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Body of motorcycle gang member found in driveway of Spring Hill home

SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) - Authorities are investigating the death of a motorcycle gang member after his body was found outside of a home in Spring Hill on Wednesday, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. 

Multiple agencies responded to a medical call in the 14800 block of Glenrock Road and found William James Earl, 32, deceased in the driveway with trauma to the body.

Investigators say Earl has documented ties to the Pagan Motorcycle Club, which was categorized by the FBI as an outlaw motorcycle gang.

"At this time, motive, including any connection to Pagan Motorcycle Club activities, is unknown and the investigation continues," the sheriff's office said in a news release. 

Further information was not immediately available.

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An Outlaws motorcycle club leader’s assassination adds to Tampa Bay’s bloody biker gang history

(videos) ---Murder, extortion, and throwing members off balconies are just some of the activities from the gang’s history.

Court documents that were recently made public revealed shocking facts about the 2017 assassination of Pasco Outlaws motorcycle club leader Paul Anderson, who was shot by rival gang members on motorcycles in rush hour traffic. The execution-style killing put law enforcement on high alert that a motorcycle gang war was brewing. It also led to numerous arrests. Some of the cases are inching toward trial.

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Violent feud led up to slaying of Pasco Outlaws leader. It started with stolen biker vests.

The 69’ers only injured their first target, a former firefighter, during a shooting in Hillsborough, prosecutors say

TAMPA — The 69'ers Motorcycle Club is a nationwide organization whose members pride themselves on being part of the one percent — that is, the small fraction of bikers who shirk society’s rules.

In the Tampa area, they called themselves the “Killsborough” chapter. Inductees adopted names like “Pumpkin” and “Durty” and “Big Beefy.”

They nurtured what prosecutors say was a criminal enterprise focused on narcotics distribution. Last year, according to a federal indictment, they graduated to murder.

Their target was Paul Anderson.

Anderson was president of the Cross Bayou chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the predominant one-percenter club in the eastern United States.

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Proceeds from Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally will go to hurricane victims

(video) --- PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. (WEAR) — For the last 17 years, Panama City has hosted the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally, but Hurricane Michael forced them to find a new place this year.

That new place is Pensacola Beach.

This weekend, thousands of motorcyclists are gathering there and 100 percent of the proceeds from the event will go to people impacted by the hurricane.

Greg and Jill Ward have been going to the Thunder Beach Rally for 12 years. They say this year’s event in Pensacola is smaller, but the focus is not the crowd.

"This is not even a drop in the hat, so we're just doing what we can to support them. We can't do much, but we do what we can,” Greg said.

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Shots fired outside Shots bar in downtown Orlando

1 taken into custody

ORLANDO, Fla. - A man who had been involved in an altercation fired a gun into the air outside a downtown bar early Monday morning, according to the Orlando Police Department.

No one was injured in the shooting, which was reported around 1:30 a.m. at Shots near Pine Street and Magnolia Avenue.

The incident began when Jason Simmons, 33, got into an altercation with another man outside the bar. That man said he tried to end the altercation after Simmons said, "I have a gun, I can get it right now," according to the report.

After that altercation, Simmons tried to go inside Shots but the security guard denied him entry because he had witnessed the altercation, the affidavit said. Simmons got angry and tried to fight the security guard and walked away. He returned a short time later with a gun, according to the report.

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Man accused of shooting at family in road rage incident

AUBURNDALE, Fla. -- A Louisiana man was arrested after police say he fired shots at a vehicle carrying a family of four.

  • Louisiana man accused of firing shots at family of four
  • Family was traveling down U.S. Highway 92 on Saturday
  • Man charged with four counts of attempted murder

Aaron Delaune, 25, of Slidell, Lousiana, is accused of shooting twice into a Dodge Durango as the family inside headed down U.S. Highway 92 in Auburndale.

“See one hole there, the other one here,” said Angel Tirado, as he showed us the bullet holes in his Durango.  “I couldn’t believe this.”

Tirado said he heard the shots, but thought they were shot into the air as a warning. 

“I was surprised at the mentality of the person, you know," Tirado said. "We didn’t do anything incorrectly. My signal was always on."

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NEW: Florida motorcycle gang members rounded up in federal meth bust

Members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club were among 16 people — most from Volusia and Flagler counties including Daytona Beach and Palm Coast — charged with conspiring to distribute methamphetamine, according to an indictment unsealed and announced on Thursday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Orlando.

The defendants are accused of conspiring to distribute “large quantities” of methamphetamine to individuals and groups in Central Florida. Those arrested include to members of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, an outlaw motorcycle gang, according to to the press release from the office of Maria Chapa Lopez, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida.

The release listed the names and cities of people indicted but did not say which of them are affiliated with the biker gang.

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Florida motorcycle gang members charged in death of rival

Five members of a Florida west coast motorcycle gang Friday were indicted in multiple crimes, including murder.

The Department of Justice's U.S. Attorney Office in Tampa announced the charges against five members of the 69'ers Motorcycle Club. Indicted were Christopher Brian Cosimano, aka "Durty," 30 of Gibstonton; Michael Dominick Mencher,  aka “Pumpkin,” 51, of Tarpon Springs; Allan Burt Guinto, aka “Big Beefy,” 27, Brandon; Erick Richard Robinson, aka “Big E,” 45, of Zephyrhills; and Cody James Wesling, aka “Little Savage,” 27, of Riverview.

They were indicted on multiple violent crimes in aid of racketeering activity, including conspiracy, murder, and assault with a dangerous weapon. They have also been charged with firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.

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Police credit visible presence for little trouble at Bikefest

LEESBURG — It may be a slight exaggeration, but police say you have to go out of your way to get arrested at Bikefest. If you really want to be fitted with stainless steel bracelets, there will be plenty of officers on hand to help.

“It’s a laid-back event and people don’t get ridiculously drunk,” said Leesburg Police Lt. Scott Mack. “You can usually count the number of arrests downtown on one or two hands,” he said.

Not bad, considering 150,000-plus motorcycle enthusiasts pour into the three-day event from Friday through Sunday.

“We have a very visible presence and an approachable presence,” Mack said.

Planning is everything, says Mack and Joe Shipes, executive vice president of the Leesburg Partnership, which puts on the event every year. Officially, planning begins in January, but it really takes place year-round, including looking at events around the country and the world.

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Court sides with cops on using biker photos in lobbying

Fighting a bill that would have allowed Floridians to openly carry guns, two Orange County sheriff’s officers in 2011 moved forward with a plan to give lawmakers a glimpse of some people who might be able to pack heat publicly.

The officers pulled together booking or driver’s license photos of “one percenters” — members of motorcycle clubs — who might be able to openly carry guns and provided the photos to the Senate Judiciary Committee.