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Quebec police investigating Hells Angels death threats against hockey legend Guy Lapointe

Quebec police say they are investigating after hockey legend Guy Lapointe was threatened by Quebec Hells Angels amid a national rise in tensions in the outlaw biker world.

According to Quebec media reports, the Hells Angels motorcycle gang threatened the lives of Insp. Guy Lapointe of the Sûreté du Québec, a provincial police spokesperson on outlaw bikers, and his father, Guy Lapointe Sr., 70, earlier this week.

The senior Lapointe is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame starred for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970s as a defenceman, winning six Stanley Cups.

The junior Lapointe has cut a high profile in the Quebec media as a spokesperson on biker issues. He commented frequently in the media in April during a massive police operation against the bikers called Operation Objection, when police arrested more than five dozen people across Quebec.

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Police concerned about rise of Hells Angels puppet clubs

NANAIMO — They arrived in unison, their faces covered by bandanas, and parked their Harleys in front of the old Hells Angels clubhouse here.

The patches on their backs said Los Diablos — The Devils — and featured the profile of a grim reaper with blood dripping from a fang.

Their bottom “rocker” stated their territory — the Tri-Cities.

And their presence at the invitation-only Hells Angels anniversary party this weekend established their bona fides as one of the HA’s newest puppet clubs.

Members of the Los Diablos, a puppet club of the Hell Angels, leave the Nanaimo Hell Angels’ clubhouse in Nanaimo, BC, July, 21, 2018. RICHARD LAM / PNG

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Rival biker gang threats at Port Dover concern police

OPP asking public for help to find out more about Friday the 13th incidents

WATERLOO REGION — Members of the Hells Angels and rival Outlaws came head to head in two separate incidents in Port Dover at last week's Friday the 13th bike event.

Police gave few details Friday except to say that in both incidents "there were threats of violence and intimidation between Hells Angels and Outlaw members."

The OPP want the public's help in finding out more information.

"There were rival gangs there and that was very concerning to us," said Det. Staff Sgt. Anthony Renton, head of the OPP biker enforcement unit.

Renton said Friday the 13th attracted more than 200,000 bike enthusiasts, most of them law-abiding.

Police wouldn't say where the bikers came from. In Waterloo Region, there is long-standing Hells Angels chapter and its support club, the Stolen Souls of Cambridge.

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Hells Angels still expanding after 35 years in B.C.

(video) --- As the Hells Angels mark their 35th anniversary with a party in Nanaimo this weekend, police say the group continues to expand in B.C. despite a series of high-profile arrests and convictions over the last decade.

More than 300 bikers from across Canada are expected to attend the Vancouver Island bash to celebrate the day the first three B.C. chapters were formed, July 23, 1983.

Since the 25th anniversary party in Langley a decade ago, members of B.C.’s most notorious gang have been murdered, shot, charged with murder and convicted of international drug smuggling, extortion, manslaughter and more.

The B.C. Hells Angels started with branches in Nanaimo, Vancouver and White Rock, but have now expanded to 10 chapters and 114 members, entry-level prospects and hang-arounds — the term used for men hoping to join the HA.

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OPP peg Friday the 13th crowd at 140,000 in Port Dover

(vid-photo gallery) --- This weekend's Friday the 13th motorcycle rally has lived up to expectations and is possibly the largest in the event's 37-year history.

PORT DOVER – This weekend’s Friday the 13th motorcycle rally has lived up to expectations and is possibly the largest in the event’s 37-year history.

“Right now it’s 12 noon and our crowd estimate is at 140,000,” said Const. Ed Sanchuk, spokesperson for the Norfolk OPP.

Previous rallies have approached 120,000 but authorities have never before gone on record with 140,000. And it is not at all clear that attendance had peaked at the time of the interview.

Indeed, at 1 p.m. Friday, authorities closed a section of the downtown to all traffic — including motorcycles — due to the crush of humanity.

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B.C. anti-gang cops will monitor Hells Angels anniversary bash in Nanaimo

(video) --- As many as 300 outlaw bikers will celebrate a Hells Angels’ anniversary in Nanaimo this weekend under the watchful eye of B.C.’s anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

In 1983, the biker gang put down roots in B.C. when they established chapters in Nanaimo, White Rock, Vancouver and East End Vancouver.

B.C.’s anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit says this weekend’s 35th anniversary ride will be attended by Hells Angels members along with several other outlaw motorcycle gang members and groups, and members of numerous Hells Angels support clubs.

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Sons of Anarchy blamed for rise in outlaw motorcycle gangs in N.S., RCMP say

They think the camaraderie is there based on the TV show and they're joining up,' says Const. Scott Morrison

Nova Scotia RCMP say membership in outlaw motorcycle gangs is on the rise in the province, thanks to the popularity of a television series that went off the air 3½ years ago.

"Ever since the phenomenon of Sons of Anarchy, more people want to join that life, [they] think it's a brotherhood, " said Const. Scott Morrison. "They think the camaraderie is there based on the television show and they're joining up."

Morrison was part of a presentation on biker gangs to the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners.

RCMP Const. Scott Morrison said many of the friend or support clubs in Nova Scotia are affiliated with either the Bacchus or the Hells Angels. (Radio-Canada)

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RCMP execute search warrant at Syndicate Motorcycle Club Red Deer clubhouse

Four people face charges including kidnapping, forcible confinement and drug charges

Four people face charges including kidnapping, forcible confinement and drug charges after an investigation by Didsbury RCMP into an alleged home invasion and kidnapping that had ties to an outlaw motorcycle gang.

On June 17, an alleged kidnapping and assault occurred wherein three suspects abducted two adult victims from a location in Olds. The victims were driven in their own vehicle to the Syndicate Motorcycle Club Clubhouse in Red Deer where one of them was assaulted. They were released and left from the clubhouse.

On June 29, three different suspects came to the same victims’ residence in Didsbury and broke into the house. The suspects stole the female victim’s car, and fled.

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Police expecting huge crowds for Port Dover Friday the 13th biker rally

Provincial police say they're expecting a large turnout today for Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

Police say to keep things orderly in the community on Lake Erie, some streets will be changed to one-way and traffic barricades will be put up in some areas.

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on Port Dover each Friday the 13th in a tradition that goes back to 1981 when a Port Dover motorcycle shop owner got together with some friends.

The events have drawn in excess of 100-thousand people in recent years and are a major source of income for Port Dover businesses.

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Don't support organized crime by buying biker gear in Port Dover: OPP

Provincial police are reminding people planning to attend Friday the 13th in Port Dover they could be unwittingly supporting organized crime groups by purchasing and wearing gear related to outlaw biker gangs.

They say the purchase of gang gear directly fuels illegal activities such as drug trafficking, violence, intimidation and human trafficking.

The O-P-P also says tensions between members of the Outlaws and the Hells Angels have been mounting.

And they say wearing any recognized gang-related clothing or paraphernalia may put people at risk of being targeted by rival outlaw motorcycle gang members.

Port Dover is on the north shore of Lake Erie, about an hour southwest of Hamilton.