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Man shot in stomach in brawl outside Hells Angels’ East Village headquarters

A man who tried to claim a parking spot outside the Hells Angels’ East Village headquarters sparked a brawl that ended with him being shot in the stomach early Sunday, police sources said.

David Martinez, 25, moved an orange traffic cone placed outside the notorious biker group’s E. 3rd St. clubhouse near First Ave. at about 1:20 a.m., police sources said. Someone came out to challenge him, and the argument turned into an “all-out brawl,” police sources said. Someone then shot Martinez in the stomach.


Hells Angels members. 

(Keith Torrie / New York Daily News)

His buddies loaded him into their Mercedes-Benz and drove him to Bellevue Hospital, where he’s expected to survive, cops sources said.

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Pagans, Hells Angels Brawl at Pennysaver Amphitheater Parking Lot in Farmingdale: Suffolk County Police

Engines got revved up quickly at a car show after a melee between two biker gangs broke out in Long Island on Sunday, Suffolk County police said.

A fight broke out between Pagans and Hells Angels members in the parking lot of the Pennysaver Amphitheater in Farmingville at around noon, police said. Officers were able to break up the brawl and disperse the groups.

Two people were injured, however, neither of them filed complaints to press charges. Authorities said both individuals were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Between 60 and 70 bikers were involved in the incident, police said.

There were no arrests.

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A second Kingsmen pleads guilty in racketeering case

Less than a month after the first member of the Kingsmen admitted his guilt, a second gang member is taking a plea deal.

Thomas Koszuta, 53, one of 16 Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members charged with running a criminal enterprise, pleaded guilty Wednesday to racketeering and weapons charges.

Koszuta will face a recommended sentence of up to 147 months in prison when he is sentenced by U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Wolford.

The charges against the former New York State regional president stem from a federal indictment that accuses the gang of running a criminal organization that sold drugs and guns to make money and used murder, robbery and kidnapping to protect its operations.

The indictment also charges Andre “Little Bear” Jenkins, the gang member found guilty of killing fellow Kingsmen Daniel “DJ” Szymanski, 31, of Getzville, and Paul Maue, 38, of Buffalo, and alleges that Kingsmen President David Pirk told him to murder the two men.

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Breaking from his gang, Kingsmen member agrees to cooperate with feds

There are few things more cherished, more valued, in the Kingsmen motorcycle gang than loyalty, allegiance and brotherhood.

The first crack in that armor appeared Monday when a former Kingsmen leader admitted his guilt and became the first gang member to cooperate with federal prosecutors looking into a double murder.

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EXCLUSIVE: Hell's Angel arrested for waving gun, chasing man away from group's East Village clubhouse with baseball bat

Hell hath no fury like a Hell's Angel armed with a gun and a baseball bat.

A member of the notorious biker club was arrested for allegedly waving around a gun and chasing a man away from the group’s East Village clubhouse with a baseball bat, officials said Wednesday.

Jose Brito, 28, was accused of pulling a gun on a 30-year-old man on E. 3rd St. near First Ave. around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

He then grabbed a baseball bat and chased the victim up the street, officials said.

Responding officers recovered the bat but not the gun, which the victim said Brito pulled from his waistband.

Police charged the Staten Island resident with criminal possession of a firearm and menacing, officials said. His arraignment was pending Wednesday.

The Hell’s Angels New York City chapter was founded in the East Village in 1969.

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Staten Island motorcycle club member shot in neck by gunman

A 47-year-old member of the 69ers Motorcycle Club was critically wounded by a gunman on Staten Island on Sunday, police said.

The man, whose identity was not immediately released, was shot in the neck near the group’s clubhouse on Hardy St. near Roff St. in Stapleton about 10:30 a.m., cops said.

An argument preceded the gunplay, but the details of the dispute were not immediately clear, cops said. It was not known if the man’s membership in the motorcycle club, which traces its roots to 1960s Brooklyn and has charters along the East Coast, was related to the attack.

“Motorcycles came up then I heard a boom,” said a woman who lives on the block and declined to give her name. “If this is a gang rival thing, now I’m worried about the kids being outside. Who knows what can happen?”

The victim was taken to Richmond University Medical Center in critical but stable condition, cops said.

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Hempstead Village biker brawl averted, Nassau police say

As many as 100 bikers surrounded the Hells Angels clubhouse in Hempstead Village on Sunday, ready for a clash, but left after police showed up in force, authorities said Monday about an incident that remains under investigation.

A group called the Unknown Bikers motorcycle club came “in force to retrieve vests” — clothing with colors or emblems that represent the group — after they were taken.

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“Operation Chopper” defendants plead guilty to drug charges

GOSHEN – Nine people pled guilty in Orange County Court on Thursday to felonies for operating as a major trafficker of drugs and for the felony of enterprise corruption.

The pleas are part of a total of 19 people arrested in “Operation Chopper,” where the defendants were part of a motorcycle gang that distributed cocaine through Orange County and surrounding areas, said District Attorney David Hoovler.

“You have significant pleas that occurred in Orange County, some of the most significant that we have had in the last 15 years when it comes to drugs and the two ever pleas to enterprise corruption where two individuals were charged as part of a motorcycle gang as being the command and control elements of an organized criminal enterprise,” said Hoovler.

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Hell's Angel sentenced to 18 months in prison

Moran was charged for a 2006 attack on a bar patron with a baseball bat


U.S. Attorney William Hochul announced on Tuesday that Robert W. Moran, Jr. aka Bugsy, 64, of Rochester, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering activity, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

Moran was also prohibited from being a member of the Hell’s Angels for a year after his release from prison.

According to U.S. Attorneys, on May 31, 2006, Moran – a member and officer of the Rochester Hell’s Angels – assaulted a patron at Spenders Bar on Lyell Avenue with a baseball bat. Moran beat the patron in the head and body with the bat after the patron made disparaging remarks about motorcycle clubs, including the Hell’s Angels.

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Biker club president pleads not guilty in Kingsmen murders

The national president of the Kingsmen motorcycle club pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to federal charges that he ordered the executions of two Buffalo-area club members in September 2014.

With the parents of one of the victims sitting about 15 feet away, David John Pirk, 65, made his first Buffalo court appearance. Pirk and 15 other Kingsmen members were indicted five weeks ago in a gang violence case involving claims of murder, intimidation, drug dealing, gun trafficking and other crimes.

Pirk, a resident of Eustis, Fla., who grew up in Niagara County, has been assigned two attorneys because his case is a potential death penalty prosecution. Taxpayers will cover the expenses for both attorneys because Pirk has told authorities he cannot afford to hire an attorney.