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Calgary police admit internal investigation ‘fell far short’ in Hells Angels arrest

Calgary police brass are apologizing for the way they handled a decade-old use of force investigation after an inquiry by Alberta’s Law Enforcement Review Board criticized the force’s sloppy handling of the case, but found no evidence of attempts to whitewash the probe.

Last July, Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley ordered the oversight board to review how the Calgary Police Service responded to court concerns of perjury and assault stemming from the 2008 arrest of Hells Angels member Jason Arkinstall, which saw two officers charged.

Arkinstall was later acquitted by a provincial court judge in 2010 of uttering threats, and had charges of obstruction and assault dropped.

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Edmonton police constable suspected of leaking information to Hells Angels

Officer arrested Thursday and suspended without pay, police say


An Edmonton police officer has been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, city police said Friday.

CBC News has learned the female officer, a constable who worked out of downtown division, is suspected of leaking information to a Hells Angels associate.

The officer is not in custody.

In a media statement, police said the officer was arrested Thursday morning and has been relieved from duty without pay "pending confirmation from the Edmonton Police Commission."

The officer has been provided support and assistance from the employee and family assistance section, police said.

ASIRT issued a statement Friday afternoon confirming the investigation is ongoing. It said no charges have been laid.

EPS said it will not provide further comment because ASIRT is leading the investigation.

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Project Forseti informant facing 26 weapons charges

A former informant who helped Saskatoon police bring down organized criminals in the Project Forseti case is now facing 26 weapons-related charges.

Noel Harder, 39, was arrested Tuesday evening after police received reports of a man driving an SUV with a gun.

Police said in a release Wednesday morning they found the SUV parked near the intersection of Powe Street and Rayner Avenue around 5:45 p.m. and conducted a high-risk traffic stop.

The driver was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun, ammunition, a knife, an imitation firearm, bear spray, an axe and an undisclosed amount of fentanyl.

Harder was vice president of the Fallen Saints motorcycle gang and was working with the Hell’s Angels when he began working with police in Project Forseti.

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Police stall Hells Angel ride

Dozens of Hells Angels and associated motorcycle club members were pulled over by police on Kelowna's Glenmore Road Saturday, not long after the riders took off from the Kelowna Hells Angel's clubhouse on their annual Poker Run ride.

Upwards of 100 riders were seen pulled over on Glenmore Road, just north of Summit Drive at about noon. Earlier Saturday, the bikers had left from the Hells Angel's clubhouse in Kelowna's North End, on Ellis Street.

Photo: Contributed
Dozens of motorcycle riders were pulled over by police on Glenmore Road Saturday.

Police have yet to comment on the ride, or about their interaction with the riders on Glenmore. It's unclear if any arrests were made.

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Saskatoon police caution public about increased presence of Hells Angels

Members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club are converging on the city this weekend to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club's Saskatoon chapter.

The red and white will be flying frequently in Saskatoon this weekend as members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club are converging on the city to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club’s Saskatoon chapter.

City police say Hells Angels and their associates will be gathering in the city for the celebration and say members of the public can expect to see an increased presence from the motorcycle club from here in Saskatchewan and from right across Canada.

“The Saskatoon Police Service has an operational plan in place and additional policing resources will be on hand to ensure the safety of the public and all those involved,” says the Saskatoon Police Service news release.

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Murder victim's daughter rages as teen hitman sentenced as a youth

The daughter of a London homicide victim lashed out at her father's killer Monday after a judge rejected the Crown's request to sentence the teenager as an adult.

The daughter of a London homicide victim lashed out at her father’s killer Monday after a judge rejected the Crown’s request to sentence the teenager as an adult.

The 18-year-old, who can’t be identified because he was 15 when he gunned down Steve Sinclair, was sentenced to seven years – four in custody, three under community supervision — for second-degree murder.

The sentence sparked outrage from Sinclair’s daughter Sienna, who threw a ball of paper at the teen and swore at him inside the ninth-floor courtroom.

“I never get to see dad again. He gets seven years,” she sobbed as relatives restrained her.

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Hitman who tried to kill Hells Angel at Vancouver airport handed 11-year sentence

Knowah Ferguson, now 21, jailed for attempted murder and conspiracy for failed hit

An Ontario hitman has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for trying to kill a high-profile Hells Angel at Vancouver International Airport more than three years ago.

Knowah Ferguson, now 21, travelled from Ontario in March 2015 with plans to shoot Damion Ryan.

Ferguson was arrested two months after the failed hit in April 2015, and later pleaded guilty to attempted murder and conspiracy.

In sentencing, Justice Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten said sentencing was difficult because Ferguson was a young, first-time offender convicted of one of the most serious crimes under Canadian law.

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Never-ending war’: How Alberta is cracking down on the Hells Angels and the outlaw biker gangs that support them

(video) --- An orange glow on the horizon burnt off a light July fog as a surveillance unit with the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) monitored the movements of Shane Lance Daly early one morning.

For close to a year, police had been keeping tabs on the 39-year-old, a man they allege is a full-patch member of the Dirty Few Motorcycle Club, a known Hells Angels support club.

But on July 25, police were ready to take action.

Daly pulled his dusty charcoal-coloured Lincoln Navigator out of the Spruce Grove Tim Hortons tacked onto the Shell gas station just off Highway 16A.

It was just before 7 a.m. as he turned right onto Campsite Road then left onto the highway.

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Hamilton hitman sentenced for attempted murder of Hells Angel at Vancouver airport

Knowah Ferguson, 21, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison, minus time already served.

Given the credit for time already served, he’ll spend six more years behind bars.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Damion Ryan of the Hells Angels at Vancouver International Airport on April 10, 2015, and conspiracy to commit murder of a man who has not been identified.

In a statement, the Combined Forces and Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. said investigators believe the incident was a highly planned and targeted attempt that saw contracted hitmen travel to British Columbia from Ontario for the purpose of killing the intended target.

It added, the attempt was unsuccessful and the intended target was unhurt

In the summer of 2015, charges were obtained against two men, Knowah Truth Ferguson of Hamilton, Ont., and Gino Gavin McCall, also of Hamilton, Ont.

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As gang informant sues government over Witness Protection Program treatment, authorities want case sealed from public view

His secret cooperation led to the fall of numerous gang members, but Noel Harder says the Witness Protection Program felt like a 'death sentence'

Noel Harder, who is suing the Crown and RCMP for allegedly failing to keep him safe after he turned on his gangland associates, is now trying to stop the Canadian government from hiding his lawsuit from public view.

Once a high ranking member of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club, Harder was the star witness in Project Forseti, a police and RCMP operation against the Hells Angels, Fallen Saints and others in Saskatoon that saw more than 200 guns and $8 million in drugs seized in January 2015.