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Police arrest gang members after "violent confrontation"

Police have arrested a number of gang members after a brawl between rival groups at a South Taranaki pub.

On Sunday January 28, members of the Black Power clashed with members of the Rebels motorcycle gang at Manaia's Waimate Hotel.

It's alleged three patched members of the Rebels stopped at the hotel and were attacked by a group of Black Power members soon after they arrived.

Acting Detective Sergeant Heath Karlson described the incident as a "violent confrontation".

Trio found guilty in Black Power assault trial

Black Power members jailed for brutal bashing

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Concern over new Comanchero gang chapter in New Zealand

The arrival of what appears to be a new biker gang in New Zealand is causing concern in local communities.

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club was formed in Sydney in 1968 - its name was inspired by a John Wayne movie - and also has chapters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Spain.  

But a posting on the 'Gangs of New Zealand' Facebook page suggests the Comancheros have now spread across the Tasman.

Comanchero gang patch. Photo credit: Getty.

"Comanchero New Zealand, making moves here in Aotearoa, respect," says the post, which features a photo of Comanchero New Zealand branding.

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Tribesmen migrate south and motor straight into trouble

The Tribesmen Motorcycle Club has made their way to Canterbury. But police are already on their tail, raiding gang-connected properties across the region last week. So who are the Tribesmen and where do they come from? Andrew King reports

In the 80s, a Maori motorcycle gang emerged in Otara, South Auckland, called the Tribesmen.

They were formed by ex-members of the Stormtroopers, a Northland-based gang known for a brutal riot in Moerewa near the Bay of Islands, in which numerous officers, firefighters and gang members were severely injured in 1979.

The Stormtroopers attempted to throw Senior Sergeant Charles O’Hara on to a van which had been set alight. He could be heard yelling “mercy, mercy” before being rescued by fellow officers and firefighters.

Once the violence had subsided, 28 gang members were arrested.

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Police raid Tribesmen MC properties looking for drugs

Police are searching several properties in Canterbury as part of an investigation into suspected drug dealing by Tribesmen Motorcycle gang members. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Stewart confirmed police, including members of the armed offenders squad, raided properties in central Christchurch and Ohoka and Sefton, both in North Canterbury, about 7am on Tuesday.

"We are doing search warrants . . . in relation to the Tribesmen MC and more specifically in relation to the dealing of methamphetamine," Stewart said.

Stewart said more information would be released on Tuesday afternoon.

The Tribesmen MC is a relatively new gang to Christchurch. It is understood it recently bolstered its numbers by patching over members of another gang.

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Police seize Head Hunters gang pad in Christchurch

Police have seized the Christchurch gang pad of the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club.

Under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009, restraining orders were granted by the High Court at Christchurch in relation to motorcycles and residential properties, including the Vickerys Rd gang clubhouse.

The civil proceedings follow a police operation last year in which the Canterbury Police Organised Crime Unit charged who they allege are "key members" of the Head Hunters gang with organised crime and methamphetamine dealing offences, including senior figure Lyndon Richardson.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to gangs and criminals operating across Canterbury," said District Commander Superintendent John Price.

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Police to watch outlaw motorcycle gangs closely as they arrive in Tasmania for their national runs

TASMANIA Police says it is ready for an influx of outlaw motorcycle gang members as two clubs prepare to come to the State for their national runs.

From Friday, about 350 members of the Rebels OMCG will be in Tasmania for a four-day ride, just days after Rebels boss Aaron “AJ” Graham was kicked out of Australia.


The bikers will arrive on the Bass Strait ferry into Devonport and travel to Hobart via the East Coast.

About 350 Rebels bikie members will arrive in Tasmania from Friday.

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Notorious Aussie bikie gang boss AJ Graham deported back to NZ

A Kiwi bikie gang boss, notorious in Australia, who has been deported to New Zealand, is the latest high profile criminal to be kicked out of the country.

Rebels gang boss Aaron "AJ" Graham landed in Auckland this afternoon, and appeared to have left the airport through a side door.

He joins Brownlow medallist Dustin Martin's father Shane as one of the many bikie bosses kicked out of Australia.

Graham was deported to his native New Zealand today - despite last month winning a High Court appeal against his second visa cancellation.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cancelled Graham's visa for a third time within hours of the September 6 High Court decision that his earlier visa cancellation decision was invalid.

Graham is the latest bikie gang member to be kicked out of Australia by Dutton.

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Police swarm Head Hunters clubrooms in Ellerslie

Police swarmed the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club clubrooms in Ellerslie this morning after restraining a senior gang member's property worth $6 million.

Police said they had executed search warrants at various locations in Auckland with the support of other government agencies, including the Serious Fraud Office, Customs, the Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue.

The execution of the warrants followed an investigation into alleged accumulation of criminally derived wealth by a senior member of the Head Hunters gang, police said.

This investigation is known as Operation Coin, and has used the powers under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act to target those deriving income from criminal activity.

Police were last week granted restraining orders from the High Court in relation to various properties worth $6 million controlled by the senior Head Hunters member, a 62-year-old beneficiary.

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Hells Angels starts a new chapter in one of Palmerston North's richest streets

An infamous bike gang is keeping its neighbours awake with late-night parties, as the newly-formed chapter makes its presence felt on one of Palmerston North's most affluent streets.

Hells Angels members have converged on the city from Auckland and Whanganui. 

The new chapter, on Albert St, between College and Ferguson streets, promised to be good neighbours and planned to host a BBQ for those who live nearby.

Late night parties have been keeping the neighbours awake at night.


But the open night hasn't happened yet and one woman, whose son lives in the area, says the Hells Angels are partying hard.

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Guns thief, gang members jailed over firearms deal

The man who orchestrated the burglary of a huge cache of weapons from a Dunedin pistol club member has been jailed for nearly four and a-half years.

Scott Alexander Trotter was responsible for the break-in at the Maitland St address on October 25 last year and was instrumental in distributing many of the weapons in the ensuing days.

The Dunedin District Court yesterday heard how the defendant contacted members of the Hells Angels and Bandidos gangs after the burglary.

He offered them 23 pistols, four military-style semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and 25,000 rounds of ammunition.

Trotter and Raymond Mosley had posed as glaziers to gain entry to the house after Trotter's girlfriend, who had been working there, had alerted them to the potential haul.

They removed a glass panel from a door and once inside found two unlocked safes in the bedrooms containing the arsenal.