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60 years for ‘calling shots’ in grisly death

A judge has sentenced a man to 60 years in prison after hearing a video statement of the defendant giving a detailed description of how he helped dismember and dispose of the body of a woman found in Greene County in 2013.

Brandon Chittum, 36, formerly of Alton, was sentenced Friday by Associate Judge Neil Schroeder after prosecutors introduced a taped statement that was excluded from the trial in which Chittum was found guilty of first-degree murder, dismembering a human body, and concealing a homicidal death.

Chittum was found guilty under the accountability theory, which holds that he helped participate in the act and was accountable for the acts of co-defendant Patrick Chase, who admitted to carrying out the killing.

Assistant Madison County State’s Attorney Crystal Uhe argued that Chittum deserved the same 70-year sentence as Chase was given for the crime. She had argued during the trial that Chittum coached Chase in killing Coats, his then-girlfriend.

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Motorcycle club tied to Miller County gun thefts

IBERIA, Mo. - The Miller County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating possible stolen guns incidents that could be tied to Bush Pilots Motorcycle Club members in Iberia, Missouri.

According to court documents filed on Wednesday, deputies were searching for stolen guns at a suspected stash house of Bruce D. Maylee, who is the president of the Bush Pilots Motorcycle Club. Deputies found 111 guns in the home as well as three black powder rifles. Two of the guns were found to be stolen, court documents said.

Deputies also searched Maylee's residence off of Highway 42 in Iberia and found a half pound of marijuana as well as meth. Dana Henderson was also charged in connection with the drugs at the residence.

Maylee had been found guilty of first-degree burglary in Cole County in August.

The Sheriff's Office has served three warrants in relation to the stolen guns, said Detective Kip Bartlett.

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Former biker gang member sentenced in Springfield meth case

A former member of the Galloping Goose outlaw motorcycle gang was sentenced Wednesday in a large-scale Springfield meth case.

Timothy Hall, 56, was sentenced by Judge Doug Harpool to a little more than nine years in federal prison after Hall pleaded guilty to participating in a meth distribution conspiracy.

Hall's sister spoke at the sentencing Wednesday afternoon, telling the judge that Hall was a good man.

The judge said he did not believe Hall was a major player in the drug ring — which investigators tied to at least 77 pounds of meth and 6 pounds of heroin — but he was a willing participant.

"We can't stop these drug conspiracies if good people allow themselves to be used," Harpool said.

Hall faced a possible life sentence after admitting he sold meth about 30 times during the conspiracy.

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Wentzville Police investigating bar brawl at Maggie Malone's


Wentzville Police said two people were injured after a bar fight at Maggie Malone's Saturday night. 

Investigators said they got a tip that there were members of the "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang" in town. 

"We began proactively conducting bar checks," said Lieutenant Dave Schoolcraft. 

He said around midnight they received a 911 call from Maggie Malone's on Wentzville Parkway for a fight involving 20 people. 

"When we got there several motorcycles were leaving. We were able to detain about six people," said Lt. Schoolcraft. "The fight started when a female patron said she was inappropriately touched by a  member of the 'Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.'"

Police said the victim couldn't identify that person in the group of people police detained. Everyone was released. 

Investigators said two people who were with the female were injured during the fight. 

No weapons were involved in the fight. 

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Law enforcement preps for Hells Angels to visit Lake of the Ozarks

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. - ABC 17 News has reached out to the Lake Ozark Police Chief, who has confirmed that Hells Angels, a motorcycle club, is expected to be in the lake area starting this weekend through Aug. 4.

300 to 600 people are expected to come into town. The police chief said that the entire staff will be working this weekend and that the Missouri State Highway Patrol is bringing in extra troopers.

Hells Angels members are apparently staying in motels throughout the lake area, but will also congregate near Mack's Creek.

The police chief said that he doesn't remember any significant problems when the club visited in the past.

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One man shot after fight at motorcycle club gathering in Callaway County

(video)--CALLAWAY COUNTY, Mo. - The Callaway County Sheriff's Office got a call that a man arrived at a hospital in Jefferson City with a gunshot wound around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

The victim, a 23-year-old from Jefferson City, was shot at a party in the 1800 block of State Road 94, just outside of Jefferson City in Callaway County.

The victim was transported to University Hospital in Columbia and was released after his injuries were treated.

The Sheriff's Office was joined by Jefferson City police, Holts Summit police and Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers.

When authorities arrived to the scene, several people were still there.

Deputies said that a motorcycle club was hosting a party with about 30 to 50 people in attendance. They said a fight broke out between several of the bikers.

The fight led to a shooting.

Deputies said most of the bikers were from St. Louis area and other states; few were from Callaway County.

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El Forastero Motorcycle Club holds food drive

On Nov. 19, the El Forastero Motorcycle Club in Milford held its annual Thanksgiving food drive for Dickinson County Upper Des Moines Opportunity Inc (UDMO). The club tries to go above and beyond, making sure that there is food for people of need in Dickinson County. It opened its doors to anyone who would like to come, enjoy great people, have a good time and support the food drive.

Organizations like this help support UDMO's food pantry. The clubs food drive was able to donate 2,000 pounds of food to the UDMO's pantry, which is at least double what it was last year.

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Man who pulled in front of deputies is accused of impeding chase; cyclist is accused of witness tampering

OSCEOLA, Mo. - A man from Stockton is charged with interfering with a law enforcement chase on Missouri 13 last summer. St. Clair County deputies were trying to stop two speeding motorcycles on July 16 when they say Jeremy Schies, 31, got in their way and then tried to cause a crash.

The chase started in Osceola when an officer tried to pull over two motorcyclists who were speeding north on Missouri 13. The bikers kept going seven miles to Lowry City and then turned back south. Several deputies joined the chase by that time. When the motorcyclists passed back through Osceola, deputies say, they were going about 135 miles per hour.

North of Collins, the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department says, the motorcycles passed a truck driven by Schies, who was pulling a trailer. Deputies said the truck switched lanes in front of a deputy to prevent the deputy from chasing the bikers.

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Suspect charged after motorcyclist shot in Franklin County

(video)--WASHINGTON, Mo. ( -

A suspect is charged after a motorcyclist was shot on Highway 100 in Franklin County Friday morning.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said around 2:45 a.m. on May 20 the rider was shot following a verbal altercation at a gas station in Villa Ridge. Authorities acquired surveillance video from the gas station to identify the suspect.  Authorities believe William White, 31, is the shooter. He is charged with first-degree assault. He is being held at the Franklin County Jail on a $100,000 cash only bond.

The victim, a 62 year-old James Diekmann, from Berger, Mo., told the deputies he was riding his motorcycle on the highway when a truck drove beside him. White allegedly fired at the victim and struck him in the arm.