Bikers gather to oppose 'fear mongering' by police, 'pandering' by premier

We 'will not be intimidated' says bikers' group, citing charter rights

A group which says it represents clubs and independent motorcyclists in Atlantic Canada says it "vehemently opposes the government's attempts to erode the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the sons and daughters of P.E.I."

The statement was posted on the group's Facebook page after about 100 people, including some wearing various motorcycle club jackets, met at Hot Shots Sports Bar, Saturday in Charlottetown.

About 15 RCMP and city police officers stood nearby and watched.


Heavy police presence as bikers meet in Charlottetown

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Police forces from P.E.I. and other Maritime regions kept a close eye on a gathering of bikers in Charlottetown Saturday afternoon.

A group of about 100 bikers, ranging from members of outlaw motorcycle clubs to independent riders from across the Maritimes, took part in an Atlantic Confederation of Clubs (ACC) meeting at Hot Shots lounge to discuss discrimination against bikers.

While members were entering the bar, a large police presence remained in the parking lot taking photographs.

The Guardian approached several members and asked if they were willing to discuss the issue of biker discrimination.

Although those individuals declined, one biker later told police and media they were allowed to join the meeting.


Outlaw motorcycle gangs on P.E.I. subject of Premier’s address

A session on the topic of motorcycle gangs hosted by Premier Wade MacLauchlan will be held today at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology on the campus of Holland College, getting underway at 10 a.m.


The Guardian will have live coverage of the session on its website at The Guardian’s Teresa Wright will also be live tweeting the event. Follow Teresa at GuardianTeresa using the hashtag #PEIOMG, which is the acronym police using for Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

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B.C. judge rules on trial-delay application for Hells Angels convicted in drug case

A bid by two members of the Hells Angels and two of their associates to set aside their convictions in a major cocaine conspiracy owing to trial delay was dismissed by a judge Wednesday.

In September, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Carol Ross found Hells Angels David Giles and Bryan Oldham and their associates, Shawn Womacks and James Howard, guilty in the drug case.

Following the convictions, the offenders applied to have a judicial stay of proceedings on the grounds that an unreasonable delay in their case had violated their rights.


Hells Angel David Giles

Hells Angel David Giles. PROVINCE


UPDATED: Man charged in tattoo shop arson previously arrested over Outlaw gang activity

A 29-year-old Regina man who faces charges over a July 2016 tattoo shop arson had previously been arrested in Ontario during a police investigation into the Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

On Jan. 12, Kelly Ryan Powell was charged with arson causing damage to property, and with uttering threats, in relation to the July 4 overnight blaze at the Gaslight Tattoo Parlour on the 1300 block of Saskatchewan Drive. After police and fire units responded to the scene, the fire was determined to have been started deliberately.

Powell made his first appearance on the matter at Regina Provincial Court on Jan. 13, and has been remanded in custody.

He also faces mischief, theft and possession of weapons charges in a Barrie, Ont. court on Thursday in relation to a July 29, 2016 incident in which a gas station ATM was broken into in broad daylight near Parry Sound, Ontario. 


Biker gang rolls into town – Outlaws open clubhouse on Princess St.

video---Kingston – For years, Kingston has marketed itself as a place to do business. Centrally located between Montreal and Toronto with border crossings close by. But it seems that marketing ploy has also caught the attention of a notorious biker gang.
The Outlaws — the world’s third largest motorcycle club — have set up a clubhouse in this non-descript building — across from the Kingston Centre.
The only signage is this Harley Davidson logo and a warning not to take photography of any kind.
According to a former cop and expert on biker gangs, a chapter usually starts with 6 members on probation — before being elevated to full ‘patch’ status after a year.
The Outlaws aren’t hiding the fact they are opening a chapter in the Limestone City — it’s listed on their website.


Hit man from Hamilton travelled to B.C. after contract taken out on full-patch member of Hells Angels

A high-profile Hells Angel from B.C. was the target of a murder attempt by a purported Hamilton hitman, Postmedia News has learned.

B.C.’s anti-gang agency announced late Friday that two Ontario men had been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder in separate plots that targeted two Metro Vancouver men in the spring of 2015.

Neither of the alleged victims was named by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

However, on Monday Postmedia obtained a copy of the indictment that alleges one of the men charged, Knowah Truth Ferguson, attempted to kill Hells Angel Damion Ryan with a firearm in Richmond on April 10, 2015.


Judge to decide Hells Angel’s intentions in planned drug deal

Closing arguments have wrapped up in the drug trial of Rob Allen, and a judge must now decide the Hells Angels member’s intentions to deal drugs as part of a planned cocaine sale.

The 36-year-old's trial, which began in December, resumed Monday morning in Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench after both the Crown and defence submitted written closing arguments weeks ago.

Allen was arrested and charged, alongside 13 others, as part of the January 2015 Project Forseti raids in Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Hells Angels: Questions fly after ‘Teflon biker’ gaming case fizzles

A high-profile, multimillion-dollar gambling bust three years ago has sent one Londoner to jail and two more to trial, but allowed the former head of the city’s Hells Angels to keep his clean record.

The quiet withdrawal of charges against Robert Barletta last fall, the same day his trial began, adds to his reputation as the “Teflon biker” but raises many questions, biker analyst Yves Lavigne said.

“It’s highly suspect that a case in which police spent so many resources would end with the Crown withdrawing charges,” he said.

No one could blame those in Ontario’s underworld for thinking either the police messed up or Barletta played some get-out-of-jail-free card, Lavigne said.

“How can the cops bring to court the former president of the London chapter of the Hells Angels without having done their job properly? It’s incredible to me the former president would be free.”


Black Piston sentenced nine years

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Isaac Lucas, the second man in charge of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club in St. Catharines, has been sentenced to nine years in jail for his involvement in a major drug dealing operation that had links to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Following a lengthy trial last summer, Lucas, 39, was found guilty of three charges, conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, conspiracy to traffic in heroin, and trafficking in cocaine.