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Gang members in alleged home invasion over cellphone

The sale of a second-hand cellphone resulted in a home invasion involving a gun and baseball bat.

Police allege two patched Bandidos gang members bashed down the door of a house on Curletts Rd, Sockburn, on Sunday night and assaulted a man.

Two brothers, Rawiri Takuira Kiri, 26, of Waltham, and Lee Teomaori Kiri, 30, of Aranui, have been charged over the alleged incident, which The Star understands was a dispute over a cellphone which was sold but did not work properly.

They appeared in the district court on Monday, facing joint charges of possessing a firearm and armed robbery with a baseball bat.

Police allege they stole $15 from the male victim, who was assaulted during the incident.

More charges are likely.

They were remanded in custody until December, when they are next due to appear in court.

The Star understands the male victim’s parents and two children were at home at the time of the attack.

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Comancheros slaying: Life sentence for 'main guy' in execution

(pics) --- The "main guy" in a South Auckland execution-style killing which may have been ordered by the Comanchero Motorcycle Club's top brass has been jailed for life.

Viliami Taani was sentenced to life imprisonment this morning in the High Court at Auckland by Justice Anne Hinton.

He will serve a minimum period of imprisonment of 17 years and 6 months. For attempted murder he was senteced to 11 years and 2 months, which will be served concurrently.

Justice Hinton said there had been a high level of callousness and brutality.

"I agree this was an execution-style killing."

Taani had shot Epalahame Tu'uheava and his wife Yolanda (Mele) Tu'uheava several times on April 30 last year in Māngere.

The fact Tu'uheava survived "was nothing short of miraculous", Justice Hinton said.

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The rodent trap, the drugs and the covert investigation targeting the Road Knights

Police secretly raided a drug stash buried in the bush and then made it look like it was the work of a pest controller. BLAIR ENSOR reports.

Karl Dollman trudged through the bush to his secret cache of drugs.

It was early in the morning and pouring with rain so the then 75-year-old knew the chances of anyone seeing him walking through the Otatara Scenic Reserve, not far from the centre of Invercargill, were remote.

Dollman was known to Inland Revenue as a superannuant with no other taxable income. Within Southland's underworld, he was the father of a senior Road Knights gang member and a significant supplier of cannabis.

Several days earlier, police had raided the home of Dollman's daughter looking for drugs. Much to his relief, they'd missed a significant stash in her garage, which he'd collected soon after and hidden in the bush.

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Pair jailed for life over execution-style murder of Christchurch gang member

Two men have been jailed for life over the gruesome execution-style killing of a Rebels Motorcycle Club gang member.

Both Kasha William Gosset and Cody Derek Martin pointed the finger at each other for carrying out the cold-blooded murder that robbed a Christchurch family of a young dad.

But they were held equally responsible in court after a jury found them guilty of murdering Bradley Lomax.

The pair met Lomax at a cemetery under a guise related to drugs before driving to a secluded area by the Waimakariri River on September 4, 2017.

Gosset later admitted to the police he knew it would be a "one-way trip" for Lomax.

Fuelled by methamphetamine, the pair unleashed a slew of gunfire in a "cruel and callous" attack that left the victim unrecognisable.

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'Serious consequences': Warning after sale of Kiwi gang merchandise knock-offs

Despite a crackdown on Kiwi gang merchandise, eBay is currently selling Mongrel Mob and Bandidos MC knock-offs.

Kiwis have previously been warned not to buy knock-off clothing over safety concerns.

But American-based eBay is selling ready-made knock-off Mob T-shirts for as little as $23 in both black and red.

The words "Mighty Mongrel Mob Aotearoa" have been printed on the shirts along with the gang's emblem.


The seller, from Indonesia, has been advertising the knock-off items since December 18, along with a variety of other knock-off t-shirts.

The Mob knock-offs are available for just $23. Photo / eBay

The Mob knock-offs are available for just $23. Photo / eBay

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Biker Gang Will Guard New Zealand Muslims at Mosque During Friday Prayers

New Zealanders are rallying around their Muslim neighbors and compatriots following last week’s white supremacist attack on two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

This includes a handful of biker groups that have reached out to the country’s small Muslim community to express solidarity in the aftermath of the massacre, according to The New Zealand Herald, and offered to provide voluntary security at mosques during this week’s jumah, or Friday prayers. Groups that have promised protection include the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, King Cobras and Hells Angels.

The president of the Mongrel Mob chapter in Waikato, Sonny Fatu, reportedly offered to shield the Jamia Masjib Mosque in Hamilton.

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Gang fight breaks out at Christchurch motorsport park

Several people have been hospitalised, some with stab wounds, after a gang fight at the Mike Pero Motorsport Park near Christchurch.

Detective Sergeant Brad Grainger said two gangs were involved in the fight in Templeton, near Christchurch, just after midday on Sunday.

Some of the gang members were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from moderate to serious, with some receiving stab wounds, Grainger said.

It's understood members of the Hells Angels were involved in the fight.
Marion van Dijk
It's understood members of the Hells Angels were involved in the fight.


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Leader of notorious New Zealand gang wants to team up with their hated rivals to fight off Australian outlaws

(bunch o pics an vid) --- Leader of notorious New Zealand gang wants to team up with their hated rivals to fight off Australian outlaws who could set off violence 'on a level never seen before'

  • New Zealand bikie gangs want to join forces to head off international groups
  • Island nation has seen an influx of bikies deported from Australia in recent years
  • Local groups Mongrel Mob and Black Power say they are trying to take land
  • They claim if they don't fight them off together, unspeakable violence will unfold
  • Police do not support the idea, saying 'two wrongs don't make a right'
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Devils Henchmen ride easier as the club reaches 40

Some might see them as unorthodox but the Devils Henchmen say they're maturing as the Timaru club revs up to celebrate 40 years.   

They will mark the milestone this long weekend and say there's plenty of life left in the club - despite an ageing membership.

The club has gained notoriety over the years - specifically in the early 90s - when gang tensions intensified in South Canterbury, capturing national attention. 

On the eve of their birthday, club members maintain there have been misconceptions over the years. 

"Everyone is getting older and wiser; no one is getting any younger," club member Bryn Cox said. 

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Misunderstood good guys or a real blight?

One of New Zealand’s pre-eminent gang experts and the Leader of the Opposition are at odds over dealing with the festering gang menace in Tauranga.

Simon Bridges told The Weekend Sun this week he’s concerned at gangs gaining a stronger foothold in Tauranga. He says he’s genuinely disgusted and very angry.

“They must be stopped. We can’t afford for gangs to become normalised in our city. What do we need to do to get rid of them?”

However, sociologist Dr Jarrod Gilbert, who immersed himself in gang culture for his PhD thesis and authored the authoritative ‘Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand’, says firebrand comments about gangs from the hustings have a long tradition in New Zealand.