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As gang informant sues government over Witness Protection Program treatment, authorities want case sealed from public view

His secret cooperation led to the fall of numerous gang members, but Noel Harder says the Witness Protection Program felt like a 'death sentence'

Noel Harder, who is suing the Crown and RCMP for allegedly failing to keep him safe after he turned on his gangland associates, is now trying to stop the Canadian government from hiding his lawsuit from public view.

Once a high ranking member of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club, Harder was the star witness in Project Forseti, a police and RCMP operation against the Hells Angels, Fallen Saints and others in Saskatoon that saw more than 200 guns and $8 million in drugs seized in January 2015.

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RCMP warns increased presence of outlaw motorcycle gang members expected in central this weekend

The RCMP is alerting the public of an expected increase in the presence of outlaw motorcycle gang members in central Newfoundland this weekend.

Staff Sgt. Steve Conohan of RCMP Criminal Intelligence said the public may see groups of riders on the roads and highways, and within communities. 

“Outlaw motorcycle gangs are known to be involved in illegal activities, despite their attempts to present themselves as good community citizens,” Conohan said. “We urge the public not to engage with them. Instead, we ask that any sightings or suspected illegal activity be reported to the police.”

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Two Hells Angels arrested in crackdown on alleged drug ring in Quebec

Quebec provincial police say two Hells Angels members have been arrested in a crackdown on an alleged drug trafficking ring in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Police say those arrested include the alleged head of the network, Bernard Plourde, who is described as a member in good standing of the gang’s Trois-Rivieres chapter.

In a release, police say the 55-year-old Plourde is facing charges of drug trafficking, conspiracy and gangsterism.

Police say a warrant was executed at his Saguenay-area home and that vehicles belonging to Plourde were also seized.

Another Hells Angels member, Jean-Francois Bergeron, of Desbiens, was also arrested along with two other men.

Provincial police say the arrests are the second phase of an operation dubbed Nocif (Toxic) aimed at dismantling a vast network.


Last November, authorities made 24 arrests in the Saguenay region as well as Montreal and the Monteregie area in southwestern Quebec.

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More than 300 tickets issued during annual Hells Angels meet

The Sûreté du Québec issued more than 300 tickets and one man was arrested in an otherwise uneventful weekend as hundreds of members of the Hells Angels gathered in the small community of St-Charles-sur-Richelieu southeast of Montreal for the biker gang's annual Canada Run meeting.

The Sûreté du Québec issued more than 300 tickets and one man was arrested in an otherwise uneventful weekend as hundreds of members of the Hells Angels gathered in the small community of St-Charles-sur-Richelieu southeast of Montreal for the biker gang’s annual Canada Run meeting.

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Shooting victim's biker past not connected to his death, family says

Donnie Robichaud was a full-patch member of Bacchus until one year ago, according to his family

A Fredericton shooting victim left Bacchus Motorcycle Club a year before his death, aiming to spend more time with his two teenage sons.

But his family says Donnie Robichaud's biker past is not connected to the shooting that took his life.

"He was away from his sons a lot and he wanted more time with them," said his wife, Melissa Robichaud.

"He felt like a bad father. He felt like a bad husband."

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Hells Angels arrive in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu for annual gathering

Members of the Hells Angels biker gang and their sympathizers have begun arriving in Quebec for a weekend gathering.

Authorities ramped up checkpoints and their overall presence today in the southwestern Quebec region where gang members will be staying.

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The Canada Run, the Hells’ annual gathering, is being held this year in St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, southeast of Montreal.

Authorities say some 500 full-patch Hells members and up to 200 sympathizers are expected to attend.

Police were keeping tabs today on who was coming into the area before allowing them to proceed.

The gathering is being held in Quebec for the first time since 2008.

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OPP eyes Outlaws-Hells Angels rift as murder-plot charges dropped

The Ontario Provincial Police biker unit is keeping a watchful eye on London’s shifting motorcycle gang landscape after a murder-plot charge against the Outlaws’ local chapter president was recently withdrawn, says the OPP squad’s leader.

The Crown last month withdrew a charge of counselling to commit murder against Ryan Daigneault, 42, just one week before he was scheduled to go to trial.

Two members of the Hells Angels – the dominant biker gang in London and the longtime rival of the Outlaws – were the intended targets of the alleged hit, according to sources and court documents obtained by The Free Press.

“We’re very aware of the issues between the rival gangs. We will continue to monitor whether this release has an impact,” said Det.-Staff Sgt. Anthony Renton, the head of the OPP biker enforcement unit.

“And if it does increase tensions, it’s part of our function to try to establish that information.”

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Hundreds of Hells Angels expected in St-Hyacinthe this week

It is a way for them to plant their flag and show off their colours. ... It is also a chance for us to show off our colours," the SQ says.

Anywhere between five and seven hundred people tied to the Hells Angels are expected to roll into St-Hyacinthe this week for what could turn out to be the biker gang’s largest gathering in Canada.

The annual get-together, which the gang calls their Canada Run, is traditionally a peaceful event that some bikers have even brought their children to. But the police believe the Canada Run serves as a way for the Hells Angels, considered to be the most powerful criminal organization in Quebec, to remind their rivals and the public in general that the gang is alive and well in Canada.

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Hells Angels to hold annual ‘Field Day’ party in Waterloo

WATERLOO — An annual bash for outlaw bikers is set for later this month at a private property in Waterloo.

The summer Field Day event, which has a long-standing tradition in Waterloo, is a gathering of Hells Angels bikers, their associates and support groups, said Staff Sgt. Jason MacDonald, head of the intelligence unit with Waterloo Regional Police.

The invitation-only event has been held at a private home on Conservation Drive for more than 20 years, say police. In the past, up to 300 bikers have showed up to the party.

"The primary purpose on why we are there is public safety and highway safety," MacDonald said.

Although hundreds of bikers usually converge on the property, there have rarely been issues and police say they don't expect any problems this time either.

"We are not concerned about the party," MacDonald said.

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Biker landscape changing as Outlaws boss freed on charge

The president of the London Outlaws motorcycle club has walked away from a charge of organizing a hit on a member of the rival Hells Angels, The Free Press has learned.

The Crown withdrew the charge against Ryan Daigneault, 42, Thursday, one week before he was supposed to go to trial for counselling to commit murder.

Related firearm charges against co-accused Daniel Tranquair, 31, also were withdrawn.

The sudden release of Daigneault could change the already shifting biker landscape in Southwestern Ontario, with police warning recently of increased tensions between the two clubs.

The Hells Angels will not be pleased Daigneault was freed and will push for retribution, they say.

“The Hells Angels will lose credibility if nothing happens,” one longtime Outlaw biker said.

“This is a serious matter. There have been threats on both sides. This could be dangerous for the public, if it gets out of hand.”