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18 to 22 years in prison, imposed for the murder of the Van der Linde

The district court in Breda, the netherlands last Friday, three men convicted and sentenced to prison terms of from 18 to 22 years for the violent murder of Pet

The district court in Breda, the netherlands last Friday, three men convicted and sentenced to prison terms of from 18 to 22 years for the violent murder of Peter van der Linden on January 6, 2017. According to the court, came up with the three suspects, along with a plan to kill him.

The men are attracted by Van der Linde, on the appointed night, at the Café 't Hoekske in Breda, the netherlands. When he was out of the café and stood there, waiting, and there were dozens of bullets at him and fired. The victim survived, this won't work.

The suspects fled in a stolen car. This is a car which was later burnt down is found in the Belgian city of Essen, just across the border.

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Seven more murders linked to biker gang Caloh Wagoh: report

Investigators linked six, possibly seven, more murders to Caloh Wagoh, on top of the three murders members of the outlaw motorcycle gang have already been charged with, sources around the investigation told newspaper De Telegraaf. 

The lawyer representing Caloh Wagoh leader Delano R. confirmed to the newspaper that his client was questioned about a series of new murders and attempted murders, but would not say anything else. The Public Prosecution Service refused to comment before the next proforma hearing in this case, scheduled for Friday.

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Soldier was suspended from service because of Motor Club membership

The Ministry of Defense has suspended a soldier for the first time because of his role in the world of motorcycle clubs. This is Sergeant Major Maurice Vissers. His declaration of no objection has been withdrawn, confirms his lawyer, Michael Ruperti.

Earlier this year, the ministry announced that the statement regarding the behavior of Defense employees will be withdrawn if they are involved in prohibited motorcycle gangs such as Satudarah, Hells Angels, No Surrender or the Bandidos.

Vissers is not a member of a forbidden club, but is vice president of the Veterans MC. That is a military motorcycle club in the Netherlands to which many soldiers and former soldiers are affiliated. He is accused, among other things, of having contacts with the Hells Angels. The clubs would maintain friendly ties.

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Hells Angels kingpin detained, suspected of drug offenses

A known leader of the notorious motorcycle club was detained in Helsinki on suspicion of dealing in "very dangerous" drugs.

The Helsinki District Court reached a decision in a closed trial on Saturday, 20 July to remand a suspect who is believed to be a leading figure of Finland's Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He was detained on suspicion of a string of aggravated drug offenses that dated back to the start of 2018 and continued until the present.

The leader of the criminal investigation characterized the case as unprecedented in its scope.

"There are elements of the case that make it quite exceptional, to say the least. Perhaps even in terms of all of Finnish criminal history," said chief inspector Kaarle Lehmus.

"We are talking about a drug that has been classified as very dangerous. For investigative reasons, I can't say anything about the quality or quantity or provide any more details," he said.

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Rotterdam shooting linked to banned motorcycle gang

The police linked a shooting on Waldeck Pyrmontlaan in Rotterdam on Sunday evening to outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, which was banned by the court last week. One of the arrested suspects was wearing No Surrender colors, the police said in a statement.

The shooting in the Kralingen neighborhood happened at around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday. Three suspects were arrested shortly after the shooting, which seemed to be a fight that escalated. One of the detainees had a bullet wound in his leg. This 33-year-old man was wearing the No Surrender colors.

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Dutch court tackles another biker gang; No Surrender banned

On Friday the court in Assen banned No Surrender in the Netherlands, ruling that the motorcycle club poses a danger to public order. No Surrender is the fourth outlaw motorcycle gang to be banned in the Netherlands, after Hells Angels, Satudarah and Bandidos.

"A large number of members of No Surrender are or have been structurally involved in numerous serious crimes", the court said in its verdict, NOS reports. The ruling also mentions intimidation, public violence, extortion, unauthorized possession of weapons, drug trafficking, and arms trafficking. 

The judge considered it proven that the club management has an "important steering role in committing and facilitating criminal offenses". The ban  applies to all No Surrender chapters and brotherhoods, because they are not independent due to the strongly hierarchical structure of the motorcycle club. 

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Netherlands first country to ban the Hells Angels; Violence called "systemic", "common"

The Central Netherlands court in Utrecht issued a ban of the outlaw motorcycle gang Hells Angels in the Netherlands. That makes the Netherlands the first country in the world to completely ban the Hells Angels, according to broadcaster NOS. Other countries, including Germany, banned local chapters, but not the entire club. 

The motorcycle gang must cease all its activities in the country. The court agreed with the Public Prosecutor's argument that there is a culture of violence within the club and that it endangers society and the rule of law. "The worldwide Hells Angels organisation has also been banned from undertaking activities in the Netherlands," the court said in a statement.

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Hand grenades found at two Limburg homes

A hand grenade was found in a the front yard of a home in Echt on Tuesday morning. Half an hour later, another grenade ws found in the front yard of a home in Holtum. The resident of the Holtum home is a member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, the police confirmed to The resident of the Echt home does not belong to a motorcycle gang, but a member of such a gang lives on the same street, reports.

At around 9:00 a.m. the police received a report about a hand grenade in the garden on Velgraafweg in Holtum. The street was cordoned off and surrounding residents were evacuated. Defense's Explosive Ordinance Disposal team and the police's explosive experts were deployed to the scene. The emergency services are "with large equipment in Holtum", a police spokesperson said to

According to 1Limburg, the resident is a Bandidos member. 

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Hand grenade left in Bandidos member's garden

A hand grenade was found in the garden of a home on Aan de Linde in Nieuwstadt on Wednesday afternoon. The home in question belongs to Harrie Ramakers, president of the Sittard chapter of outlaw motorcycle gang Bandidos, reports.

Defense's explosive ordinance disposal team disassembled and removed the grenade from the garden. Mayor Jos Hessles of Echt-Susteren, which covers Nieuwstadt, decided to implement an emergency ordinance on the street. For the coming month, passersby on Aan de Linde can be searched as a preventative measure, the street will be guarded, and camera surveillance was installed. Traffic inhibiting measures will also be implemented on the street.

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Setback for public prosecutor: Bandidos chapters remain legal

The national chapter of a motorcycle club was correctly banned by a lower court two years ago, but the local branches of the club can remain, appeal court judges said on Tuesday.

Bandidos Motorcycle Club (BMC) Europa and the Dutch organisation Bandidos Motorcycle Club Holland had gone to court to appeal against a Utrecht court decision to ban their organisations two years ago.

In that ruling, judges banned the motorcycle club with immediate effect in order to ‘halt behaviour which could disrupt society’.

The appeal court judges upheld the ban on the national organisation but said the ruling ‘does not apply to other, independent Bandidos chapters in the Netherlands because the public prosecution request was not directed at this.’

The group’s lawyer Marnix van der Werf said on Tuesday that the appeal court ruling was a victory for the group.