundup of more than 100 biker gang members in April 2009.

A man who was on the lam for more than eight years was arrested in downtown Montreal on Thursday.

Numerous reports said the Sûreté du Québec arrested Marc Bordage on Thursday afternoon, though the police force would not confirm his name when asked. Bordage was one of nine people never found during Operation SharQc, a roundup of more than 100 biker gang members in April 2009.

He was apprehended near Phillips Square by SQ officers with the help of the Montreal Police special weapons and tactical squad.


Hells Angel posts $7,000 cash bail on drug-related charges

A Hells Angels member from the Eastern Shore has been granted bail on a slew of drug-related charges.

Paul Francis Monahan, 61, of Ostrea Lake near Musquodoboit Harbour, was arrested Nov. 1 in conjunction with a series of police raids in Nova Scotia and Ontario that targeted the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Monahan appeared in Dartmouth provincial court Wednesday for a bail hearing. Crown attorney Mike Taylor consented to his release after he posted cash bail of $7,000.

Monahan faces 15 charges of trafficking marijuana, one of possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking and one of possession of proceeds of crime.


Hells Angels might lose clubhouse in Welland, but police warn the gang's still active

Using mostly bikers from out-of-town chapters to bolster their numbers, the gang has begun to establish a presence in Niagara Falls

The home of one of Niagara’s most notorious criminal organizations may soon face the wrecking ball.

Lawyers representing the owners of the Hells Angels clubhouse on Darby Road in Welland, Ont., have until Dec. 6 to appeal a ruling that the building be forfeited to the Ontario government. If they don’t appeal or an appeal fails, the fortified building will likely be demolished, police sources tell The Standard.

However, police say the destruction of the building that was once the centre of the Hells Angels empire on wheels in Niagara doesn’t mean the gang has gone extinct.

Using mostly bikers from out-of-town chapters to bolster their numbers, the gang has begun to establish a presence in Niagara Falls, police say.